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What is the Expert Review©? When do you need this service? As globalization trends are booming, numerous technologies, engineering, and industry knowledge have the opportunity to reach many countries and expand into vast international markets. This integration process brings a large volume of industry documents that require proper translation and localization. Alongside this development, Expert Review© has emerged to address the significant challenges associated with translating complex and strictly regulated technical documents.

Let’s explore Expert Review©, its benefits for translation projects, and how this service works in more detail with Thao & Co. in the following article!

What is Expert Review©?

Expert Review is a common concept in the technology field, especially in digital product development such as websites or software. It is a process where an expert in User Experience (UX) meticulously examines every aspect of the software to check for errors and review the product as a regular user.

The Expert Review approach is also applied in translation projects involving various types of industry documents, ensuring an additional step of in-depth review to guarantee the utmost accuracy and quality. Specifically, specialists will take on the role of the reviewer, providing assessments and suggestions for improvements to ensure the content is precise, natural, and aligned with the target market’s technical language. Notably, these experts possess specialized knowledge that can help the translation agency adjust, enhance, and rectify suboptimal content.

At Thao & Co., we are proud to be one of the pioneers in applying Expert Review© to translation projects. Thao & Co. commits to delivering high-quality specialized translations that adhere to even the strictest requirements in any industries. We’ll assign an industry specialist to serve as the editor for your project based on these strict criteria:

  1. ● Native speakers
  2. ● Strong expertise in the industry
  3. ● Many years of experience in the industry
  4. ● Suitable for the project’s specific requirements
Expert ReviewⒸ Service - Thao & Co.

The expertise and experience of native specialists contribute to accurate information transmission, enthusiastic reception in the target market, and increased efficiency in usage.

When is Expert Review© needed for translation?

Specialized content and document translation projects with numerous technical terms and concepts should be reviewed by experts. These include:

  1. User manuals translation
  2. Engineering manuals for installation, repair, maintenance translation
  3. Safety guideline translation
  4. Patent translation
  5. Medical device translation
  6. ● Specialized software translation and localization
  7. ● Research and product development document translation
  8. ● Technical drawing translation
  9. ● Technical marketing document translation, such as brochures/catalogs
  10. Contracts, business agreements, bidding dossiers, and other legal document translation
  11. Subtitle translations for videos containing technical training, guidelines, and research content
  12. Transcriptions and translations of technical training sessions, events, conferences, and technical presentations
  13. ● Translations of documents in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, banking, technology, automotive, aerospace, and more.
User Guideline Translation - Thao & Co.
Expert Review© is needed for technical translations

The roles of Expert Review© in translation

Although it is a relatively new concept in the translation industry, this service has already proven its crucial role and outstanding benefits, especially in technical translation.

Ensured seamless translation in technical language

Target audiences of technical documents or specialized content are often specialists and experts in the relevant industry. It is essential to ensure that translations are properly localized and easy to understand in the local technical language to improve product credibility and user satisfaction.

For example, Western countries often use the term “Just-in-Time” to refer to a manufacturing principle based on producing items only as they are needed. If translated literally and used in Asian countries, it may be confusing and ambiguous due to differences in the perception of time. Through translation and expert review, the Chinese translation for this term, “按需生产” (production on demand), has been proven effective for local usage.

Numbers, Images, and Terminology Examination

Technical documents, especially those related to high-tech machinery and equipment, contain a wealth of important data, images, and terminology. When translating these documents, it may be necessary to convert measurement units and language to match local standards. Expert Review© will meticulously examine these elements to ensure the content is conveyed accurately and minimize input errors. 

Technical Terms Translation - Thao & Co.

Safeguarded Consistency

High-volume translation projects that require the involvement of multiple linguists may pose consistency risks. Expert Review© helps ensure consistent and professional language usage. Additionally, you can opt for Translation Guidelines services as an effective solution to maintain consistent and accurate translations while optimizing project timelines.

For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the compound HCl – Hydrochloric Acid has various translations in Vietnamese, such as “Axit clohidric, Axit hiđrocloric, Axit muriatic, and Cloran”. In this case, an expert reviewer, such as a pharmacist or a formulation specialist, helps unify the appropriate terminology.

To learn more about how to maintain the consistency of translation, let’s take a look at what is the Translation Guidelines service? by Thao & Co.!

Meeting Technical Standards

Each industry in each country has its standards and robust requirements for expressing or using language. For instance, ASD standards in the aerospace and automotive industries in Europe have rules such as using short sentences of fewer than 20 words, limiting passive structures, noun phrases containing a maximum of three nouns, and many other regulations.

Even a highly knowledgeable and experienced linguist may not fully grasp these rules as well as a native expert working in the industry. With their expertise and years of experience, native experts can ensure that translations meet all local requirements.

How does Expert Review© work at Thao & Co.?

Thao & Co.’s process for implementing Expert Review© includes three comprehensive stages:

Stage 1: Analyze the localization kit and evaluate the complexity

After receiving information and client requirements, the most suitable Project Manager and linguists will be assigned to the translation project. Our linguists with extensive knowledge and experience in the relevant field will conduct research on the localization kit to assess its complexity and recommend appropriate solutions. The Project Manager then plans personnel, selects expert profiles, and aligns the project’s execution timeline with client requirements.

Stage 2: Perform the translation and expert review

Our linguists will carefully and meticulously work on the localization kit, especially technical terms to ensure the highest accuracy. Industry experts will rigorously review each translated content. To optimize delivery time, the translation and expert review processes will be performed simultaneously.

Stage 3: Post-translation refinement and delivery

After a thorough expert review, we will complete any necessary adjustments and deliver the final product to the client according to the agreed-upon deadline. Our process is efficient and guarantees the highest accuracy and quality.

The entire workflow will be updated on Thao & Co.’s proprietary Dashboard. This platform allows clients to easily track project progress, view expert profiles, monitor payment status, and communicate directly with the linguists in charge of the project through our ChatBox© feature.

Should you choose Expert Review©?

Technical Translation Service Denifition Process Rates - Thao & Co.

Expert Review© offers significant benefits by minimizing risks and optimizing translation quality. It is the perfect solution for industries with vast specialized knowledge and complex technical terminology that may be challenging for a single linguist to fully grasp. The support from native experts in the industry will enhance translations with an additional step of in-depth review, ensuring the accuracy and quality for use in the target market.

Expert Review© plays a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of the quality control process. This is a worthwhile investment, not only for ensuring the quality of translations but also for establishing a professional reputation in the international market.

An excellent option for you to consider when opting for Expert Review© service is Thao & Co. – a professional translation and localization agency. With extensive experience working with many global businesses, we offer high-quality technical translation solutions done by native linguists with deep knowledge of the relevant industry. In addition, Thao & Co.’s Expert Review© service helps enhance translation consistency and reliability, promoting brand growth in the global market.

What benefits do you receive when choosing Thao & Co.?

  1. ● A highly skilled team of expert linguists
  2. ● Transparent process and pricing
  3. ● Experience in handling various specialized fields such as medical, manufacturing, legal, technology, and more.
  4. ● Professional Expert Review© service with a network of top industry experts worldwide
  5. ● Diverse complementary quality assurance services for comprehensive solutions for businesses
  6. ● Our proprietary platform helps you monitor your project progress anywhere

If you have any questions about Thao & Co.’s translation services, please contact us via our Get a Quote page for a prompt consultation today!

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