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Market Research Transcription is one of the methods to collect and archive information. Currently, this service is often employed by businesses to research markets and target customers. 

In the following article, Thao & Co. shall give you a comprehensive and in-depth look into this service.

What is Market Research Transcription?

Market Research refers to collecting information related to product consumption and business activities in the target market. This can be conducted in different forms such as:

  1. ● Questionnaires or Surveys
  2. ● Group interviews
  3. ● Email interviews 
  4. ● Phone interviews
  5. ● etc.

For market research conducted in the form of interviews, and discussions, information provided by participants shall be recorded in audio or video format.

Moreover, this information could also be noted down in text briefly but still fully containing necessary content

If information is recorded in audio or video format, the transcription method helps ensure that there is a written archival version. This helps businesses avoid accidentally dismissing potential insights and conveniently store and filter information.

What is Transcription? - Thao & Co.

Interview transcription can significantly streamline the research market process and offer effective business strategies.

Different Market Research Transcription Types

Transcription in market research could be conducted in different ways, depending on the research method of the company. However, the two most common ways are to transcribe audio content in audio or video files or to transcribe directly in conversations.

For already recorded information, the transcriber will hear the whole audio and then proceed to transcribe. This form of transcription could be conducted in the form of verbatim transcription, transcription with timestamps, or non-verbatim transcription.

Moreover, some market surveys are conducted in the form of Focus Group Discussions. In these cases, transcribers may join in the discussion and transcribe any information exchanged. This is considered a time-efficient method while still ensuring that information is fully recorded for future use in the market research stage. 

Market Research Transcription Service - Thao & Co.

Difficulties in Market Research Transcription

In market research transcription, the transcriber may encounter certain difficulties.

Language proficiency

Listening skill is an important factor in creating an accurate and complete transcription. For that, the transcriber needs to equip themselves with sharp language ability to fully grasp the information conveyed in the audio or video files.

Moreover, the ability to analyze context accurately and quickly is also extremely necessary in transcription.

Industry-specific knowledge

The content requiring market research transcription may contain various technical terms. This requires the transcriber to have a good grasp of related knowledge to avoid inaccuracies in transcription.

Misunderstanding of technical terms may lead to market survey errors and significantly disrupt the market research project of a company.

Local dialect

Survey participants speaking local dialects are unavoidable in market research transcription. 

The transcriber needs a complete understanding of the local dialects of each region to completely grasp the content of the interviews.


The obtained information from the market surveys needs to be conveyed and recorded objectively and accurately. This helps businesses make informed strategic decisions to improve their services or products. 

Sound quality

Factors such as background noises or the volume of the audio and video files can be great hurdles in the transcription process. In such cases, sufficient technological know-how is necessary to remove the background noises and improve the audio quality.

If the audio quality cannot be enhanced due to the presence of emotional elements from the speaker, the transcriber needs a good sense of judgment and situational awareness to solve this problem.

Market research transcription service rate

Market research transcription service rate is calculated based on the following factors:

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  1. ● Form of transcription: Depending on the form of transcription, there will be changes in service pricing. For example, transcription with timestamps will require more time, increasing the overall cost.
  2. ● Audio quality: Audio files of poor quality will require additional processing steps before transcription. This is one of the factors that can influence the service cost.
  3. ● Duration: Long interviews or audio files will require more of the transcriber’s work time, which increases the cost.
  4. ● Language: Transcription documents of rare and complex languages with a limited number of transcribers available will incur higher costs as opposed to more popular ones.
  5. ● Other requirements: Certain clients may request supplementary services such as translation, subtitling, etc., each of which will add to the overall cost.
  6. ● The deadline: Projects requiring fast and urgent completion will incur a higher cost.

To ensure smooth collaboration with the transcription agency, it is recommended to consult with the agency and research the costs in advance. 

At Thao & Co. we provide detailed and transparent consultation about the cost of market research transcription service. Please contact us now to receive support.

Market research transcription and translation service

Information gathered from market surveys usually is the springboard for future projects and business plans. Receiving feedback from clients effectively helps the agency to take measures to improve any shortcomings or create products tailored to the needs of the clients. 

Hence, the information in surveys needs to be recorded accurately and without omission, enabling businesses to meet the market demand, and contributing to business development.

To ensure the quality of transcription, it is recommended to meticulously research potential agencies you may consider collaborating with. 

Currently, direct testimonies from clients are often shown publicly on the agency’s website or related platforms. This is one of the most convenient ways to have a thorough understanding of the agency’s performance.

Moreover, you can also check the recommendations from experienced market researchers to obtain extra information.

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At Thao & Co. translation agency, transcription shall be conducted by expert linguists with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of market research. This helps ensure the accuracy pf the transcription. 

The language transcription service at Thao & Co. is the answer to your linguistic headaches, from verbatim transcription to summarized transcription. You are guaranteed complete satisfaction with our professional and dedicated work ethic alongside multiple outstanding benefits: 

  1. ● Team of experienced native expert linguist
  2. Transparent, fast workflow and quotation
  3. ● Providing service in over 50 languages: English, French, Spanish, RussianKoreanChineseJapaneseVietnamese
  4. ● Diverse B2B language solutions that are flexible and high-quality
  5. Proprietary platform for convenient and visually engaging monitoring and managing of projects, payment status, and documents with absolute security

Moreover, we also committed to strict confidentiality and thorough proofreading. You can monitor project progress in real-time, and manage information, and documents easily through our proprietary platform.

Discover more information about Transcription services and receive consultation by clicking on our Get a Quote page. 

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