What is Consecutive Interpreting? Essential Skills Every Interpreter Should Have

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As international events and multilingual communication become increasingly commonplace, the importance of interpreters is growing. Consecutive ​interpreting is one of​ ​the most popular modes of interpreting, which requires not only top-notch bilingual proficiency but also meticulousness, agility, and the ability to work under pressure.

To thrive as a successful interpreter, you must excel in professional consecutive interpreting and develop complementary skills. Now let’s delve into these skills with ​Thao & Co.​

What is Consecutive Interpreting?

Consecutive interpretation ​​is the real-time translation of spoken words from one language to another. This process unfolds as the speaker delivers brief segments of speech, followed by pauses during which interpreters seamlessly convey the message in the target language, preserving the original meaning. Consecutive interpretation can be delivered either in person or remotely through online tools or video conferencing platforms.

Consecutive interpreting plays a crucial role in bridging the communication gap and promoting understanding among countries and communities speaking different languages. This unlocks a world of benefits, enhancing communication, facilitating the exchange of information, and paving the way for seamless global integration. Amidst the surge of technological advancements and the ever-growing need for interlingual communication, consecutive interpreting is becoming more crucial than ever.

Consecutive interpreting works well in various situations. For example, consecutive interpreting is employed in multilingual international conferences, public speaking engagements, and business meetings to ensure that all participants can comprehend the discussions and actively engage in the proceedings.

In the realm of tourism, consecutive interpretation fosters seamless interactions between visitors and locals, promoting a deeper appreciation of local cultures. To a larger extent, consecutive interpreting is also of paramount importance in education, information technology and fields related to international relations.

Among various sub-categories of consecutive interpreting, the 5 most common are as follows:

  1. ● On-site consecutive interpreting: This takes place at a designated location, facilitating communication between stakeholders and the interpreter.
  2. ● Online or over-the-phone consecutive interpreting.
  3. ● Escort consecutive interpreting: This involves an interpreter accompanying a client who requires language translation, commonly employed in business and tourism settings.
  4. ● Whispered consecutive interpreting: This is particularly well-suited for communication in small gatherings.
  5. ● Conference consecutive interpreting: This type is essential for both large and small events.

What are the differences between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting?

They share a number of similarities, yet have basic differences as follows:

Consecutive interpreting

Typical features of consecutive interpreting:

  1. ● Consecutive interpreting entails a process where the speaker delivers segments of speech and then pauses for the interpreter to seamlessly convey the message in the target language.
  2. ● Due to the alternating nature of consecutive interpretation, the overall duration of an event typically doubles compared to regular events.
  3. ● Interpreters are required to have exceptional note-taking skills and a keen memory to effectively capture and accurately convey the entire message.
  4. ● Consecutive interpretation is commonly utilized in small-scale company gatherings, conferences, press briefings, interviews for information gathering, and formal greetings.
  5. ● The number of interpreters required for consecutive interpretation depends on the duration and complexity of the event.
Consecutive Interpretation - Thao & Co.

Simultaneous interpreting

Typical features of simultaneous interpreting:

  1. ● Simultaneous interpretation is a real-time process where the interpreter listens to the speaker and begins translating almost simultaneously. Simultaneous interpretation requires specialized equipment and is typically conducted from a soundproof booth to ensure optimal audio quality and minimize distractions.
  2. ● Simultaneous interpretation is commonly employed in large-scale conferences and extended seminars. Simultaneous interpretation booths enable listeners to receive real-time translations without disrupting the speaker or the flow of the event.
  3. ● Interpreters must possess a superb command of both their mother tongue and a foreign language to be able to comprehend information and instantly deliver the interpretation. Interpreters must also possess quick reflexes, sharp focus, and the ability to adapt to ensure that their interpretation is both accurate and time-efficient.
  4. ● Simultaneous interpreting may be used in various settings, including international conferences, seminars, television and radio broadcasts, training sessions, press briefings, and other communication scenarios.
  5. ● The number of interpreters needed for simultaneous interpretation depends on the duration and complexity of the event. Simultaneous interpretation typically requires one to two interpreters for a half-day session and two to four interpreters for a full-day event to ensure a smooth and effective interpretation process that meets the needs of the listeners.

Essential skills for consecutive interpreting

Interpreters need to master a host of crucial skills for consecutive interpretation, which are instrumental in ensuring faithful and efficient message delivery. These skills are:

  1. ● ​​Improvisation skills​​: The ability to gracefully handle difficult situations with flexibility and creativity. Unforeseen changes or specific client requests may arise during consecutive interpretation sessions.
  2. ​● Note-taking and memorization techniques​:​ Effective note-taking and memorization are crucial for interpreters to track and retain key information during consecutive interpretation sessions. Interpreters must maintain acute attention and meticulously capture relevant details to prevent the omission of crucial information. This technique also helps ensure that the message is conveyed flawlessly and completely.
  3. ​● Fast interpreting​​: Facilitate prompt and flexible expression of ideas. In consecutive interpretation, time is of the essence. Interpreters must deliver prompt and accurate translations to ensure that the message is conveyed in a timely and appropriate manner.
  4. ​● Skillful communication​​: Interpreters must possess a keen understanding of their clients’ needs and expectations. Exceptional listening skills and social finesse are indispensable for interpreters to excel in consecutive interpretation, catering to diverse communication needs.
  5. ● Technological proficiency​: This is an indispensable skill for interpreters to leverage advanced tools and software in consecutive interpretation, which boosts the accuracy and efficiency of the interpreting process.
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Rates for consecutive interpreting service

The rates for consecutive interpreting services depend upon various factors such as:

  1. ● Event duration: The duration of consecutive interpretation services can be charged by hours or sessions, depending on the client’s preference. Shorter projects or those requiring fewer sessions may be priced lower.
  2. ● Project complexity​: Consecutive interpretation projects demanding specialized expertise, extensive preparation, or unique client requirements may involve greater time commitments and efforts, justifying higher compensation rates.
  3. ● Special language combination​: Interpreting rates for common language pairs may be lower compared to those for rare and less common language pairs, reflecting the interpreter’s supply and demand dynamics in the market.
  4. ● Project urgency:​ This will also affect the service rates. Interpreting services for last-minute events may incur higher rates due to the urgency and challenges associated with securing qualified interpreters.

Expert Interpreting Services

Thao & Co.’s high-quality interpretation services provide you with exceptional advantages in communication. Our premium interpreting solutions ensure that your message is conveyed accurately and effectively.

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Our team of highly experienced and linguistically adept interpreters empowers us to handle multilingual interpreting projects across diverse industries. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and reliability in every aspect of our interpreting services.

Our interpretation services go beyond precise language translation, preserving the essence of events and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Understanding that every interpretation project is distinct, we meticulously craft our approach to meet your precise needs.

Let Thao & Co. be your trusted partner with our excellent​ ​consecutive interpreting services​​. Please visit Thao & Co. website to learn more about our interpretation services.

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