Journalistic Translation: Challenges and Solutions

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In this day and age, journalistic translation is in greater demand due to the vigorous wave of globalization. Every day, millions of people access news outlets to acquire up-to-date information. To satisfy this need, news agencies must expand their coverage to include more topics from different regions of the world.

To this end, journalistic translation serves as an effective method to eliminate the language barrier between international news and readers, allowing for a more diverse news landscape. What is Journalistic Translation? What are the challenges that journalistic translators have to face? Let’s explore these questions with Thao & Co. in this article.

What is journalistic translation?

Journalism is a branch of mass communication. This field refers to the act of collecting and analyzing information on social events and then disseminating it to the public.

Journalistic translation is the process of rendering and adapting the original language of the news to another language. Journalistic materials to translate include printed and online newspapers, magazines, short stories, or transcripts for radio and television news.

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Journalistic translation is a great medium to effectively and faithfully communicate news to a wide range of readers from different parts of the world. Hence, multilingual news pages typically draw in a greater number of visitors than monolingual ones.

Learn more about general translation and how it differs from specialized translation.

Types of Journalistic Translations

Specific news media calls for a suitable translation method that may not always be the same. Here are some common types of journalistic translation

  1. Newspaper translation: The main audience of newspapers is the middle-aged group, requiring thorough word selections. The translation should therefore avoid using trendy or slang phrases which can lead to misunderstandings. Another element to bear in mind is the employment of a topic-appropriate writing style.
  2. Magazine translation: Magazines are appealing to younger readers since they mostly feature entertainment and lifestyle topics. As a result, the language used in magazine translations will be more trendsetting and entertaining than in newspaper translations.
  3. Radio/video translation: This type of translation makes use of spoken language since all translated scripts will be verbally illustrated. However, in cases where the information of the video is conveyed through both images and texts, translators must make appropriate adjustments to ensure a seamless experience.
  4. TV news translation: Television news provides brief reporting of current events, which demands a correspondingly compact translation without omitting essential details.
  5. Press release translation: For this type of journalistic translation, it is important to give proper attention to the events being mentioned. Key details must be faithfully conveyed in the target language and leave a lasting impression.
  6. Sign language translation: In the absence of tone or intonation, translators must pay close attention to facial expressions to avoid misinterpreting the original message.

Challenges of Journalistic Translation

Journalism Translation Challenges - Thao & Co.

Journalism is the primary source of information for people of all ages which in turn puts heavy demands on translators to produce translations of the highest quality.  To keep up with the world of journalism, translators must meet the following requirements:

  1. Use proper journalistic language: Journalism requires a concise, unbiased, and unambiguous writing style that is still captivating.
  2. Maintain high accuracy: Media and news are crucial information channels in our society, underscoring the important task of faithfully translating content with zero margin for error.
  3. Have an in-depth understanding of culture and language: To ensure that readers can enjoy the translation to the fullest extent, translators must have a firm grasp of not only linguistic skills but also culture and its nuances. Satisfying these criteria means the translation will be tailored to the tastes and preferences of target readers.
  4. Possess extensive expertise: Translators with years of experience under their belts can deliver high-quality news translations personalized to the culture of target readers, making news more engaging.
  5. Ensure a consistent delivery of translations: The wheels of journalism spin at a relentless pace and wait for no one. News is updated by the minute, putting heavy pressure on translators to keep up the pace without compromising quality.
  6.  ● Stay abreast of current developments in reader preferences: How people access information is evolving. Printed newspapers are no longer the only option. Besides digital news, the dissemination of news through audio or video formats is also gaining significant traction among readers. With such major changes, translators must continuously adapt to new trends to effectively maintain readership.

Professional Journalistic Translation Services

Producing a flawless translation requires not only an effective manipulation of language but also an intimate familiarity with local culture and traditions. Mistranslations can be considered an act of cultural distortion, opening the door for arguments and disputes. In other cases, inaccurate translations of political news could spark international hostilities that leave all sides negatively affected. 

To prevent any of these scenarios, the process of selecting a translation service provider should be carried out with caution. 

If you are in search of experienced translators for news content, Thao & Co. Translation Company can assist you with our quality journalistic translation services. Our team of seasoned journalistic translators offers clients high-quality and pertinent translations.

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Along with top-notch general translation services, our highly skilled translators and interpreters can also handle from common pairs of languages to rare ones. In addition, we offer post-translation services such as formatting and editing to ensure that the final product is just how you want it to be.

What distinguishes Thao & Co. from other translation companies is that we design our proprietary platform to optimize the entire working process. With this platform, you can easily track and manage the translation project anywhere, anytime. At Thao & Co., confidentiality is of great importance to us. We go to great lengths to ensure the highest level of protection for our client’s personal information by implementing robust security measures and stringent privacy protocols.

Thao & Co. offers a variety of translation services in alongside journalistic translation:

  1. Email translation
  2. User guide translation
  3. Blog translation
  4. Questionnaire translation
  5. ● Ect.

If you need any further information about our translation services at Thao & Co., please click Get a Quote to get a prompt consultation.

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