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Scratching your head not knowing how to acquire website/app translation that sounds natural and doesn’t throw all the effort you spent on search engine optimization (SEO) down the drain? An SEO Keyword Glossary is exactly what your business needs to solve this issue and get off on the right foot when infiltrating potential markets. Find out in this article the role an SEO Keyword Glossary plays in translation, when you need it, and the benefits it can bring to your business!

Hand in hand with a surge in digital platforms is the increasing integration of economies around the world. This advancement can be a boon to businesses with the opportunities it brings, but at the same time presents new challenges to tackle. One of which lies in maintaining quality when products are introduced into a new foreign market and ensuring that they garner sufficient local support from target customers.

Linguistic experts can help you with the “maintaining quality” part of the problem by delivering top-notch translations. However, to effectively “garner support” at the target market, you will need to employ suitable business and marketing strategies. When it comes to digital platforms, SEO tactics hold the key to ensuring that your products successfully reach potential customers. In particular, SEO Keyword Glossary is an effective tool that can help support your SEO tactics in target markets.

What is an SEO Keyword Glossary?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which is a specialized term regularly used in Marketing. The objective of SEO is to increase your product’s visibility on search engines, notably Google.

An SEO Keyword Glossary is a list of keywords carefully selected through extensive research of the product, industry, and popular search engines in a specific region. This list is not simply a compilation of keywords with the highest search volumes but it is also evaluated based on keyword difficulty and the business’ content strategy as well as its brand identity.

Some translation agencies, Thao & Co. included, offer SEO translation service that includes creating an SEO Keyword Glossary to make sure that all translations are consistent and help you increase online visibility on local search engines.

What is SEO Keyword Glossary? When to order this service for your Translation Project? - Thao & Co.

SEO Keyword Glossary is a pre-translation service. This glossary typically includes the following elements:

  1. SEO Category: This can be the name of the landing page, blog articles, product-related and service-related content, etc.
  2. Original keywords: A list of related words with high search volumes. In most cases, they are keywords that carry significant value in the original text.
  3. Main keywords: A list made of the original keywords’ equivalents in the target language with high search volumes and compatible with the company’s business strategy.
  4. Related keywords: A compilation of keywords related to each main keyword selected before.
  5. Search language: The language of the searched keywords.
  6. Search Location: The country that the keyword originates from.
  7. Keyword difficulty: The competitiveness of a keyword on the market
  8. Search Volume: Statistics on the keyword’s average search volume per month for the past 12 months.
  9. CPC (Cost-per-click): The cost-per-click statistics can help companies determine the potential of paid ad campaigns.
  10. Note: Important notes on keywords to help translators smoothly and accurately integrate them into the translation.

When is it necessary to request SEO Keyword Glossary compilation service?

What is SEO Keywords Glossary for translation? - Thao & Co.

Businesses looking to expand into foreign markets will need to translate marketing materials. Improving upon general translation, SEO translation can kill two birds with one stone by helping your company deliver high-quality translations while increasing the SEO effectiveness of marketing strategies.

SEO Keyword Glossary compilation service is suitable for translation projects that require content not only translated but also professionally localized to help products draw in international customers on online platforms. Should you have online sales and marketing platforms, your content will have to be optimized for search engines when being translated to increase its online visibility ranking.

SEO Keyword Glossary compilation service can be used to:

  1. Translate website content: When a new language is added to the company’s website, it is crucial to research SEO keywords for company profile pages, product and service pages, blogs and news articles, etc.
  2. Translate ASO (App Store Optimization) content: To increase online visibility ranking and reach potential users, your app descriptions on the App Store or Play Store will need to contain meticulously researched keywords.
  3. Translate content on e-commerce platforms: E-commerce platforms are highly competitive spaces where your business can get drowned out by millions of rivals. Therefore, it is vital that content such as the company’s profile, product name and descriptions, etc. is optimized.
  4. Translate social content: For social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., translations of the video/post title and description also have to be optimized.

4 Tremendous Advantages of SEO Keyword Glossary

Compiling an SEO Keyword Glossary is an important step before translating and localizing content into a new language. As “scouts”, SEO specialists are responsible for bringing back valuable data to make the SEO process more effective. The collected information can help companies evaluate customers’ needs, habits, and preferences on online platforms.

Increase online visibility

A common mistake made by many businesses is to only research keywords on Google when optimizing content for a new market. Customers’ search habits and preferences can wildly differ between countries. For example, in the USA, Google is the number one search engine. However, this is not the case in China where BAIDU dominates the market. Failing to recognize this issue can render the SEO research results unreliable and inaccurate.

