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Tender translation is an effective solution for contractors looking to attract investment and expand business operations. In today’s globalized economy, numerous companies and conglomerates are looking to scale up their international investments and commercial ventures. Consequently, tender translation can yield considerable advantages, enhancing business operational capabilities within the global marketplace.

In just under 5 minutes, discover fascinating insights on tender translation services, their significance and challenges as well as tips to choose credible translation agencies.

What is tender translation?

Tender documents consist of various papers and forms that the contractor compiles and submits per the requirements set forth by the procuring entity. Subsequently, the procuring entity will evaluate these documents to choose the contractor best suited for the project.

Tender translation involves converting the content of the tender documents from their original language into the desired target language to meet the client’s requirements. This service is important in aiding the business operations of companies and corporations, particularly those engaged in international commerce.

For example, if contractors in Vietnam wish to bid on a project in the United States, they must ensure all tender documents are precisely translated from Vietnamese to English before they can be submitted to the procuring party.

What role does tender translation play?

Tender translation is a critical factor that may directly determine the success of a bid. For international projects, translating tender documents is a mandatory step when entering the bidding process.

Moreover, this process allows businesses to actively showcase their strengths and appeal to potential investors. Specifically, the roles of tender translation involve:

  1. ● Help investors better understand contractors: With tender translation, investors can easily track and acquire a comprehensive overview of the contractor’s profile along with their strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that the most suitable contractor will be chosen for the project.
  2. ● Enhance the credibility of the contractor: Certified or notarized translation may be required for documents in the tender package to ensure the legal validity and credibility of the contractor.
  3. ● Improving bidding win rate: While the outcome of a bid can be influenced by various elements, presenting a set of meticulously and professionally translated tender documents can leave favorable impressions on the investor, thereby increasing the contractor’s likelihood of winning the bid.

In addition, tender documents in international projects must be carefully adjusted in matters such as wording and more per the requirements of local Bidding Law.

Tender documents to translate

Thao & Co. - bidding dossier translation

At present, there is no specific state-mandated standardization of tender documents; nonetheless, the documents requiring translation may vary according to the particular tender package. Here is a list of documents that typically require translation in a tender package:

  1. ● Tender application form
  2. ● Joint venture agreement
  3. ● Tender guarantee
  4. ● Documents substantiating the bidder’s eligibility: business license, trade license, tax registration number, etc.
  5. ● Documents substantiating the signee’s authority for the tender application form: appointment decision, power of attorney, etc.
  6. ● Documents substantiating the bidder’s professional expertise and capacity
  7. ● The bidder’s financial records: financial statementsannual reports, and more.

Apart from the aforementioned documents, the procuring party may request various other relevant documents depending on the specific tender package.

The following documents should be translated for the tender package:

  1. ● Notice of invitation to bid
  2. ● Requirements related to the goods, and services being tendered
  3. ● Criteria to evaluate and select contractors
  4. ● Instructions related to the bidding process

Challenges in tender translation

  1. ● Absolute accuracy: Tender documents play a crucial role in influencing the results of the bid; thus, it is imperative that their translation is conducted with thoroughness and care.
  2. ● Urgent timing: The tender translation must be completed expeditiously, often within a compressed timeframe, to maintain the established bidding schedule. The challenge of providing rapid translation while upholding a high level of accuracy can be demanding for translators.
  3. ● Different types of documents: A typical tender package comprises numerous and often extensive documents, filled with a significant amount of data and details. This requirement poses a great obstacle as the translator will be tasked with handling a substantial volume of information while also being expected to maintain high precision within a relatively brief timeframe.
  4. ● Complex technical terms: Tender packages often contain lengthy documents featuring specialized terminology. To ensure accuracy, translators must be well-versed in associated industries, including legaltechnicalaccountingcommerceconstruction, and more.
  5. ● Models, drawings: Construction tender packages typically include technical proposals, tables, charts, and models, among others. Therefore, translators are required to maintain consistency with the original document when translating these elements. To meet this requirement, the utilization of Desktop Publishing (DTP) is necessary to carry out design tasks. This ensures that the layout of the translated content is the same as the original text.

Tender Translation Service Rate

How much does a Translation Cost? - Thao & Co.

Translation rates of tender documents vary based on several factors:

  1. ● Volume of documents
  2. ● Length of documents
  3. ● Delivery deadline
  4. ● Popularity of language pair
  5. ● Complexity of documents
  6. ● Special requirements such as DTP or certified translation

These elements will have a direct impact on how the service is priced. Translation for tender documents might be somewhat costlier compared to other document types, owing to their typically large volume of content, frequent employment of specialized terminology, and the complexity of included drawings, tablets, and charts.

Additionally, should notarization or certification is requested, the overall cost will be increased accordingly. Furthermore, each translation agency will adopt different pricing schemes, leading to variations in tender document translation service rates.

To obtain precise and expedited quotations, the most effective approach is to reach out directly to translation agencies for tailored consultation.

Credible tender translation agency

Thao & Co. has had many years of experience in providing translation services. Our focus is on delivering prompt and precise tender translation. Centering our work ethic around meticulousness and professionalism, we have served and satisfied numerous clients over the years.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Clients who opt for our services can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Diverse translation services

With a team of experienced native linguists, Thao & Co. offers a variety of services including notarized translation, technical translation, manufacturing translation, and more. Access the Translation and Proofreading Services page at Thao & Co. to learn more.

Access to Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform

Partnering with Thao & Co. to gain access to our proprietary platform, where you can communicate directly with our linguists, monitor the translation progress, and stay informed about service costs and other related information.

Translating over 50 languages

Thao & Co. confidently offers accurate and swift multilingual translation services. We specialize in executing translation projects across various languages, ranging from common to rare, including VietnameseKoreanJapaneseChineseRussian, and more.

Absolute information security

We are dedicated to maintaining strict confidentiality of all documents and client information with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) signed with our linguist team. Rest assured that your information will be kept secure from any third parties.

Timely delivery

Thao & Co. guarantees timely translation delivery as per your request. For short and simple documents, we commit to finishing the translation and delivering it to you within a 48-hour timeframe.

Flexible, professional translation solutions

Thao & Co. delivers expert-level B2B translation service, utilizing transparent and systematic approaches. Our structured workflow is designed for effortless tracking of project progress, ensuring our commitments to deliver precise and prompt translation that align with our client requirements.

High-quality DTP translation service

In addition to tender translation, Thao & Co. translation agency also offers comprehensive Text and Document Translation as well as DTP services for a variety of file formats including Word, PDFPPTX, Excel, and more. We ensure that your translated documents perfectly resemble the originals in both the text and overall layout. Moreover, we can deliver the finalized files in the format of your choice.

Should you require additional information about tender document translation or other services at Thao & Co., please click the Get a Quote button for swift assistance from our expert consultants.

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