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Texts often exist in file formats such as .txt, .pdf, .docx, .indd, etc. The demand for translating texts for individuals, organizations, and businesses is continuously growing due to the need for different file formats and languages. But is it feasible to translate texts of all file formats? And where can you find quality text and document translation services?

What is text translation?

Text translation is the process of converting the source language to the target language to convey the content, message, and meaning of the text to help readers understand that text or document.

Translation plays an utmost important role. It is a medium that breaks down language barriers and accurately conveys content between different languages around the world. As a result, cultural exchanges, economic and politics integration are also promoted and developed rapidly.

Multilingual desktop publishing

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (Multilingual DTP) involves processing image layout and text after translation using specialized DTP software on computers, to maintain the format of the original text.

In standard translation, fonts and word counts do not need to adhere to strict aesthetic or length rules. The focus is placed mostly on the quality of the translated content. However, when translating texts with specific layouts, they become significant challenges that not all translation agencies can handle.

After translating the text, the multilingual DTP process will be considered based on various factors such as text layout, fonts, size, spacing between elements or images and charts in order to maintain the original design of the text.

Thao & Co. is a professional translation agency that provides multilingual DTP services to process layouts and design in various languages in popular formats like PDF, TXT, InDesign, PSD, EPS to create a flawless final product.

Types of text translation

There are many different types of texts requiring translation, resulting in many types of text translation. Text translation can be categorized as follows.

Categorization by file formats

Document Translation by file formats scaled - Thao & Co.

It’s common to categorize text translation by file formats. You can request translation for various file formats, not only plain text files. Translation of some common file formats include:

PDF file translation: PDF (.pdf) is one of the most common file formats nowadays because of its ability to preserve layout and design on any device. A professional PDF file translation service can help you meet both content and visual needs after translation.

Txt files translation: TXT (.txt) is a plain text file format used only for saving plain text content. Despite not having any formatting, txt files are still used for note-taking, data input, and quick text storage.

InDesign files translation: InDesign (.indd) file requires a more complex translation process than many other plain text file formats such as .txt, .docx, or .pdf. This file format contains many elements beyond text such as graphics, layers, image links, etc. An error-free InDesign file will facilitate a smoother and faster translation process.

Docx file translation: Word file (.docx) is a basic and common file format for saving text in various formats. It is considered an enhanced text file compared to txt, as it can perform more functions such as inserting images, charts, or data tables, and more.

Photoshop file translation: Photoshop file (.psd) is a graphics file format from Adobe Photoshop, often used to save layered images. Translating Photoshop files involves both content-related tasks and intervening in image layout. Therefore, careful consideration is needed when choosing a Photoshop file translation service.

JSON file translation: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files are used to save data in text format. Translating JSON files requires not only language conversion but also a thorough understanding of the JavaScript programming language structure.

Scanned file and image translation: Scanned files and images are also quite common file formats. However, translating scanned files involves more than simply examining images and providing translations. The translation agency also needs specialized tools to make the translation process more professional.

SRT file translation: SRT (SubRip Subtitle) files are subtitle files. This type of file also serves to store textual data. While translating the content, it is imperative for the translators to meticulously align the translation with the timestamps of the original text.

Specialized text translation

In addition, text translation can be categorized according to their fields. Specialized texts such as technical, medical, legal, marketing, and business documents require expressing specialized knowledge, industry terms, and specific context with the utmost accuracy. Opting for a reputable translation agency is paramount in guaranteeing the quality of content as it reaches the reader.

What are the challenges of text translation?

To produce a seamless translation, translation agencies or linguists may face many challenges related to translation skills, a nuanced understanding and articulation of the essence of the text, specialized knowledge, and other related factors.

  1. Domain knowledge: Domain knowledge and understanding of the related field are crucial for linguists. Without extensive knowledge of the relevant field, the translation may result in inaccuracy or even significant consequences when it comes to specialized documents such as legal, technical, or medical texts.
  2. Preserving the original file structure: Maintaining the format and structure of the text poses yet another challenge for linguists, as each language possesses its own unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Furthermore, text files containing images, charts, or unique formatting present a comparatively greater challenge in preserving the original file structure.
  3. Accurate data input: When dealing with files such as scanned files or images, data input can prove challenging at times due to potential information errors, glitches, or distortions that may occur during the scanning or capturing process. This can impact both the translation process and the ultimate quality of the translated work.
  4. Formatting skills: When working with scanned files or images, linguists may need to perform complex formatting steps to ensure that the translation accurately represents the content of the original file. This formatting process takes considerable time to ensure the accuracy and seamlessness of the translation.
  5. Document confidentiality: Confidentiality is of utmost important in translation. Translation agencies must implement comprehensive procedures and policies for safeguarding client information, which includes utilizing advanced security software and technology to encrypt and fortify files.

Translation rates

How much does a Translation Cost? - Thao & Co.

The rate of text translation is not fixed. It depends on various factors such as:

  1. The length of the text: Translation costs are usually estimated based on the number of pages or words to be translated.
  2. File format: The rates for translation services vary based on the specific requirements and complexities associated with each type of document. Additionally, translating complex files like InDesign or JSON typically incurs different costs in comparison to more standard formats like TXT or Docx.
  3. The source and target language pair: Less commonly spoken or challenging language pairs may entail higher costs compared to more widely used ones. This is due to the limited number of linguists capable of translating uncommon language pairs which can affect translation rates.
  4. Layout adjustment or DTP service request: In cases where the original file features a complex layout and format, or if the client requests additional DTP services, there will be supplementary fees in addition to the translation costs.
  5. Requirements for notarization, or certified translation: Certified or notarized translation services are expedient options that many clients may request, potentially incurring additional fees alongside text translation costs. At Thao & Co., the certificate of translation provided by our company is completely free of charge.

Where to find reliable text translation services?

Are you looking for a high-quality text translation service to reach potential customers? The translation of text and documents is a critical process demanding precision and a high level of expertise. However, seeking a professional translation service with extensive experience and the capability to handle diverse file formats is not easy.

Thao & Co. has many years of experience in text and document translation. At Thao & Co., your experience is always our top priority. We take pride in being one of the most distinguished translation agencies, dedicated to ensuring the highest quality in every translation we deliver to our valued clients.

Here are reasons to choose Thao & Co. for text translation.

  1. ● A team of experienced linguists with a wealth of expertise gained through extensive collaboration with businesses worldwide.
  2. ● Swift and professional translation services for a wide range of file formats, including Docx, TXT, PDF, and InDesign.
  3. Desktop Publishing assistance to help maintain the consistency of the translated text layout.
  4. ● A unique proprietary platform with a high level of confidentiality to help you keep track of your project progress from anywhere, at any time.

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