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The use of the Vietnamese document translation service is increasingly prevalent in the era of globalization. However, translating Vietnamese into other languages poses numerous issues that you need to consider. Here are some insights from Thao & Co. regarding the demand, challenges, and rates of this service.

Demand for Vietnamese document translation

As the economy shifts ever closer toward international integration, the demand for Vietnamese translation services is steadily rising. Some industries requiring Vietnamese document translation include:

  1. ● Legal: Vietnam has become a promising investment market for many countries. According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, as of August 2023, 129 countries and territories had invested in Vietnam, with a total capital of $438.7 billion. Consequently, the demand for translating legal documents of enterprises has also significantly increased.
  2. ● Tourism: Tourism is a key smokeless industry driving post-COVID-19 recovery efforts in many countries. The tourism industry always requires translation services for travel brochures, and travel guides to enhance tourists’ experiences when visiting other countries for leisure and exploration.
  3. ● Medical: This is a specialized field that not only requires high language proficiency but also demands translators to have certain expertise in the medical domain. Typically, this service is required to translate medical records, instructions, treatment protocols, medications, etc.
  4. ● Marketing: Localizing translated content into Vietnamese helps businesses access foreign markets more easily. You can opt for website translation, blog translation, advertising translation, brochure translation, and more. This also helps increase revenue, create a positive impression with customers, and build a successful brand.
  5. ● Business, Commerce: Vietnamese companies working with international partners generally need Vietnamese translation services to translate technical documents, business contracts, financial reports and more.

Apart from the aforementioned fields, some other industries also require Vietnamese translation services, such as technology, real estate, e-commerce, education, etc.

Challenges in Vietnamese document translation

To accurately translate Vietnamese into other languages, translators must have excellent language skills and an understanding of both Vietnamese and the target language.

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Because every client using the service expects to receive a good translation that meets their needs, not a translation with stiff, unnatural language, translators have to continuously improve and learn to stay on top of translation challenges.

Characteristics of Vietnamese language

  1. ● Rich and diverse pronominal system: One of the distinctive features of Vietnamese is its extremely rich pronominal system. Each pronoun has its own emotional nuances, reflecting the relationship between the listener and the speaker. This poses difficulties for translators when translating Vietnamese into other languages as equivalent nuanced words may not be available.
  2. ● Diversity of loanwords: The origin of the Vietnamese language is steeped in glorious historical heritage and the harmonious combination of many different cultures. Vietnamese not only uses loanwords from Chinese but also English, French, and some other languages. This rich pool of loanwords presents challenges for translators.
  3. ● Dialects: Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, and the Vietnamese language is a delicate combination of many unique cultures throughout history. The three main dialect groups are Northern, Central, and Southern, each reflecting distinct regional characteristics. Although all are Vietnamese, there are differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, tones, etc.
  4. ● Grammar: It’s no wonder there’s a saying: “The struggles of enduring a violent storm are but a whisper compared to the trials of mastering Vietnamese grammar.” Even a small change in the sentence structure can completely change its meaning.

Cultural differences

Vietnamese culture specifically, and Eastern cultures in general, tend to place high value on social hierarchy. In everyday interaction and communication, Vietnamese people often express themselves modestly, with subtle emotions and thoughts.

In contrast, Western countries demonstrate openness and casualness in communication. Such difference requires translators to have an extensive understanding of both cultures. Translated content must be both accurate and not lead to misunderstandings among the parties involved.

Requirements for specialized expertise

In addition to high language proficiency requirements, specialized fields such as technical, legal, medical, etc., demand translators to have the expertise in relevant fields. Vocabulary in these fields mostly consists of technical terms that are difficult to look up in dictionaries.

In the medical field, for example, some translators may be required to have certifications issued by reputable organizations such as the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters or Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters.

Should you use Vietnamese document translation software?

Thanks to the strong development of technology, many Vietnamese document translation software has been developed to meet the users’ needs. Using such software for document translation has both advantages and disadvantages


  1. ● Save translation time, translation is processed instantly, allowing for larger projects.
  2. ● Optimizes costs for users to the lowest extent possible.


  1. ● Risks regarding the translation quality: Machines are only the tools to assist humans, so in many cases, translation software may produce inaccurate translations due to a lack of understanding of the context and emotional nuances.
  2. ● Risk of information confidentiality breaches: Using such software can likely lead to information leakage, with information being stolen by third parties.
  3. ● Low-quality translations: Even if the translation is accurate in meaning, translations from software often sound “robotic.” In cases where creative translations, such as slogan translation, advertisement translation, etc., are needed, these translation software often fall short of expectations as opposed to professional Vietnamese translation services.

Vietnamese document translation rates

The specific rate of Vietnamese document translation service is a matter of concern for many clients. However, it can be difficult to provide an exact figure as this depends on various factors.

How much does a Translation Cost? - Thao & Co.
  1. ● Complexity: Specialized sectors like Medical, Technical, and Finance will have higher complexity, resulting in higher rates of translation.
  2. ● Rarity: Translation rates are also influenced by the rarity of the language to be translated. Rare languages will have higher prices than common languages.
  3. ● Volume: Translation service prices are usually calculated based on the number of pages or the number of words of the content to be translated; the more, the higher the cost.
  4.  Type of translation: Document translation also comes in various forms such as notarized translation, creative translation, general translation, etc. Each type has different pricing.
  5. ● Urgency: Urgently needed documents that require tight deadlines will have higher rates than usual.

Professional Vietnamese document translation service

Clients in need of Vietnamese document translation services expect to find a professional and quality service provider. Understanding this, Thao & Co. translation company  has continuously improved our services to accompany our clients, from individuals to businesses.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Our document translation services are carried out by excellent native linguists with years of experience in the field. We provide a variety of translation services from contract translation to creative translation to meet all of your specific requirements.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is also available for documents with complex designs. We commit to delivering you fine-tuned translations with accurate and visually appealing formats similar to the original document.

Our professional working process which places high emphasis on confidentiality and convenience is what sets us apart from other agencies. Each client collaborating with us will be provided with a personal login account on our dedicated Dashboard. This account enables clients to easily monitor project progress, payment status, and manage and download documents effortlessly.

If you are searching for language translation services, please visit our Get a Quote page, Thao & Co. will promptly contact you and provide detailed consultation.

Key Takeaways

Above is some information about the current demand for Vietnamese document translation as well as some challenges of this profession that Thao & Co. would like to share with you. This is a booming industry, requiring high levels of language proficiency from linguists as well as knowledge of society and culture.

In today’s era of globalization, clever use of foreign languages can help open doors to the future, and unlock many opportunities in various domains. Choose a reputable translation service provider to achieve your desired goals.

Source: Thao & Company
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