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What is personal document translation? What should be considered when translating this type of document, and what are the costs? Almost everyone has personal documents that cater to their work and life needs. Translating these documents has its unique considerations and requirements. Let’s explore this topic further in this article.


Each of us has documents that serve both our personal and professional lives. Personal documents refer to the type of documents that are managed privately by individuals, typically to facilitate their own personal or professional affairs.

Translating personal documents is essentially the process of converting personal documents from the source language to one or more target languages. The primary objective of translating personal documents is to fulfill an individual’s requirements in communication, visa applications, and various administrative procedures.

For example, candidates who wish to apply for international jobs need to translate their resumes. In addition, translating personal documents helps individuals communicate with foreigners through written text.

Personal Document Translation - Thao & Co.

Common personal documents requiring translation

  1. ● Letters
  2. ● Emails
  3. ● Resumes
  4. ● Cover letters
  5. ● Personal blogs
  6. ● Qualifications and certifications
  7. ● Identification: citizen identification, passport, birth certificate, driving license,…
  8. ● Visa application: Academic transcript, personal financial statement, account balance confirmation, leave notice, labor contract, travel itinerary, tourist visa, etc.
  9. ● Etc.

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Why should we translate personal documents?

In the era of globalization, where exchanges and collaborations transcend domestic boundaries, personal document translation plays pivotal roles in the success of individuals and businesses. Here are the reasons why it is important to translate personal documents:

  1. ● Improving communication effectiveness: Converting communication documents to the target language ensures that the audience comprehends the content clearly and accurately, ultimately leading to optimal communication effectiveness.
  2. ● Conveying accurate information: The primary goal of translation is to convey information with utmost accuracy, thereby preventing misunderstandings among individuals who are not proficient in the original language of the document.
  3. ● Exhibiting professionalism: Offering personal documents in multiple languages is a professional approach for any individual seeking employment or looking to collaborate with international partners.
  4. ● Increasing the chance of being accepted: Translations of personal documents also serve as a testament to the owner’s capabilities. Therefore, in cases of job hunting or visa applications, providing documents in multiple languages can potentially increase the likelihood of acceptance.

Translation rates

Translation Rate - Thao & Co.

There are many factors that affect the cost of the service, such as:

  1. ● The length of the text: The length of the text is undeniably one of the most critical factors influencing the cost of personal document translations. The longer the document, the higher the cost, and vice versa.
  2. ● Source language and target language: The translation cost is further escalated when dealing with language pairs that are exceptionally challenging and have a limited pool of available translators.
  3. ● Complexity: Documents of high complexity incur a higher translation cost.
  4. ● Additional requirements like Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Notarization may contribute to the overall cost.

Considerations on Personal Document Translation

To ensure quality, it’s essential to consider the following factors when selecting a personal document translation agency:

  1. ● Translation accuracy: Even minor inaccuracies in information conveyance during personal document translation can have a significant impact on an individual’s professional outcomes. Therefore, the translation must ensure the accuracy of the document.
  2. ● Writing style of the document: Personal documents come in various forms; hence, when translating them, it’s crucial for translators to preserve the original writing style to retain the essence of the document.
  3. ● Guaranteed confidentiality: Personal documents may contain sensitive and private information; thus, it is imperative to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the contents.

Thao & Co. translation company, meeting all of these criteria, is well-equipped to offer you high-quality and professional personal document translations. With a team of seasoned linguists specialized in diverse fields, we take great pride in guaranteeing your satisfaction.

  1. ● High quality translation by skilled linguists
  2. ● Delivery within 24 hours for standard documents
  3. ● Transparent quote and process
  4. ● Free Certification of Translation Accuracy issued by Thao & Co. (if requested)
  5. ● Desktop Publishing (DTP) service to maintain the aesthetic and professional quality of the translation

Beyond personal document translation, we provide a wide range of comprehensive general translation services to cater to all your needs. To learn more about our translation services, please visit our Get a Quote for prompt support!

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