An In-depth Look at 9 Popular Types of Transcreation

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In this comprehensive article, Thao & Co. delves deep into popular types of transcreation. We’ll explore the unique characteristics of each type, the skills required, and the essential considerations when choosing a transcreation partner.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. • The different types of transcreation and their applications
  2. • The key skills needed for successful transcreation projects
  3. • How to choose the right transcreation agency for your needs

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to leverage the power of transcreation and unlock new global opportunities for your business.

A comprehensive overview of transcreation

Transcreation is an art form that goes beyond simply converting words from one language to another.

• Focus: Translation prioritizes accuracy, while transcreation emphasizes cultural relevance and emotional impact.
• Creativity: Translation stays closer to the source text, while transcreation allows for more creative freedom.
• Goal: Translation aims to convey the meaning, while transcreation strives to capture the spirit and emotions.

Popular types of transcreation

Based on the content that needs transcreation, there exist nine popular categories as follows.

Types of Transcreation - Thao & Co.

1. Marketing transcreation

Marketing transcreation goes beyond translation, using creativity to craft messages that resonate with target audiences.

Content Versatility: Applies to various marketing materials like ad slogans, brochures/catalogs, blog posts, and social media content.

Transcreator Skills:
• Compelling Writing: Ability to craft clear and engaging marketing copy.
• Market Expertise: Understanding of market trends, consumer preferences, and cultural nuances.
• Translation Proficiency: Knowledge of translation principles and techniques.
• Collaboration: Ability to work seamlessly with marketing teams to achieve message goals and uphold brand guidelines.

Marketing Transcreation in Action: Nike’s “Just Do It”

Nike serves as a perfect example of marketing transcreation. Their iconic slogan “Just Do It” was transcreated into Spanish as “Supera tus límites,” which aims to motivate consumers.

This transcreation goes beyond a literal translation. By capturing the essence of “overcoming” with “Supera” and “limits” with “límites,” it evokes a sense of determination and inspires consumers to conquer challenges on their path to success.

2. Product packaging transcreation

What it is: Product packaging transcreation takes translation a step further by infusing creativity and local relevance.

It ensures accurate translations for labels, descriptions, instructions, safety information, and slogans.

The Challenge: Transcreators must bridge language barriers while delivering clear and concise messages within limited packaging space. They achieve this by:

Balancing Accuracy and Originality: They convey the complete meaning while preserving the brand’s voice and message.
Staying Informed: They keep up with packaging trends and innovations.
Understanding the Brand: They master the brand’s core values and target audience.
The Result: A harmonious translation that resonates with local consumers.

3. Game transcreation

Bringing Games to Life: Game transcreation goes beyond translation, weaving captivating stories, quests, and dialogues for a truly immersive experience.

Key aspects:

Plot Twists & Intrigue: Transcreators recreate the plot to resonate with local players, ensuring the narrative remains engaging.
Seamless Navigation: Buttons, menus, conversations, and instructions are cleverly adapted for smooth gameplay.
Unleashing Imagination: Creative wordplay unlocks new realms of imagination for gamers.
Cultural Nuances: Transcreators meticulously craft details to convey the game’s atmosphere and emotions across languages.
The Result: Players become fully immersed in the game’s world, fostering a deeper connection to the experience.

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League of Legends: A Transcreation Triumph

Riot Games exemplifies transcreation mastery in “League of Legends” for Vietnamese audiences. Character names like “Sword Master Yi” (originally Master Yi) perfectly capture the essence of the champions’ skills. Even pet names, in-game items, and special effects are creatively adapted with flair, fostering a deeper connection for Vietnamese players.

4. Letter and email transcreation

Email Translation - Thao & Co.

Beyond Translation: Transcreation takes letters and emails a step further, breathing new life into the content while preserving the intended meaning and emotions.

Building Relationships: This approach is crucial for fostering connections with international clients and partners.

Focus on Impact: Transcreators prioritize replicating the original author’s style and tone. This includes:

  1. Word Choice: Meticulously selecting words for maximum impact.
  2. Sentence Structure: Crafting clear and engaging sentences.
  3. Text Arrangement: Structuring the content for a visually appealing and impactful message.

The Secret Weapon: Employing stylistic techniques and expressions naturally used in the target language enhances the overall appeal and effectiveness of your communication.

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Grab’s Winning Emails: A Transcreation Case Study

Ride-hailing app Grab exemplifies the power of transcreation in emails for the Vietnamese market. Their emails don’t just translate messages, they tell engaging stories and use warm, inviting language. This fosters a sense of connection and intimacy with Vietnamese users, making Grab more than just a service.

5. Literary transcreation

Literary transcreation goes beyond translation. It’s an art form that breathes new life into books, using creativity to capture the essence of the original work for a global audience.

More Than Just Words: Transcreators are not just language experts, they’re passionate storytellers. They:

  1. Unveil the Soul: Delve deep into the original work’s meaning, rhythm, and emotional core.
  2. Weave a New Tapestry: Recreate the story using language and cultural nuances that resonate with new readers.
  3. Bridge Cultures: Foster global understanding and appreciation for literature.

The Result: A fresh and vibrant experience that allows readers to connect with stories across languages and borders.

6. Transcreation of movie and book titles

Transcreation breathes new life into movie and book titles for international audiences. It’s not just about translating the words, it’s about capturing the essence, emotions, and impact of the original work.