The most popular Search Engines over the world - Thao & Co.

SEO specialists need to fully understand the distinctive characteristics of each market to conduct SEO keyword research accordingly (i.e. find the correct local search engines) thereby creating an effective SEO Keyword Glossary. In doing so, the translation will be optimized, increasing its online visibility and attract traffic.

Optimize E-E-A-T factors

E-E-A-T is short for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. These are criteria that Google and most other search engines use to build their algorithms for website evaluation.

Researching keywords beforehand can help the translated content sound friendly to customers, resulting in an increase in statistics such as traffic, bounce rate, time on site, etc. These numbers are the basis on which Google will evaluate your website. Focusing on them will raise your content’s ranking and bring in many long-term benefits.

Enhance conversion rate

Using the same words as consumers themselves can help establish a connection between your company and potential customers, fostering trust and raising brand awareness. Functional and psychological factors can greatly affect customers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, a perfect SEO translation is one that is masterfully localized and attracts new customers.

Support long-term strategies

Apart from immediate benefits such as raising online visibility and improving customer experience, SEO Keyword Glossary can be a valuable source of reference for future marketing campaigns. Understanding local consumers’ language and their search habits through careful research can help your business develop suitable and effective strategies.

SEO Keywords Glossary Compilation Process

How does SEO Keyword Glossary work? - Thao & Co.

How is an SEO Keywords Glossary compiled and used in localization projects? Each translation agency will have their own process. At Thao & Co., our SEO translation service will be professionally done following these 6 steps:

1. Consultation and request processing: Depending on your request and the project size, the most suitable Project Manager, Language Lead, and SEO Specialist(s) will be chosen to provide consultation and finalize the project timeline with you.

2. SEO Keywords research: Based on your content, our SEO team will research the popularity of available search engines in the local market and keywords with high search volumes. We use professional SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Analytics, etc. to gain the most exact keyword statistics.

3. SEO Keywords Glossary compilation: A list of relevant SEO keywords will be researched and meticulously reviewed based on your brand identity, developing strategy, and content localization tactics.

4. SEO Keyword Glossary finalization: The SEO Keyword Glossary will be finalized with you one last time and then delivered to translators. For projects of medium size and above, you can opt for our Translation Guidelines service to ensure consistency across translations and optimize the workflow.

5. Translation and Proofreading: Translators with extensive expertise in SEO translation will translate and flexibly integrate SEO keywords into the translation, ensuring that the produced text sounds natural. The Language Lead will attentively proofread each translation, paying special attention to terminologies for maximum accuracy.

During translation, if any keyword needs to be adjusted or something important comes up, the translators will make recommendations to the Language Lead. The Language Lead and SEO Specialist(s) will discuss and make changes to the glossary if needed.

6. Final Delivery: Thao & Co. commits to always delivering the translation on time. Furthermore, we also provide your project’s dictionary and SEO keyword glossary for your company’s future use.

Where to find high-quality SEO Translation Services?

As more and more countries catch on to the globalization trend, you can easily find online SEO translation services available worldwide. It’s convenient, efficient, and less time-consuming, allowing for a smooth workflow between your company and business partners. However, choosing between thousands of options for a credible translation agency capable of providing high-quality services can be quite challenging. This is especially true for SEO translation services, where the skill and expertise of the translator(s) can have a profound impact on your business. To ensure that you will receive translations of superb quality, consider the following questions:

  1. ● Does the translation agency possess extensive experience in SEO techniques and relevant tools?
  2. ● Do they provide an SEO Keyword Glossary compilation service and an efficient working process?
  3. ● How is SEO done on their own website?

Asking these questions can give you an overview of a translation agency, allowing you to pick the perfect one that fits your needs and purposes. Should you still have any further questions regarding SEO translation service, don’t hesitate to contact Thao & Co. for a prompt consultation completely free of charge!

Thao & Co. professional Translation and Localization Services

With many years of work experience in translation and localization services, Thao & Co. is proud to have partnered with many global brands on their journey of market expansion. Our skilled team of expert linguists can help you acquire professional translations through our efficient workflow for an affordable price.

SEO translation service is one of Thao & Co.’s strong points, allowing us to win over clients and businesses across the world:

  1. ● Expert consultation at no additional cost
  2. ● Native linguists well-versed in SEO translation techniques
  3. ● A carefully researched SEO Keyword Glossary
  4. ● Efficient workflow and transparent prices
  5. ● Proprietary platform allows for effortless and convenient project tracking

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