Professional English-Vietnamese Interpreters: Required Skills, Rates, and Services

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In the modern era of economic globalization, English-Vietnamese interpretation services have become indispensable. The field of interpretation, especially the specialization in English to Vietnamese, requires interpreters exhibit not only superior language capabilities but also a variety of additional skills.

Should you be interested in utilizing this service, the subsequent article by Thao & Co. can help you gain insights into its pricing and some assessment criteria for reliable interpretation services.

Demand for English-Vietnamese Interpretation Services Nowadays

English-Vietnamese interpretation involves the process of converting spoken content from English to Vietnamese and the other way around. At present, English continues to be the most widely spoken language in the world. As reported by Ethnologue, over 1.5 billion individuals currently use English in their daily lives. For that matter, the demand for English-Vietnamese interpreter services is on the rise to cater to the society needs across various sectors.

  1. Conferences and international affairs: As Vietnam is increasingly engaging and exchanging cultures with global partners, the demand for interpreter services from English to Vietnamese has accordingly surged. Diplomatic events such as conferences and seminars provide a platform for Vietnam to showcase its cultural heritage and pave the way for numerous collaborative ventures. For such high-profile events, the selection of interpreters is thoroughly done, focusing on their experience and professional credentials to facilitate a smooth event and promote positive relations with all participants.
  2. Legal sector: This domain demands professional interpreters who possess extensive experience and specialized expertise to assist clients during testimonies, business document preparation, legal proceedings, court hearings, etc.
  3. Healthcare sector: In recent years, the spotlight on healthcare matters has intensified. Therefore, the demand for English-Vietnamese interpreter services in medical sector has experienced a notable increase.
  4. Commerce and trade: The use of proficient English-Vietnamese interpreters facilitates a more seamless buying and selling experience as well as enhances mutual understanding during contract discussions among the involved parties.
  5. Travel and Tourism: Tourism serves as a pivotal driver of economic prosperity, contributing significant value to the national economy. Data from the General Statistics Office of Vietnam indicates that in 2023, Vietnam greeted upwards of 8.9 million international tourists. Tours with English-Vietnamese interpreter services facilitate the travel experience for these tourists, thereby drawing even more visitors to Vietnam.

Furthermore, English-Vietnamese interpretation is also utilized in industries such as construction and real estate, advertising and marketing, education, finance, etc.

What skills are required for English-Vietnamese interpreters?

Thao & Co. - English Vietnamese Interpreter

The profession of English-Vietnamese interpretation is popular among language enthusiasts. Success in this career demands interpreters to master the skills listed below:

  1. Language proficiency: Undoubtedly, linguistic expertise is the foundation skill for a professional English-Vietnamese interpreter. To effectively interpret from English to Vietnamese, an interpreter must possess the capacity to accurately select equivalent terms while conveying the speaker’s intent promptly and objectively in the target language.
  2. Flexibility: Throughout the interpreting process, it is crucial for interpreters to be highly adaptable and fully grasp the speaker’s intended message, rather than interpreting the content word-for-word. Additionally, interpreters also need to tailor their vocabulary to be either conversational or technical, as appropriate, to align with the specific context of the event and the field they are interpreting for.
  3. Enhanced memory capacity: Interpreters are required to retain an exceptionally large volume of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Therefore, interpreters need to engage in continuous learning to expand and reinforce their lexical range. During English-Vietnamese interpretation, interpreters must adeptly jot down notes, swiftly recall information, and convey it into the target language within mere seconds. Consequently, acquiring the skill of quick memorization can significantly facilitate a more fluid and effortless interpreting process between English and Vietnamese.
  4. Technical knowledge: Certain interpretation modalities, including simultaneous interpretation and remote interpretation, necessitate the use of technological aids such as headphones, microphones, or virtual conferencing platforms, namely Skype, Zoom, etc. Thus, a skilled interpreter must be able to rapidly acclimate to these electronic tools to enhance the quality and professionalism of their work.

Challenges of English-Vietnamese Interpretation

While interpreting between English and Vietnamese can be a fascinating career, it comes with its own set of hurdles that a professional interpreter must acknowledge and devise strategies to surmount.

Cultural differences

To achieve distinction in interpretation, an interpreter must couple his/her foreign language skills with a deep appreciation for the cultural contexts of the countries in question. This is because the cultural and historical differences between the two countries have a considerable influence on the process of interpretation.

The interpreter must meticulously evaluate the context to select suitable terminology. English-speaking countries typically favor straightforward expressions, whereas Vietnamese communication tends to be more subtle and nuanced in conveying desires.

Distinct linguistic features

The pronounced differences between Vietnamese and English pose numerous challenges for interpreters. Vietnamese features an extensive system of personal pronouns and forms of address, including terms like “tôi,” “em,” “anh ấy,” “cậu ấy,” “dì,” “chú,” and others. Each term is indicative of the speaker’s emotional subtleties and the nature of his/her relationship with the people involved.

