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Industry Terms Research© in translation may still be unfamiliar to many. In this article, we will delve into the definition of Industry Terms Research©, its exceptional value, and how this service works.

When entering new markets, many businesses and providers often face numerous challenges in translating highly specialized documents and content. With this understanding, Thao & Co., partners with native experts in their respective fields to offer solutions that elevate the accuracy and effectiveness of translations. Industry Terms Research© is one of the highly preferred services, especially in local business marketing strategies, due to its superior benefits and long-term values.

What is Industry Terms Research?

Businesses frequently engage in market research activities before embarking on significant marketing projects. Understanding consumer preferences and interests helps minimize risks, ensure quality, and enhance the effectiveness of delivering products to the target customers.

There is a unique customer segment consisting of experts, specialists, and business clients in a particular industry. Reaching and persuading this specific customer segment often poses a significant challenge for businesses and service providers. This challenge becomes even more complex when businesses venture into foreign markets.

Industry Terms Research© is developed to support translation projects of documents and content intended for experts in relevant industries as businesses approach new markets. The objective of this process is to understand the language and preferences of this specialized group in order to produce precise translations that resonate with the target customers.

What is Industry Terms Research? - Thao & Co.

In highly specialized industries, this step is imperative to guarantee that translations employ precise terminology and align seamlessly with the specific language conventions of the industry in the target country. Industry Terms Research© is suitable for translation projects for expert audiences, such as:

  1. ● Slogan and tagline translation for specialized products targeting experts, technicians, and specialists
  2. Brochure and catalog translation
  3. ● Proposal translation
  4. ● Medical equipment user guide translation
  5. Technical manual translation
  6. ● Patent translation
  7. ● Workplace safety instruction translation
  8. ● Specialized content such as healthcare, legal, technology, manufacturing, and more.

Benefits for specialized translation projects

Because it is relatively new in the translation market, few people are aware of the significant advantages that Industry Terms Research© offers to businesses. Some outstanding benefits of this service include:

Guaranteed accuracy

One of the major challenges in translating specialized documents is dealing with technical terms that are constantly evolving and may not be found in any dictionary. Interviewing industry experts can help linguists gain a proper understanding of technical terms and concepts, which contributes to more accurate specialized document translations.

For example, in the aerospace industry, the term “Thrust reversal” refers to the system of components that create reverse thrust to slow down an aircraft during landing. In Vietnamese, the equivalent term describes a similar function called “Hệ thống thổi ngược,” which emphasizes the reverse airflow of the fan blades rather than the reverse thrust effect. Without a clear understanding of related functions and local technical language, linguists may struggle to choose the correct term in the target language.

Content Localization

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Similar to the example above, industry terms can vary in different languages. Furthermore, each country may have its own set of technical languages, such as ASD-STE100 in the automotive and aerospace industries in Europe or the ScaniaSwedish standard language used in truck maintenance in Sweden.

Only native experts working in the field can provide insights into these specific terms and language standards, helping linguists create translations that align with the specialized language of the target region. Particularly in the case of emerging technologies that may lack equivalent terms in the target language, linguists must grasp how experts employ language to create translations that are both appropriate and engaging. 

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Reducing risk

Crucial sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, legal, automotive, aerospace, and construction demand the utmost level of risk mitigation. When translating documents in these industries, it is imperative to ensure absolute accuracy, as even minor errors can lead to significant consequences.

Industry Terms Research© can help translators accurately convey content, information, and terminology, thereby reducing risks associated with the use of translated manual documents, safety guides, and other materials. In promotional campaigns targeting experts, this approach also serves to mitigate the risks associated with low-quality translations that employ incomprehensible language. This, in turn, enhances the products’ appeal to target customers and drives sales growth.

Long-term benefits

The target audience of specialized translations consists of experts and business clients with extensive knowledge in their fields. To evaluate and select suitable products, these special clients have strict criteria and requirements. Beyond product quality, professionalism plays a pivotal role in earning trust and fostering loyalty within B2B business models.

