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A degree (high school diploma or bachelor’s degree) is issued to an individual as a certification of completion and displays said individual’s academic achievements. This is also an essential document that cannot be missing for all of your academic life/career.

Degree certified translation is compulsory not only when studying abroad but also in other administrative procedures. In this article below, we will be discussing both translation in general and degree certified translation specifically.

Degree certified translation: Definition and relevance

Translation refers to the process of rending information from one language to another. The main objective of translation is to convey meaning to the targeted audience in a coherent and accurate manner without any omission.

Definition of translation and degree certified translation

Translation in general encompasses two aspects: Interpreting and translating.

Translation in general and more specifically, degree certified translation in English or any other language belongs to the translating aspect, usually done on documents/papers. 

According to the latest information available for the year 2023 in Vietnam and some other countries, the following degrees need to be translated and notarized before being used for academic and business purposes abroad:

  1. 1) High school/ middle school diploma
  2. 2) Bachelor’s degree
  3. 3) Postgraduate certificate
  4. 4) Master’s degree
  5. 5) Doctorate degree

The importance of getting a certified translation for your degree

When is it necessary to get a certified translation for your degree?

At present, degree certified translation service, especially English translation for high school diplomas, is in high demand due to the increase in popularity of activities such as: Applying for a scholarship, studying and working abroad, applying for a visa, or sending documents to foreign government agencies.

In certain cases, it is mandatory to have the translation notarized in the country where it is done.

The role of degree certified translation

A degree is an important personal paper that helps display an individual’s expertise. Therefore, a notarized translation is needed to verify that the mentioned information is valid.

Degree Translation Example - Thao & Co.
Example of Degree translation from English into Vietnamese

Degree certified translation: Translator’s role and requirement

In Vietnam, translators need to have full civil capacity according to national law before being allowed to translate degrees. Additionally, they are also required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant foreign language.

An English translation of high school diploma specifically and translation of high school diploma in general serve the following important roles:

  1. 1. Is regularly requested in administrative procedures, not only for studying but also working abroad.
  2. 2. Translation is also a way to accurately and coherently convey the document information, allowing it to be legally and easily accepted.
  3. 3. Having your degrees translated is crucial when applying for a Visa or a scholarship and can greatly affect the outcomes of your application. Low-quality translations can leave a bad impression on your application’s reviewer(s).

Aside from the skills and expertise mentioned above, translators will have to meet these additional requirements: To maximize the translation quality, translators need to be meticulous while translating, especially for sections that contain numbers; have a deep understanding of relevant procedures and the target language, etc.

Comprehensive information on certified degree translation

Presently, there has been a surge in degree translation service. As a result, translation agencies have grown in number to meet market demands. However, finding a professional and credible translation service provider is not an easy task by any means.

Before choosing the perfect translation agency to entrust your documents, it is recommended that you take into consideration these key aspects: Cost, complementary services, customer service, etc. Additionally, the working process is another criterion to evaluate the quality of a translation agency.

1. Introducing the working process at Thao & Co.

Every translation agency will have its own working process depending on the field of operation and the supporting services provided. However, generally speaking, translation agencies need to have a transparent working process from the moment the client’s document is received until the completion of their project.

At Thao & Co., we will follow these 5 steps when translating your degrees:

Step 1: Receiving project information

After receiving the necessary information from the client, we will provide detailed information on the quote, publicly display the project’s progress, and tailor it to your requirements.

Step 2: Making payment

To best support clients, Thao & Co. offers a variety of payment methods including: PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise, ACH, IBAN/BACS, bank transfer, or credit card.

Step 3: Translating

Upon understanding all the requirements of the customers, the translator will begin with the translation and make adjustments when necessary, considering the context, target country, and culture.

Step 4: Certifying the translation

Upon the completion of the translation, a certification of translation accuracy will be provided by Thao & Co. along with the translation to clients free of charge. However, the certifying translation step is not compulsory and will only be done when requested.

Step 5: Finalizing the translation

After the translation for the degree has been completed, you can log into your personal account provided by us to download the translation or request a hard copy.

Should you need to get your document notarized, we also offer the notarization service for an additional fee.

Notarized Translation Process - Thao & Co.
Notarized translation process at Thao & Co.

2. How much does degree certified translation cost?

Degree certified translation rate will mostly be influenced by:

  1. + The language pair: The translation rate of degree certified translation service can be affected by the popularity of the translation language. Popular languages such as English will have a lower cost in comparison to other languages etc.
  2. + Notarization fee: At the moment, the notarization fee will be dependent on the notary office, the number of pages in need of notarization, and other factors.
  3. + Urgency: In urgent cases, you can request a prioritized service for an additional fee as this demands more from the translator’s part.

3. Tips to find a credible translation agency

Before entrusting a translation agency to translate your bachelor’s degree and high school diploma, pay attention to their working process as this is where you can evaluate their service quality. The working process should meet the following requirements:

  1. – Transparency in the translation cost
  2. – Transparency in the project progress
  3. – Experienced translator in charge
  4. – Willingness to make revisions when necessary to produce the best quality translation
  5. – Excellent customer service

At Thao & Co. Translation Company, we offer a translation service that meets the above requirements and more. Additionally, we can help you certify and notarize the translation should the need arise.

Above is information on professional degree certified translation service. To find more detailed information, receive a free consultation, or request a service at Thao & Co., access our Get a Quote page or contact us via our hotline (+84) 846 766 788.

Source: Thao & Company
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