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Meeting minutes play a critical role in conveying information to companies and enterprises. Therefore, translating meeting minutes in multinational companies and enterprises with a team of employees using various languages is highly important. Let’s explore the significance and considerations regarding the translation of meeting minutes in this article.

What is meeting minutes translation?

Meeting minutes are an internal correspondence that consolidates the content, opinions, or decisions made during a meeting.

Translating meeting minutes involves converting this information from one source language to another or multiple target languages. This is often necessary for multinational companies with a team of employees using various languages. The purpose of translating meeting minutes is to ensure that all information discussed during the meeting is conveyed clearly and comprehensively to all relevant parties.

A meeting minute will generally include the following elements:

  1. ● Attendance list: The list includes individuals and relevant departments participating in the meeting.
  2. ● Agenda: This typically includes the main topics of the meeting provided for discussion.
  3. ● Contributed opinions: These are the opinions of individuals present at the meeting, provided to contribute to the meeting’s content.
  4. ● Important decisions in the meeting: These are the final decisions reached after considering contributed opinions and discussions throughout the meeting.

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Types of meeting minutes translation

Companies and enterprises will decide whether it is necessary to translate their meeting minutes depending on each type of meeting minutes and the target audience. Below are some common types of meeting minutes translation:

  1. ● Action Minutes: It is the most common type of company meeting minutes, and the content includes opinions and important decisions made during the meeting.
  2. ● Verbatim Minutes: As the name suggests, this type of meeting minutes records the information presented and the meeting proceedings in detail.
  3. ● Assignment Minutes: This type of minutes focuses on recording assigned tasks and the individuals responsible for those tasks.
  4. ● Progress Minutes: This type of minutes focuses on recording the progress and changes of the discussed topics during the meeting. It includes completed tasks, pending tasks, and their expected completion time.
  5. ● Report Minutes: This type of minutes records information and outcomes of a meeting or a completed project. Through report minutes, the management board can assess the situation.
  6. ● Annual Meeting Minutes: This type of minutes records the information of a yearly meeting, typically including updates on company activities, financial status, and upcoming plans.
  7. ● Resolution Minutes: This type of minutes records the decisions approved through discussions and voting processes.
  8. ● Emergency Meeting Minutes: This type of minutes records the content of an emergency meeting to discuss and propose issues and solutions for an urgent situation.

Principles of meeting minutes translation

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These minutes contain extremely crucial information, so when translating company meeting or briefing meeting minutes, it is essential to pay close attention. To ensure that the content of these minutes is effectively conveyed to the relevant parties, translators need to keep in mind the following rules when translating meeting minutes.

  1. ● Ensuring accuracy: The information recorded in meeting minutes is often critical. Therefore, even minor errors in conveying the information can significantly impact the execution and outcomes of the work.
  2. ● Information objectivity: When translating general documents, it is important to ensure that the information is conveyed objectively, unaffected by other factors.
  3. ● Style of the minutes: Meeting minutes typically have a wide range of readership, including various levels within one or multiple companies. Therefore, the writing style of the minutes should maintain a professional and formal tone.
  4. ● Confidentiality of the minutes: Meeting minutes typically document the content of internal company meetings, making confidentiality highly important. Translators and the parties involved need to pay special attention to ensuring the confidentiality of the minutes’ information.

Meeting minutes translation rates

The cost of translating meeting minutes may vary depending on several factors:

  1. ● Length of the minutes: This is the primary factor determining the rates and quotes of translation services.
  2. ● Source language and target language: If the language pair for translation belongs to rare or highly complicated languages, the rate of translation services is usually higher, and vice versa.
  3. ● Complexity: Company meeting minutes often include information about the company’s production or business field. Therefore, depending on the company’s field of operation, the content may involve industry-specific terminology or knowledge. In highly complex industries, the translation rates tend to be higher, and vice versa.
  4. ● Urgency: Some translation projects require completion within a short timeframe, which can result in higher rates.
  5. ● Additional requirements: To ensure the accuracy and objectivity of the meeting minutes, companies or enterprises often have additional requirements for document certification. It is also a factor that can affect translation rates. Certification of Translation Accuracy issued by Thao & Co. is provided for all translations free of charge.

Professional meeting minutes translation service

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Translating meeting minutes is important for any company or enterprise executing projects, large or small. A high-quality translation of meeting minutes effectively conveys important information from the meeting to individuals or groups within the company.

Understanding the impact of meeting minutes translation on the development of companies and enterprises, Thao & Co. – a professional translation agency always prioritizes the quality of each service we provide. With our experienced team of linguists who possess knowledge in various fields, we deliver accurate and high-quality meeting minutes translations.

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