A well-crafted and refined translation of a brochure or proposal can establish a positive perception of professionalism and trustworthiness, laying a strong foundation for long-term collaboration and loyalty from industry experts towards the products. Once experts in the field have been attracted and persuaded, brand recognition can spread swiftly, driving local market share growth.

Industry Terms Research© process

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Each translation agency may have different approaches to research and translation. When clients opt for Industry Terms Research© at Thao & Co., the expert interview and translation process follows a systematic six-step approach.

1. Project information and consultation: After receiving your information and requirements, we select the most appropriate Project Manager and skilled linguists for your project. They will discuss with you how to tailor services to your needs, devise an execution plan, and provide a detailed pricing proposal.

2. Project research: After the translation options are mutually agreed upon, our team of linguists will meticulously research the project documents, taking note of any questions pertaining to the translation content. At the same time, the project manager will establish precise objectives for the market research company. This includes suggesting appropriate expert profiles, outlining the number of expert interview sessions, and preparing a comprehensive discussion guide.

3. Preliminary Expert Interview(s): During interviews with selected native experts, the translation team will pose the prepared questions and actively engage with their responses and explanations. This is a crucial step that helps the translation team understand common and specialized terminology, preferences, and the specific interests of the target audience.

4. Developing a comprehensive glossary: Using the insights collected during the interviews, the translation team will develop comprehensive translation guidelines and create a precise glossary of specialized terminology, thereby ensuring the highest standards of translation quality. 

5. Translation and Proofreading: Our linguists meticulously translate technical documents, frequently referring to the specialized terminology glossary to ensure consistency and accuracy. Following this, a dedicated proofreader meticulously reviews both the terminology and content of each translation. While translating, if our linguists identify any details that might be essential for the terminology glossary, they can propose them to the Language Lead.

When it comes to creative translation of marketing content, such as brand or product names, functions, slogans, and taglines, we generate different translation options along with corresponding back-translations and detailed explanations for each translation.

6. Focused Expert Interview(s): Following the proofreading stage, we proceed with a second round of interviews with local experts to verify the accuracy and gauge the effectiveness of each translation. Specifically, our translation team will pose targeted questions to elicit reactions and feedback from experts, allowing us to discern the most optimal translation options or approaches.

7. Final Delivery: The translated documents, accompanied by comprehensive reports of the interview sessions, will be promptly delivered to you within the agreed-upon deadline. For creative translation projects, you will be presented with up to three translation options that have garnered the most positive feedback during interviews. Furthermore, at your request, Thao & Co. can provide you with the translation guidelines and glossary to help you make the most use of the translations and help with any future translation endeavors.

Professional Industry Terms Research© service

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How to ensure accurate and professional translation of specialized documents? How to craft translations that resonate with top industry experts in foreign markets? These are common concerns for many businesses and distributors seeking to expand their reach internationally.

Gaining the trust of highly specialized customers is no simple feat. Even a minor mistake, like the use of incorrect terms, can render a translation challenging to comprehend and quickly lead to rejection by this discerning customer segment.

Recognizing this, Thao & Co. Translation Company places a paramount emphasis on precision and excellence in every translation. With a team of native linguists boasting extensive experience in highly specialized fields such as healthcare, education, technology, legal, manufacturing, and more, we are dedicated to providing professional translations that meet your every need.

Industry Terms Research© is a service that not only enhances the quality of your translation projects but also minimizes risks, ensuring practical and effective outcomes. This forms the solid foundation for your localization strategy, drawing in your brand’s target customers and paving the way for substantial success in foreign markets.

What makes Thao & Co. different?

  1. ● Highly specialized native linguists
  2. ● Transparent process and pricing
  3. ● Translation solutions for common and rare languages
  4. ● Tech-enabled translation to streamline processes and improve quality
  5. ● Our proprietary Dashboard with a high level of confidentiality, allowing clients to effortlessly monitor and manage projects from any location, at any time

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