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What is menu translation? This process plays an essential role if you are looking to expand your business reach and engage with a diverse international customer base. Read on to learn more about menu translation services and tips to get high-quality translations for your price lists!

What is menu translation?

Menus and price lists are documents that list the goods and services that individuals, businesses, organizations, and other entities provide. They usually include product/service names, prices, and related descriptions.

Menu and price list translation is the process of converting price and product/service information from one language to another to ensure that consumers and business partners understand the information correctly.

A menu or price list translation is frequently used when introducing products and services to foreign customers to help them understand prices and relevant information. Also, when it comes to expanding into new markets and targeting international business, this translation will help you reach global customers more easily and quickly.

Why are menu and price list translation services important for businesses?

Menu/price list translation is more than just a simple translation process; it also plays an important role in the expansion and growth of a business.

  1. ● Reaching out to international customers: You can reach more types of potential customers and expand your international customer base by providing information about your products and services in multiple languages.
  2. ● Exhibiting professionalism: Translating menus and price lists not only shows your respect for your customers’ language and culture but also demonstrates your professionalism and strategic investment in each project and product.
  3. ● Building trust: Clearly presented product and service information can help build trust and credibility with customers and partners. Professional menu and price list translation services can help businesses achieve this goal.

In addition, when offering services without a fixed price list, translating proposals or detailed price quotes is necessary for introducing your services to foreign customers. These are all important documents that help businesses demonstrate their professionalism and persuade customers to choose their services.

What to keep in mind when translating menus and price lists?

What is Price list or Menu Translation? - Thao & Co.

To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of menu and price list translations, translation agencies and translators should consider the following tips.

  1. ● Precise Terminology: Menu and price list translation requires high accuracy. Translators need to have professional knowledge and a clear understanding of the context to accurately translate technical terms and choose appropriate words.
  2. ● Accurate data input: It is important for translators to ensure that all price numbers, currency units, and other price-related information are accurately translated. Any inaccuracies can have a direct impact on the bottom line of a company.
  3. ● Skillfully translating product and service names: Product and service names are the quintessence and dedication of a business. Translators must be skillful in conveying the names of products and services correctly and accurately so that customers and partners can easily understand and visualize them.
  4. ● Pay attention to the length of the text: The lengths of the original and translated texts may differ. However, when translating menus and price lists, translators must carefully consider the length of the text to ensure that the translation remains faithful to the original without too much deviation.
  5. ● Aesthetic elements: After translation, the translated menu or price list must go through Desktop Publishing (DTP) to ensure that the original layout and design are preserved, with font size and font style that customers can easily follow.
  6. ● Complete confidentiality: Price lists can be considered a business strategy. As a result, translation agencies must follow strict confidentiality policies to protect corporate information.

Menu and price list translation rates

The translation rate of menus and price lists translation services is not fixed and depends on several factors, including:

  1. ● The difficulty of both the source and target languages
  2. ● The subject matter of the content
  3. ● Document length
  4. ● The file format provided

Aside from the factors mentioned above, a few others can have a direct impact on the cost of menu and price list translation. For example, you may require urgent translation or multilingual DTP services to improve the quality of your menu translation in terms of both content and format. These services typically require additional fees on top of the translation cost.

Where to find professional menu translation services?

Professional menu and price list translation services are the key to expanding your business and reaching a wider range of international customers. However, translating documents is not just about language conversion. It also requires high security and aesthetic considerations. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider and find a reputable and professional translation company to entrust with your work.

Professional Translation Services - Get a Free Quote

Thao & Co. Translation Company is one of the reliable and quality providers of menu translation services. Our professional linguists have years of experience working with leading businesses all over the world. Thao & Co. provides professional translation services to help businesses save time and effort, improve customer experience, and deliver high-quality translated content.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use our document translation services:

  1. ● A team of skilled native linguists.
  2. ● Experience working with renowned businesses around the world.
  3. ● Professional desktop publishing services that preserve the original design while ensuring print quality.
  4. ● Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform makes project tracking quick and effortless.

Simply leave your information on our Get a Quote page. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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