Korean Contract Translation: Costs & Important Considerations

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A contract is an important and indispensable part of the collaboration between parties. In particular, accurate Korean contract translations play a decisive role in facilitating business transactions with Korean partners.

The following article will explain in detail some important considerations and requirements for notarization to help you obtain a proper Korean contract translation, minimizing legal complications.

Demand for Korean Contract Translation Services

In recent years, many more Korean companies have been investing in the Vietnamese market and around the world. Moreover, this highly promising country also continues to attract many employees and businesses from other nations.

Thanks to these factors, Korean translation services are currently in higher demand. Accurate translation of contracts is crucial since it helps the parties involved preserve their rights and obligations and avoid unnecessary disputes. 

There are many types of Korean contracts. The following are some of the most common types of contracts that are often translated: 

  1. ● Economic contracts: Trading, leasing, commercing, import-export, mergers and acquisitions, business, etc.
  2. ● Service contracts: Tourism, advertising, translation, etc.
  3. ● Transfer agreements: Intellectual property, equipment, machinery, technology, etc.
  4. ● Supply contracts: Services, food, equipment, building materials, etc.
  5. ● Distribution agreements
  6. ● Franchise agreements
  7. ● Agency agreements
  8. ● Employment contracts/ Labor export contracts
  9. ● Construction contracts
  10. ● Mortgage/loan/credit contracts
  11. ● Accounting and auditing contracts
  12. ● Joint venture (JV) contracts
  13. ● Insurance contracts
  14. ● Entrustment agreements
  15. ● And more

Important Notes When Translating Korean Contracts

Thao & Co. - Korea Contract Translation

A contract is an important document used to determine the rights, obligations, and binding among parties. Therefore, when translating contracts from Korean, translators need to pay close attention to the following points: 

  1. ● All terms and information must be accurately input and translated. This is extremely important because it directly affects the rights and responsibilities of the parties.
  2. Specialized terms used in contracts must be used accurately.
  3. ● Ensure the structure and format of the translation is consistent with the original.
  4. Legal and specialized terminology have to be accurately translated.
  5. Korean grammar is quite complex, necessitating careful translation of every phrase and sentence.

Some Important Considerations When Translating Korean Sales Contracts

Sales contract is one of the most common and frequently translated types of contracts. This type of contract has many worth-noticing features that should be aware of in order to avoid unfortunate errors.

Translating sales contracts is not simply converting the language; translators also need to have extensive linguistic knowledge and expertise in the related field to appropriately translate and convey messages in accordance with the laws.

Sales contracts involve many figures, requiring translators to put great care and accurately enter every digit to prevent serious errors that may affect the business collaboration of both parties.

In addition, it is also highly recommended that you place trust in professional translators with experience in legal translation to carry out your contract translation. By doing so, you can ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the legal terms used in both Korean and the source language.

The reason is that translators lacking expertise in the language, translation skills, and legal requirements may produce inaccurate translations which can cause serious consequences. 

Do Korean Contracts Need to be Translated and Notarized?

If your contract translations are for referencing purposes only, they do not need to be notarized. However, since translated contracts are typically used for administrative procedures related to the law, they are required to get a notarized and certified Korean translation to ensure legal validity.

Notarizing the translation must be carried out by qualified translators who have adequate qualifications and their signature registered with the Department of Justice. Therefore, instead of translating the contracts on your own, you need to contact authorized translators or full-service certified translation services for assistance.

In case contracts need to be used in foreign countries, the documents related are usually required to obtain consular authentication or an Apostille to be legally recognized. South Korea is a member country of the Apostille system, thus you should check if the other country is also a member of the Hague Apostille Convention to carry out the appropriate procedures.

Costs of Korean Contract Translation

The overall fee of a Korean contract translation service will vary based mainly on the following factors: 

  1. ● Source language type
  2. ● Length of documents 
  3. ● Field of the contracts
  4. ● Completion time
  5. ● Other requirements (formatting, authentication, notarization, consular legalization, etc.)

To receive an accurate, detailed, and suitable quotation for your project, please leave your information on our Get a Quote page. Thao & Co. will contact you as soon as possible to assist and send you the according quotation. We guarantee to provide high-quality and professional services at a competitive and fair price, helping you save much time and effort.

Accurate Korean Contract Translation Service

Korean contract translation is an important element to help streamline your partnership with Korean businesses. Therefore, it is best to seek a trustworthy translation agency to entrust your documents for the best results.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. translation company would be a sensible choice! We are an all-inclusive translation service provider winning the trust of numerous business clients thanks to our unswervingly high-quality Korean contract translation services.

We have a team of experienced language experts in the field to support businesses in translation, bringing them great opportunities to enhance prosperity in the international market. Partnering with Thao & Co. can gain you the following benefits:

  1. ● A team of seasoned translators is rigorously employed with the requirement of a bachelor’s degree in language major and a Korean language proficiency certificate of TOPIK at level 5 or above.
  2. ● Translators have profound experience and knowledge of law, retail, finance, etc.
  3. ● Industry-specific documents including specialized terminology are translated with high accuracy.
  4. ● Provision of services in translating Korean contracts into multiple languages within diverse fields of expertise.
  5. ● An optimal B2B translation process that can optimize productivity and working time. Everything is aimed at delivering quality and on-time translations to our clients.
  6. ● Absolute confidentiality of all project information.
  7. ● Wholeheartedly assist clients before, during, and after the project.
  8. ● With Thao & Co.’s exclusive platform, clients can regularly update customers on the project progress and all the information on the projects and documents will be preserved transparently, conveniently, and securely.

For a prompt and free quote or further information about Thao & Co.’s professional translation services, please contact us on our Get a Quote page.

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