What Are the Secrets to Expert Scanned Document Translation?

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How to translate scanned documents? Alongside traditional documents, scanned documents are gaining popularity due to their added convenience. Converting documents into image files streamlines their storage and transmission. However, translating these scanned documents can be a more complex process. Let’s explore strategies for overcoming these challenges when translating scanned documents in this article!

What is scanned document translation?

Scanned document translation is the process of converting both textual information and image data from one language to another. There is a multitude of different scanned documents, ranging from citizen identification cards, passports, contracts, degrees, certificates, and more. These documents are typically stored in formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, and others.

Due to their similarity to hard copies, editing or copying scanned documents in a conventional manner is not feasible. This is why scanned document translation services are frequently employed for documents that lack a soft copy, such as legal documents, emails, identification papers, and more. This ensures the preservation of their content while also safeguarding against potential breaches of confidentiality.

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Difficulties in translating scanned documents

Unlike standard document translation, translating scanned documents requires meticulousness and a longer duration to ensure the accuracy of the translation. While there are a decent number of scanned document translation support tools available in the market, not all of them accommodate multi-format files.

Moreover, the presentation of text on images often lacks the cohesion necessary for a coherent and accurate translation using these tools. For these reasons, meticulousness and attention to detail are crucial traits for a translator to uphold the accuracy and quality of the translation.

During the translation of scanned documents, the skill of text format alignment is essential to ensure the translated content is accurately positioned. While it is crucial for producing comprehensive and refined content, the need to consistently cross-reference the translation with the source material can be quite time-consuming.

At times, translators may encounter difficulty inputting data due to errors or deformations in the scanned files or images. This can greatly affect the quality of the translation.

Advantages and disadvantages of scanned document translation tools

With today’s outstanding technological advancement, you can easily find scanned file translation tools such as Google Translate, DocTranslator, Online Converter, etc. In general, these translation tools offer a convenient solution. They truly excel when there is a need to quickly grasp the general idea of standard documents, without requiring high accuracy or complex data processing.

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At the same time, they come with a wide array of disadvantages and limitations:

  1. ● Online tools for scanned document translation face challenges with processing documents that have complex formats and large file sizes containing numerous images.
  2. ● The translation quality is not guaranteed, and linguistic errors are prevalent. The conventional word-for-word translation method employed by these tools often leads to inaccurate translations, which can subsequently cause confusion for readers.
  3. ● Another important consideration is that AI machines may struggle to accurately interpret technical documents or documents containing a wide array of complex concepts, terminologies, or specialized figures and charts.
  4. ● What’s most concerning is that the confidentiality of your personal information, project records, or confidential documents may not be adequately secured when provided to these platforms.

Given the aforementioned reasons, it is advisable to opt for a professional translation agency such as Thao & Co. Our team of seasoned linguists, with extensive experience in translating scanned files and images, coupled with our robust confidentiality policies, ensures the utmost security of your data.

Professional scanned document translation services

Are you looking for a quality translation for your scanned image file? Translating scanned documents accurately is already a complex task, but locating a reputable translation agency with extensive experience in handling and translating such documents proves to be an even greater challenge. Rest assured, Thao & Co. is here to help.

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As one of the leading professional translation agencies, Thao & Co. invests wholeheartedly in every project because client satisfaction is at the core of our company’s philosophy. At Thao & Co., our scanned document and certified translation services offer a straightforward process, guaranteeing absolute translation accuracy. With our experienced team prepared to address any challenge related to scanned documents, we assure you of the highest caliber of scanned document translation services.

Additionally, Thao & Co. offers a Desktop Publishing service that aids in organizing, designing, and rearranging the translation layout to ensure consistency and preserve the integrity of the source material.

Reasons why you should choose our scanned document translation services:

  1. ● Our team of highly skilled linguists possesses extensive experience in notarized translation, as well as expertise in handling scanned documents and complex document alignment.
  2. ● We excel in translating scanned files and images in multiple formats.
  3. ● Our scanned document translation process is transparent and efficient.
  4. ● We offer Desktop Publishing (DTP) services to ensure a flawless translation in both content and presentation.
  5. ● Thao & Co.’s Certificate of Translation Accuracy is provided free of charge.
  6. ● With our proprietary platform, you can monitor progress at your convenience, from anywhere.

Call our hotline or leave your information at our Get a Quote page for prompt assistance today!

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