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What is e-commerce localization? How to improve the efficiency of e-commerce localization? In the following article, Thao & Co. will help you answer all questions related to the crucial role of market expansion strategy. 

The potential of e-commerce localization

In 2023, the e-commerce market witnessed a rapid growth rate, with a total value of around 16.27 trillion USD. According to Precedence Research’s forecast, by 2032, the total market value is expected to reach 57.22 trillion USD.

The development of the internet, mobile devices, and applications has expanded the reach of e-commerce. Thanks to this convenience, customers can easily shop from anywhere.

It can be seen that the future potential for the development of e-commerce is significant, especially in the Asian region, where vibrant and robust trading activities are taking place. This field is often refered to as an attractive “sweet cake” that entices investors from all over the world.

Some famous e-commerce platforms worldwide include Amazon, Alibaba, Shopee, Shoptify, and so on.

What is e-commerce localization?

Localization is the process of translating content from the source language to the target language and ensuring that the translation aligns with the local culture. 

E-commerce localization refers to converting language and integrating cultural elements of the target market into e-commerce platforms, thereby delivering the optimal shopping experience for users. 

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When does e-commerce localization matter most? E-commerce localization is necessary when a business intends to infiltrate and expand its presence in a new market with differences in language and culture.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce localization

What advantages and disadvantages can e-commerce localization bring? Let’s find out in the section below.


E-commerce localization can bring many positive impacts to both the business and the target customers.

For the business:

  1. ● Contribute to realizing the goals of market expansion.
  2. ● Increase goodwill with target customers.
  3. ● Enhance brand recognition in the target market.

For customers:

  1. ● Enjoy an exciting shopping experience, receiving enticing benefits.
  2. ● Access a variety of quality products. 
  3. ● Increase trust when shopping.


Some limitations can occur when it comes to e-commerce localization, such as:

  1. ● Risks may arise when the business lacks a clear understanding of the target market, chooses an unreliable translation agency, or does not grasp the localization rules, etc.
  2. ● E-commerce localization can be time-consuming and costly to implement.

5 Crucial factors when building your strategy

Thao & Co. - E - commerce localization

How to enhance the effectiveness of content localization strategy in the e-commerce field? Here are five key factors to pay attention to when developing a localization strategy.

Acquire a profound understanding of the target market

Certainly, this is an indispensable factor when crafting any strategy for entering a new market. The target audience in each market possesses distinct attributes, encompassing, but not limited to, language, culture, preferences, behaviors, and more. 

When beginning to formulate an e-commerce localization plan, it becomes imperative to delve deeply into the retail and e-commerce landscape within the target region, as well as the characteristics of the target customer base.

Key inquiries that can help you determine objectives include:

  1. ● What needs of the target market can your products address?
  2. ● Who are your competitors in the market?
  3. ● Is the market potential substantial enough?
  4. ● What are the customer expectations from an e-commerce platform?
  5. ● Which payment methods are preferred by the customers?

Payment method localization

Payment preferences and behaviors within each market may exhibit certain distinctions. According to Magenest, the most influential factors contributing to customer satisfaction in commerce encompass an effortless payment process (81%) and the availability of multiple payment methods (71%).

This underscores the profound impact of payment methods on the consumer e-commerce shopping experience. Hence, it becomes imperative to carry out payment method localization in alignment with the preferences of the target customers.

Implement SEO for your e-shop

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing content for search engines. In this context, conducting SEO keyword research for e-commerce stores enhances their visibility to the target audience. 

Emphasize customer care

90% of customers believe that the post-purchase experience is equally as significant as the product’s quality. This implies that post-purchase customer care has a huge influence on overall satisfaction and can result in loyal customers.

Prioritizing customer care is a pivotal element that should not be overlooked when devising a market infiltration strategy.

Seek a reliable translation agency

The effectiveness and success of an e-commerce localization strategy are significantly determined by the quality of localization. Therefore, the selection of a translation agency is a crucial step that requires meticulous consideration. 

Examples of e-commerce localization

To gain a deeper understanding of the significance of e-commerce localization, let us delve into the success story of Page365, a Thai start-up in the Southeast Asian market. To date, the company has attracted over 150,000 sellers and 1 million individual buyers, with plans to further expand to part-time sellers and large corporations.

Silpsrikul, the CEO of Page365, highlights that the uniqueness and advantages of this e-commerce platform are rooted in its localization efforts.

“We understand that we cannot simply replicate successful e-commerce models from the United States or Europe because consumer behavior in Asia is entirely different. Four years of research and experimentation have allowed us to design the most practical approach for social commerce here.”

According to Ms. Lusarun Silpsrikul

By understanding the mindset of target customers who desire free software, Page365 offers a freemium business model with basic services for customers who cannot afford to pay. Freemium customers can later pay a slightly higher fee to access additional features. 

The success of Page365 hinges upon its marketing localization strategy, which involves providing valuable content to customers who have not yet had any experience in using software for business management. 

The CEO of this start-up also affirms the commitment to continue developing features tailored to target market customers, such as on-demand logistics or payment options, to further expand Page365. 

A trusted partner to globalize your products

If you are in search of a quality translation agency, Thao & Co. translation agency is delighted to become a trusted partner alongside you in conquering various markets.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

 Thao & Co. provides professional app and website localization services across various e-commerce platforms in multiple languages. In addition, to enhance the effectiveness of translation and e-commerce localization strategies, you can also choose from a diverse range of B2B language solutions, such as: 

  1. SEO keyword research service – A method to enhance visibility on search engines and reach potential customers.
  2. Consumer language researchⒸ – Enhance the effectiveness of localization and mitigate the risk of failed translations through real customer surveys.
  3. Creating SEO-optimized multilingual content – Standardize content quality from the get-go to generate improved product appeal and achieve the best SEO results in the target market.

With a team of native linguists with extensive experience and expertise, we can help realize your e-commerce localization goals. Furthermore, by utilizing a professional workflow and clear pricing, we facilitate a transparent, convenient, and smooth collaboration process.

With our proprietary platform, you can easily track the progress of parallel projects visually, and engage with our translators, thus ensuring the seamless and efficient execution of your projects.

If you require further consultation on enhancing e-commerce localization efficiency, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Get a Quote page for prompt assistance.


Above are some insights into the 5 crucial factors in e-commerce localization that Thao & Co. wishes to share with you. We hope that this article has helped you gain a deeper understanding of the importance of this activity, as well as how to develop an effective localization strategy.

Source: Thao & Company
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