More Than Meaning: Transcreators act as wordsmiths, crafting titles that are:

  1. Engaging: Evoking curiosity and excitement in the target audience.
  2. Culturally Relevant: Resonating with local references and themes.
  3. True to the Spirit: Preserving the core meaning and emotions of the original title.

The Result: Titles that become an extension of the artistic creation, drawing viewers and readers in for a captivating experience.

La La Land: Captivating Audiences Globally

The movie title “La La Land” transformed beautifully into Chinese as “爱乐之城” (Ài Lè Zhī Chéng), meaning “City of Musical Love.” This transcreation isn’t just a translation, it’s a work of art.

The transcreator skillfully crafted a title that resonates with Chinese audiences:

  1. Dreamy & Romantic: The new title captures the film’s essence with a touch of romantic flair.
  2. Thematic Harmony: It retains the core theme of love and aspiration, albeit with a focus on music.
  3. Cultural Relevance: “爱乐之城” uses characters and phrasing that connect with Chinese viewers.

The Result: A captivating title that draws Chinese audiences into the world of “La La Land,” showcasing the power of transcreation.

7. Subtitle transcreation

Video Subtitle Translation - Thao & Co.

Subtitle transcreation goes beyond translating words. It’s about crafting subtitles that seamlessly blend with the visuals and audio, ensuring viewers grasp the full experience.

Key Skills:

  1. Capturing the Essence: Transcreators convey emotions and humor beyond literal meanings.
  2. Conciseness is Key: They condense dialogue while maintaining clarity.
  3. Cultural Awareness: They adapt content for the target audience’s understanding.
  4. Seamless Flow: They ensure consistent style and timing for effortless comprehension.

The Result: Viewers from all backgrounds can enjoy the full richness of the film or video.

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6/45: Captivating Vietnamese Audiences

The Korean film “6/45” is a prime example of successful subtitle transcreation. Instead of a literal translation, the Vietnamese subtitles were cleverly adapted for cultural understanding.

Creative Touches:

  1. Slang Integration: Slang like “Ô dề” (“ridiculous”) added humor and a sense of intimacy.
  2. Musical References: The inclusion of lyrics by a popular Vietnamese singer resonated with audiences.
  3. Figurative Language: Phrases like “joining the big arms” were adapted to fit Vietnamese cultural references.

The Outcome:

This transcreation went beyond a simple translation, creating a more engaging experience for Vietnamese viewers. It highlights the power of cultural adaptation in subtitle transcreation.

8. Internal communication transcreation

The transcreation of internal communication transforms messages to resonate with a global workforce, fostering a strong company culture.

What it Transcreates:

  1. • Newsletters
  2. Training materials
  3. • Operational instructions
  4. • Emails
  5. • Internal website articles


  1. Clarity & Impact: Transcreators craft messages that resonate with a diverse workforce, ensuring clear and impactful communication.
  2. Cultural Awareness: They adapt content to local contexts, fostering understanding and engagement.
  3. Brand Consistency: They maintain the organization’s voice and values across languages.
  4. Confidentiality: They prioritize information security, adhering to strict confidentiality standards.

The Result: A unified and engaged workforce, empowered by clear communication regardless of location.

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Shopee Golden Formula: A Winning Transcreatation

Shopee demonstrates the power of transcreation in internal communications. The original English term “Shopee Success Formula” for sellers was adapted into Vietnamese as “Công thức Vàng Shopee” (Shopee Golden Formula).

This transcreation wasn’t just a translation, it was a strategic move:

  1. Engaging Wording: “Golden Formula” piques curiosity and emphasizes the value of the sales process.
  2. Cultural Relevance: “Công thức Vàng” uses familiar Vietnamese phrasing to connect with sellers.

The Result: A more engaging term that motivates Vietnamese sellers to learn the “Shopee Golden Formula” and succeed on the platform.

9. Transcreation of educational content

Transcreating educational content adapts materials to different cultures and learning styles, ensuring knowledge is effectively communicated and engaging for learners.

Transcreator Skills:

  1. Education Experts: They have a deep understanding of educational principles and best practices.
  2. Creative Thinkers: They adapt content using innovative approaches to make learning interactive.
  3. Linguistic Masters: They bridge cultural and language gaps, selecting the most fitting words for clear comprehension.

The Result: Educational content that resonates with learners globally, fostering a positive and enriching learning experience.

Essential considerations on types of transcreation

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Choosing the Right Approach:

Different transcreation projects require unique approaches. Understanding the content type (e.g., marketing materials, educational materials) is crucial for achieving high-quality results.

Cost Considerations:

Transcreation costs can vary based on factors like:

  1. • Project length
  2. • Target language
  3. • Content complexity

Finding the Perfect Partner:

For optimal quality and originality, consider working with a translation agency that offers:

  1. Experienced Transcreators: A team specializing in transcreation for your specific content type.
  2. Desktop Publishing (DTP): Ensures a polished and culturally appropriate layout for your materials.
  3. Consumer Language Research: Helps tailor your message to resonate with the target audience.

As a leading transcreation agency, Thao & Co. understands the power of clear communication across languages and cultures.

Our dedicated team of transcreation specialists will collaborate closely with you to understand your needs and ensure a seamless process, with transparent pricing breakdowns every step of the way.

Let Thao & Co. bring your message to life globally. Contact Thao & Co. today to explore our services and get a detailed quote for free.

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