Interview Transcription: A Favored Method for Information Utilization and Archive

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Interview transcription is widely recognized as an effective method for optimizing the storage of information obtained during interviews. In this article, Thao & Co. aims to provide you with detailed information about this transcription method.

What is Interview Transcription?

Interview transcription involves the act of transcribing the content exchanged between communicating partners during an interview session. This process can be done in concurrence with the interview or at a later time by reviewing audio or video recordings of the interview. 

Transcribing interviews facilitates easy access to essential information, allowing for prompt screening without the need to spend excessive time listening to or watching audio or video files.

Moreover, direct transcription during the interview also aids in archiving all exchanged information comprehensively, preventing the loss or omission of crucial details.

This transcription method is commonly applied in various types of interviews, including human resources interviews, job interviews, and informational interviews.

Benefits of interview transcription

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Recognized as one of the most efficient and longstanding forms of information archive, interview transcription offers significant advantages.

  1. Job interviews: This is the type of interview where the transcription method is most often applied. Employers often utilize transcription to evaluate candidates efficiently, optimizing the recruitment process.
  2. Informational interview: These interviews are commonly conducted in the entertainment, education and legal industry. The transcription helps the press collect all necessary information without missing any crucial details.
  3. Consumer research interviews: This is also an information-gathering type of interview, but the entities gathering information are often companies or enterprises. Recording customer feedback helps businesses improve current shortcomings.

Guide to writing interview transcripts

For interview transcription, the information to be transcribed is the exchange between two or more communicating partners. Therefore, transcribing an interview should follow these specific steps.

  1. Determine the interview topic: Identifying the interview topic enables the transcribers to prepare relevant knowledge, facilitating the capture of exchanged content.  
  2. Identify interview participants: Interviews typically involve 2 groups which are the questioners and respondents. Therefore, transcribers have to distinguish between them to present the content clearly.
  3. Process audio and video recordings: Audio quality can directly impact the listening and transcribing process. Therefore, before transcribing, these files need to undergo background noise removal and audio quality enhancement to ensure the most accurate transcription.
  4. Listen and transcribe: After completing all the preparation steps, transcribers then need to carefully listen and transcribe the provided content precisely and comprehensively.
  5. Proofread the transcripts: Professional linguists will proofread to ensure the accuracy of the transcription after the transcribing step.
  6. Post-transcription editing: After completing all the steps above, transcribers will proceed with formatting and editing certain elements to align with the client’s requirements.
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Interview transcription service fee

Similar to translation services, the rates of interview transcription sessions generally depend on specific factors.

  1. Type of transcription: The rates between direct transcription and transcribing from audio files may differ. Typically, transcription with timestamps incurs a higher cost due to the additional time and effort required.
  2. Duration: The length of the interview significantly influences the overall price for every type of transcription. Longer interviews or audio/video files will result in higher costs.
  3. Subject of the interview: If the content to be transcribed is academic and involves specialized terminology, transcribers may need to conduct more in-depth research. Therefore, the complexity of the interview’s content significantly affects the pricing of transcription services. 
  4. Language: In cases where the information presented in the interview is expressed in a rare language, the cost of transcription can increase. Moreover, having more than one language that requires transcription may also lead to price fluctuations.
  5. Urgency: Projects with limited preparation time and requiring urgent completion may result in higher fees.
  6. Additional requirements: If you have any additional requests for the transcription agency, such as translating the transcripts or creating SRT files, extra charges may apply for those specific services.

Professional interview transcription services

Interview transcription is an important activity for efficient information gathering. Any errors that occur can lead to missing or incorrect information archives, resulting in serious consequences.

Therefore, when considering collaboration with transcription service providers, it is essential to thoroughly research their reputation and service quality. 

At Thao & Co. translation company, we provide an array of professional transcription services performed by a team of professional transcribers with years of experience. Our experts possess extensive knowledge in various fields such as legal, healthcare, science and technology, banking and finance.

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The transcription process at Thao & Co. includes systematic steps and thorough proofreading, guaranteeing accurate transcripts for our clients. We provide a variety of B2B Solutions with a professional translation process ensuring accuracy and delivery time.

Additionally, we also maintain strict information confidentiality for interview content according to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Thao & Co. offers a wide range of popular interview transcription services tailored to the requirements of our clients, including:

  1. Video transcription: The content in the video will be transcribed comprehensively and in detail in written form, with corresponding time stamps for easy reference.
  2. Audio transcription: Transcription of audio files, including podcasts, voice memos, or interview recordings, will be transcribed and presented in text format.
  3. Verbatim transcription: This type of transcription accurately captures the nuances and emotions of the speech. With this approach, the transcriber will record all spoken information, including filler words or the regional accents used by the speaker.
  4. Non-verbatim transcription: With this type of transcription, elements that are not relevant to the core meaning of the dialogue will be omitted.
  5. Transcription with timestamps: This method includes clear indications of timestamps and speaker labels, facilitating easy tracking of the transcript.

If you have any requirements for interview transcription services, please visit our transcription services page or Get A Quote page for more information.

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