What is Liaison Interpreting? Advantages, Disadvantages and Examples

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In this day and age where communication becomes more important than ever, interpretation, especially liaison interpreting, plays a deciding role in the success of major events. Let’s discover the power of Liaison Interpreting, its strengths and disadvantages, and why Thao & Co.’s interpretation services are the bridge to seamless cross-cultural communication!

What is Liaison Interpreting?

What is Interpreting?

An interpreter is responsible for accurately conveying meaning between different languages in real-time. This demanding role requires intense concentration, listening skills, comprehension of content in one language, and the ability to promptly relay the same message in the interlocutor’s language.

The interpreter’s job, therefore, extends beyond interpreting a language, actively contributing to mutual understanding and cohesion among involved parties, and creating seamless multilingual communication.

Interpretation definition

Liaison interpreting is a common form of interpretation often utilized in small group negotiations and meetings. What makes this type of interpretation unique is that it requires only a single interpreter. 

This interpreter conducts translations for both directions of a language pair, ensuring flexible conversion to facilitate a smooth conversation. Hence, liaison interpreting is also known as Bilateral Interpreting.

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To have a better grasp of this concept, imagine: When representatives from two different companies and countries need to meet but face language barriers, the role of a liaison interpreter is critical to ensure effective communication.

When Do We Use Bilateral Interpreting?

Bilateral Interpreting is often used in situations that require precise linguistic connection, thus creating a friendly environment for all stakeholders. Settings such as negotiation meetings, visits and site inspections, talk shows or fan meetings are where bilateral interpreting shines through, highlighting the interpreter’s finesse and professionalism.

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  1. Negotiation meetings: This is the setting where representatives from various firms engage in negotiations and come to conclusions, a scenario often necessitating the use of Liaison Interpreting. In this context, achieving agreement and an accurate understanding of meaning are essential elements to ensure a seamless dialogue.
  2. Visits and site inspections: Visits to factories, plants, or site inspections of infrastructure and construction areas often require interpreters to be on hand to bridge language gaps and enhance the effectiveness of inspection activities.
  3. Talkshows: An event where celebrities, public figures, or experts are involved in discussions with each other or with the audience, demanding flexibility and subtlety in delivering messages. Not only does bilateral interpreting address the language barrier but it acts as a cultural bridge, promoting mutual understanding and empathy among multinational audiences.
  4. Fan meetings: This is where fans meet and directly interact with artists or celebrities, which poses a great challenge in interpretation. These activities require interpreters to both convey the meaning and the emotions and underlying messages of the speaker.

Liaison Interpreting Advantages and Disadvantages

The process of utilizing liaison interpreting services does have some advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Effective communication: Liaison interpreting is a powerful tool to bridge the language gap among stakeholders. This process involves not only converting one language to another, but also enhancing mutual understanding and enabling accurate communication. The skills of an interpreter facilitate message delivery with flexibility and precision.
  2. Flexibility: With quick adaptability, a liaison interpreter can flexibly convert between languages, even under unexpected circumstances.
  3. Fostering harmonious connections: Liaison interpreting is more than interpretation. It’s the process of creating a friendly and effective communication environment. Harmony helps nurture a positive atmosphere, especially in important events or business negotiations.


  1. Liability to errors: Due to the nature of constantly switching between two languages, the liaison interpreter may make occasional mistakes during interpretation. Minor mistakes can lead to major misunderstandings, affecting the communicative efficiency and agreement between all parties.
  2. High requirements for experience and skills: To effectively carry out their role, liaison interpreters need extensive knowledge and experience, as well as exceptional language proficiency. This poses a major challenge for interpreters, as it requires proficiency in the specific language pair needing translation, along with a profound understanding of the cultural and contextual nuances of the dialogue.

Liaison Interpreting Practical Examples

Events like international artists’ talk shows, international business negotiation meetings, or celebrities’ fan meetings are prime examples. The use of bilateral interpreters helps create a smooth and harmonious communication atmosphere.

For example, in an interpreting project for a wine-tasting event at Thao & Co., our interpreters performed liaison English-Vietnamese interpretation to facilitate communication between guests and representatives from each wine company. Interpreters require not only the ability to seamlessly switch between two languages, but also discretion and professional conduct suiting the formal nature of such events. 

Liaison Interpreting examples

Professional Liaison Interpreting Services at Thao & Co.

If you are seeking expert, quality liaison/bilateral interpreting services, Thao & Co. can serve as your trusted partner. With our team of seasoned interpreters, we deliver a professional communication experience at competitive rates.

High-Quality Team of Expert Interpreters

We take great pride in our team of highly qualified native-speaker interpreters, who possess extensive experience working across diverse fields. Whether your needs pertain to the arts, commerce, healthcare, or banking sectors, Thao & Co. provides specialized liaison interpreting services customized for all industries.

Diverse Suite of Services

Thao & Co. provides not only on-site interpretation but also various other formats including simultaneous interpretation, escort interpretation, remote interpretation, and bilingual hosting/moderating. We also provide quality translation services for documents and other multilingual content needs.

Reliable Partner for Events and Projects

From global conferences to prestigious symposiums, arts events or business negotiations, Thao & Co. is your one-stop translation and interpreting partner committed to enabling flawless knowledge exchange.

When choosing to work with Thao & Co., you gain not only expert interpreting services but also assurance regarding quality and utmost professionalism. Allow us to assist you in delivering your message with precision, finesse, and fluency to your intended audience.

Key Takeaways

Liaison interpreting encompasses more than language conversion – it also facilitates cultural mediation, enabling productive cross-cultural communication. We hope this article helps you understand what liaison interpreting is as well as its advantages and disadvantages. 

Please contact Thao & Co.’s Get a Quote page for additional information and a complimentary consultation regarding our premier translation and interpreting services.

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