Vietnamese Pronouns - Thao & Co.
Vietnamese system of personal pronouns

Conversely, English employs a relatively limited set of personal pronouns, including “I,” “you,” “they,” “we,” “she,” “he,” and so on. As a result, interpretation from English into Vietnamese can often appear coarse and lose the natural flow of the original. Similarly, when interpreting from Vietnamese to English, the sentences may lack the emotional subtleties inherently present in the Vietnamese language.

Furthermore, the usage of function words in Vietnamese can significantly alter the sentence’s meaning. Take, for instance, the difference between “Cô ấy chỉ mua hoa” (She only buys flowers) and “Cô ấy mua hoa” (She buys flowers). The inclusion of the function word “chỉ” (only) in the sentence informs the listener that the emphasis is on the exclusivity of the action performed by the subject, rather than on the object of purchase.

A subtle variation in word choice can substantially impact the meaning conveyed. Hence, interpreters will face significant challenges when converting text into a language with fewer function words, such as English, since all nuances included must be precisely captured.

High requirements for professional qualifications

Specialized sectors such as medicine, engineering, and law demand interpreters to have a profound understanding of the field to ensure accurate interpretation. These areas are replete with specialized terminology that can be challenging to find in standard dictionaries.

In the realm of medical interpretation, it is essential for interpreters to obtain credentials from esteemed institutions such as the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI).

A high-pressure work environment

Interpreters are required to maintain strict accuracy within a very limited time frame and bear a substantial psychological load from the significance of local and global events. Thus, to thrive in this sector, interpreters must possess the resilience to handle such high-pressure situations.

Should we use machine English -Vietnamese interpreting?

The use of machine English-Vietnamese interpreting has both advantages and disadvantages that clients need to consider before using.

Utilizing machine interpretation machine provides the perk of rapid interpretation, especially for basic and commonly used sentences in daily communication. Moreover, it offers the convenience of time and cost efficiency for all involved parties.

Yet, machines are merely tools for assistance. The use of machine interpreting is fraught with risks as it lacks the capability to fully comprehend the context and the speaker’s intended meaning. This shortfall can frequently result in incorrect and ambiguous interpretations, ultimately causing interruptions in the flow of communication.

For critical situations of medical, conference, or legal interpretation, it is advisable to seek professional English-Vietnamese interpreters to guarantee precision and maintain the formality required for such events.

Rates of English-Vietnamese and Vietnamese-English Interpreting Services

Interpretation - Thao & Co.

Many clients of ours express interest in the cost of English-Vietnamese interpreter services. However, pinpointing an exact overall price is challenging due to various factors that influence the final amount. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Types of interpretation: Our clients will select the suitable type of interpretation, such as consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, escort interpreting, and more, based on the specific purpose of their events. It is important to note that each type of interpretation carries a distinct fee, with simultaneous interpreting services typically being priced higher compared to consecutive interpreting services, for example.
  2. Length: The duration of the interpretation session also greatly affects the overall cost of the service. Presently, clients have the option to hire English-Vietnamese interpreter services, and vice versa, for different time frames, including by day, by hour, or by session.
  3. Complexity: Fields that demand extensive expertise and specialized knowledge, such as legal and medical domains, typically entail slightly higher pricing compared to general conversational interpretation.
  4. Level of urgency: English-Vietnamese interpretation projects that necessitate a high level of urgency, demanding interpreters to expedite their preparations, will incur a higher price.

Where to find professional English-Vietnamese interpreting services?

If you are seeking a professional and credible English-Vietnamese interpretation service provider, Thao & Co. is a reliable option to consider. Our team of native linguistic experts is meticulously recruited and screened for their expertise and competence. All of our linguists have extensive experience in specific industries and possess high professional qualifications.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Furthermore, the operational process on our proprietary platform is also a notable advantage compared to other translation and interpretation agencies.

Our clients will receive a personal account to access a client-customized Dashboard. Through this Dashboard, you can effortlessly track the progress of your projects, provide reference documents, review project quotations, and monitor payment status. Rest assured, our platform ensures the utmost security for all your information.

For events that require the involvement of many interpreters, we offer an Interpretation Guidelines service to guarantee accuracy, consistency, and professionalism throughout the interpretation process.

Our Project Manager will discuss with you to figure out the nature and specific requirements of your event. Subsequently, we will liaise with the Interpreter Team Leader to establish a set of expected professionalisms, compile a comprehensive glossary, and prepare essential remarks for the interpreting project. Additionally, we conduct training sessions to disseminate this information among the interpreter team to ensure their proficiency and adherence to the established guidelines.

Let’s discover how Thao & Co. successfully managed the interpretation project for the event “Wines of Portugal – Taste and Feel”, a wine-tasting event utilizing up to 14 interpreters.

The preceding information sheds light on the challenges within the English-Vietnamese interpretation profession, as well as the pricing and essential skills required for interpreters.

For more information about our English-Vietnamese interpretation services, please fill out the Get a Quote Form. Our team of experts at Thao & Co. will then swiftly get in touch with you and offer detailed consultation including information about rates as well as the range of services suitable for your project(s).

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