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A professionally translated, high-quality CV can unlock numerous promising job opportunities. In the application process, the CV is regarded as the key element that allows employers to evaluate candidates’ qualifications and competencies. This highlights the critical importance of CV translation for candidates aspiring to enter the foreign job market. So, what exactly is CV translation? How important is CV translation? And what important factors do translators need to consider while translating a CV? Read on with Thao & Co. to find out in this article.

What is CV translation?

A CV plays a crucial role for anyone seeking employment. A CV, short for Curriculum Vitae, serves as a comprehensive professional resume, offering employers an overview of the candidate’s qualifications and suitability for the position.

In today’s competitive job market, the criteria for job seekers are more stringent than ever, especially regarding language proficiency. Therefore, having a CV written in multiple languages can be a valuable asset for those aiming to secure a job. CV translation is the process of converting information in a CV from the source language into one or more target languages. This process is crucial to ensuring that the candidate’s strengths and competencies are clearly portrayed.

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CV translation entails translating the following content:

  1. Personal information: Candidates need to provide relevant information about themselves in their CV. For example, full name, hometown, address, date of birth, hobbies, and so on.
  2. Education background: Employers can briefly assess a candidate’s capabilities based on the education level mentioned in their CV. Candidates should mention the duration of their studies, academic grades, and any awards or achievements attained during their educational journey.
  3. Work experience: This is one of the most critical aspects for employers to consider during the CV screening process. This section should clearly and precisely showcase information such as previous job positions, length of service, work achievements, reference contacts, and other relevant details.
  4. Career goals (short and long-term): Employers can gauge your genuine interest in the position based on these objectives. Having realistic and well-defined goals will leave a positive impression on the employer.

In addition to your CV, the human resource department may also require translation of your personal documents, such as passports or identification papers, diplomas, certificates, academic transcripts, cover letters, portfolios, health certificates, criminal records, and so on.

What is the purpose of CV translation?

Today’s labor market extends beyond domestic borders; a growing number of candidates aspire to broaden their horizons by joining multinational enterprises or seeking employment abroad. To make a good first impression on employers, candidates should devote special care to the writing and translation of their CVs, which can unlock numerous promising job opportunities.

Submitting a bilingual CV that includes the primary language of the company or enterprise may demonstrate the candidate’s professionalism and meticulousness. Moreover, certain companies may operate primarily in a language different from the candidate’s native tongue. Therefore, translating the CV is essential to guarantee an accurate and clear presentation of the candidate’s information. This ensures that the employer doesn’t overlook vital information, thereby ensuring the CV leaves the desired impression.

The recruitment process in companies or enterprises doesn’t solely rely on the human resources department; it also requires approval from upper management. As a result, in some cases, the human resources department needs to have CVs translated to ensure that foreign leaders can readily comprehend the candidate’s information.

How do you ensure the quality of CV translation?

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The translation of a CV must be executed with precision to ensure it effectively highlights all of the candidate’s strengths. To ensure a high-quality CV translation, translators should keep the following aspects in mind:

  1. Using proper terminology: Candidates often incorporate specialized terminology from their previous roles into their CVs. Emphasizing and providing precise translations for these terminologies is essential to effectively convey the experience candidates have gained throughout their careers.
  2. Ensuring brevity: Recruiters often receive a significant volume of CVs during the recruitment process. An excessively lengthy CV can consume too much of their time, leading to a less favorable impression. Furthermore, an overly long CV is often the result of bad writing, which may not effectively showcase the candidate’s strengths.
  3. Preserving aesthetic integrity: A well-organized and aesthetically pleasing CV will assist recruiters in quickly grasping important details. Important information should be emphasized to draw the attention of recruiters.
  4. Information confidentiality: A CV will always contain the personal information of not only the candidate but also their reference contacts; therefore, it’s imperative to maintain confidentiality at all times.

Professional CV translation service

The translation of CVs is vital for candidates in their job search process. A properly translated CV can help candidates find suitable jobs, while even the smallest oversight in translation can potentially cost them significant opportunities.

And for enterprises, ensuring that the CVs of personnel or candidates are accurately translated is necessary for the recruitment, transfer, or promotion processes. It’s advisable to seek out reputable translation agencies that offer reliability, reasonable costs, and a commitment to timely delivery.

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Thao & Co. Translation Company offers not only CV translation services but also top-tier personal document translation services, all at a transparent and reasonable price, complemented by a streamlined process. You can rest assured that our team of seasoned linguists, with extensive experience in various fields, will deliver the most satisfactory results. Moreover, we pledge to safeguard your data by entering into confidentiality agreements before every project.

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  2. ● Free Certificate of Translation Accuracy issued by Thao & Co.
  3. ● High-quality degree and certificate translation services
  4. ● Professional cover letter translation services
  5. ● High-quality Desktop Publishing (DTP) services, ensuring aesthetically pleasing products

If you have any questions regarding our General Translation services, please feel free to visit our Get a Quote page for prompt assistance today!

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