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Online document translation is no longer a foreign concept for many, thanks to its convenience, speed, and affordability. But what about the quality of these online translations? Let’s delve into the process and pricing of online document translation services with Thao & Co!

What are the advantages?

Online document translation involves using the internet and digital tools to convert text from one language to another. With online document translation, businesses and individuals have the flexibility to choose between automated solutions for simpler conversions or opt for the precision and cultural nuance provided by professional translation services, empowering them to communicate effectively on a global scale. In our modern age of technological advancement, online document translation offers several key benefits:

  1. ● Convenience: As it’s an online approach, you can request Text and Document translation services from anywhere.
  2. ● Time Savings: Individuals, organizations, and businesses can exchange online documents with translation services without the need for time-consuming travel.
  3. ● Cost Efficiency: By going online, you can cut down on expenses related to travel, printing, and other additional costs.

Should You Use Free Online Document Translation Tools?

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to come across online document translation tools. However, not all of these tools are reliable or of high quality. You should consider the following drawbacks when using free online document translation tools:

  1. 1. Accuracy Concerns: While online text translation tools can provide literal translations, they often fall short in grasping context, a proficiency that professional translation services excel at. Additionally, the translated text may contain grammatical errors and misunderstand the intended meaning of the original text. This is particularly concerning for specialized or culturally specific documents.
  2. 2. Confusing for Readers: Online text translation tools often struggle to create translations of the same high quality and coherence as those crafted by professional translators. Additionally, the “word-for-word” translation approach used by free translation tools can easily lead to reader confusion, given the differences in syntax across languages.
  3. 3. Inadequate for Specific Translation Needs: Administrative paperwork typically comes with distinct legal and formal language requirements, and it’s clear that free online translation tools cannot fulfill these requirements.
  4. 4. Data Security Risk: When you use online text translation tools, there’s a concern you can’t ignore: These tools gather your information without your permission. Moreover, this can pose a risk to the security of your personal information, potentially leading to unauthorized access or online tracking. Especially when it comes to important documents, it’s crucial to find a professional online translation service with strong privacy policies. This helps reduce the chance of your personal information being taken and used inappropriately.
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Translation Process

Every agency may follow a different approach to online document translation. Here’s a transparent 5-step process that you can expect from Thao & Co.’s online document translation service:

  1. Step 1: Receiving Translation Request. We receive your online translation requests through our Get a Quote page. Our dedicated team at Thao & Co. will get back to you promptly.
  2. Step 2: Making payment. You can conveniently make payments online using various methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, PayPal, etc.
  3. Step 3: Translation and Proofreading. Thao & Co. combines the expertise of our professional translators with cutting-edge translation technologies like Trados and SmartCat. As the translation progresses, our specialists meticulously proofread the content to ensure accuracy and quality.
  4. Step 4: Certifying the translation. Upon request, Thao & Co. provides our Certification of Translation Accuracy free of charge.
  5. Step 5: Delivering the final work. We deliver the final translation through our secure and highly protected platform, allowing you to easily download it to your device for convenient access.

Translation Rates

The pricing for document translation can vary and depends on several factors, including:

  1. ● The length of the text: Typically, online document translation rates are based on the number of pages or words in the document.
  2. ● Document Format: Translating electronic files such as PDFs, scanned documents, or image captures can be more time-consuming compared to standard text documents. These formats often necessitate meticulous formatting adjustments and precise data entry. With our advanced skills and extensive experience, Thao & Co.’s translation team ensures the utmost accuracy in online PDF translation.
  3. ● The language pair: Less common or highly complex language pairs may incur higher costs than more common ones.
  4. ● Urgency: The level of urgency requested by the client can also have an impact on the translation rates.

Professional Online Document Translation Services

The demand for online document translation is steadily rising among individuals, organizations, and businesses. With this surge in demand comes a growing need for precision and professionalism. All of these requirements are expertly met when you choose Thao & Co., for our Text + Document Translation services, spanning diverse languages and fields.

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Thao & Co. stands as a professional translation agency that our clients highly regard for our dedication and thoroughness in every project. We utilize trusted, cutting-edge translation technologies, complemented by a team of seasoned and highly professional linguists, to consistently deliver top-quality translations with exceptional accuracy.

Advantages of Thao & Co.’s document translation services:

  1. ● A team of professional and experienced linguists
  2. ● The ability to handle various document formats
  3. ● Our free Certification of Translation Accuracy
  4. ● Efficient workflow and transparent pricing
  5. ● Expert Desktop Publishing (DTP) services
  6. ● Our highly secure proprietary platform for real-time progress tracking and easy online translation downloads

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