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Business license translation is essential for companies that want to collaborate with international partners. Is this translation type difficult? What are the things to keep in mind about the content and legal aspects of business license translation? Where can you find a reliable and high-quality translation service? This article will provide answers to these questions.

What is business license translation?

Business licenses are important documents issued by competent authorities to business owners to demonstrate that their businesses are qualified to operate in certain industries. They also serve as the basis for government agencies to regulate businesses.

Business license translation is a crucial, and at times, obligatory step for companies. This holds particularly true for businesses seeking to establish partnerships with foreign firms, inaugurate branches or offices in other countries, apply for visas, or fulfill other administrative requirements. This aids businesses in establishing trust, facilitating effective communication with partners, and ensuring protection under the laws of the host country. Given the document’s significance, it is imperative that all contents of the business license be translated accurately and certified, including:

  1. ● Business name
  2. ● Business code
  3. ● Date of issue
  4. ● Validity period
  5. ● Addresses of headquarters, branches and offices
  6. ● Business sectors
  7. ● Business scope
  8. ● List of shareholders
  9. ● Legal representative
  10. ● Confirmation of business eligibility
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In addition to the business license, there are other related documents that businesses may need translated during their operations, such as:

  1. ● Business registration certificate
  2. ● Operation registration certificate
  3. ● Investment certificate
  4. ● Financial statements
  5. ● Tax report
  6. ● Annual report
  7. ● Balance sheet

Do business license translations need to be certified or notarized?

As business licenses are legal documents, a certified translation of the document is often required when completing administrative procedures. At Thao & Co., our Certificate of Translation Accuracy is provided free of charge upon request.

In addition, in many countries, business license translations must be notarized to attain legal validity in the host country. This is done to ensure the legal validity of the business license translation for use in a country. Additionally, for countries that have not signed the Hague Convention on Apostilles, such as: Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia, the translation must undergo consular authentication to be used abroad.

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Challenges of business license translation

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Business licenses are important documents that affect a company’s capacity to engage in collaborations and conduct business. As a result, translating this type of document is a challenging task that demands translators to possess a solid foundation of knowledge to ensure the following:

  1. ● Carefully data input to avoid errors in content and numbers, which could lead to misunderstandings
  2. ● Accurate translation of Industry terms
  3. ● Extensive experience with legal and financial terminologies.
  4. ● Faithful representation of all information in the original document
  5. ● Consistent format with the original and compliance with the regulations of the target country

Business license translation rates

The cost of business license translation can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  1. ● The source and target languages
  2. ● The text format
  3. ● Time requirements
  4. ● The cost of notarization/consular authentication/legalization (if applicable)

For a consultation and detailed quote, please reach out to Thao & Co. directly or leave your information on our Get a Quote form. We are committed to providing competitive translation fees while upholding the quality of our translations and services.

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Professional business license translation services

Today, there are many businesses that offer business license translation services with notarization/authentication/consular legalization tailored to diverse needs.

Thao & Co. Translation Company is among the most reputable translation service providers specializing in business license translation services. For many years, we have taken pride in being a trusted translation services provider, held in high regard by international clients.

Choosing Thao & Co.’s notarized translation service, ensures your satisfaction:

  1. ● Highly accurate translations that guarantee legal validity
  2. ● Translations performed by expert linguists with experience in business license translation
  3. ● Safeguarded confidentiality for all client data
  4. ● Swift and dedicated consultation
  5. ● Quick, reasonable and transparent quote
  6. ● Thao & Co’s proprietary platform allows our clients to seamlessly communicate with our linguists and keep track of the progress of their projects on a regular basis.

For any questions about this translation type or other document translation services, please leave your information on our Get a Quote page. We are always ready to help.

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