Remote interpretation: Connecting the World in the Digital Age

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With the rise of online events, remote interpretation has become increasingly prevalent. Interpreters play a crucial role in fostering seamless and accurate communication. However, there are specific considerations that interpreters need to be mindful of in order to ensure a successful remote interpretation.

So, what is remote interpretation? What makes this type of interpretation unique? And how much does it cost? Let’s explore these questions in this article with Thao & Co.

What is remote interpretation?

One of the most common types of interpretation nowadays is remote interpretation. Essentially, remote interpretation shares many similarities with traditional interpretation methods. Remote interpretation eliminates the need for interpreters to be physically present at events, allowing them to work remotely through dedicated devices and online platforms.

The fundamental purpose of interpretation lies in bridging the gap between languages, facilitating seamless and effortless multilingual dialogues, and ultimately fostering effective communication. However, remote interpretation offers advantages that may not be readily available in traditional interpretation settings.

The advent of technology devices has revolutionized remote interpretation, making it easier than ever to connect with skilled interpreters from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, remote interpretation allows you to work with native interpreters conveniently, reducing travel and accommodation expenses.

When do you need remote interpretation?

The compelling advantages of remote interpretation have propelled its adoption across a wide range of applications, making it an increasingly popular choice for various events and proceedings. Here are some common cases that can benefit from remote interpretation:

  1. ● Online workshops (Webinars):  This is known as a common form of sharing information. Webinars, hosted for knowledge and experience sharing, frequently attract global audiences, necessitating remote interpretation to ensure viewers can simultaneously comprehend the content.
  2. ● Online meetings: For multinational companies with a global presence, online meetings have become the norm for communication and collaboration. Given the linguistic diversity within multinational teams, remote interpretation plays an indispensable role in bridging language barriers. Collaborating with international partners across vast geographical distances is simplified through the use of online meetings facilitated by skilled interpreters.
  3. ● Language barriers in phone calls: Effective communication between individuals who speak different languages can be challenging, particularly during telephone conversations. The presence of an interpreter is crucial for facilitating effective and effortless communication

What are the differences between phone interpretation and video call interpretation?

Both are common forms of remote interpretation, each possessing unique characteristics and applications.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) is a form of communication where clients and interpreters engage in audio-based conversations This form of interpretation is often used when an individual speaks a different language from the others, requiring assistance in comprehending the ongoing conversation.

Video remote interpretation (VRI) facilitates communication through video calls, enabling richer interactions beyond verbal exchanges. This allows interpreters to perceive and respond to the client’s attitude and mood, enhancing the effectiveness and natural flow of the conversation.

Remote Interpretation Zoom phone - Thao & Co.

The challenges

The success of interpretation hinges on a multitude of factors, with interpreters playing a pivotal role in fostering seamless communication. Compared to on-site interpretation, remote interpretation presents unique challenges:

  1. ● Adaptability: Interpreters must possess the flexibility to navigate unexpected situations effectively. In the context of remote interpretation, where interpreters cannot fully grasp the nuances of a situation through direct observation, the ability to adapt swiftly is of paramount importance.
  2. ● Expertise: Effective interpretation extends beyond linguistic proficiency, encompassing expertise in the subject matter of the conversation. Ensure accurate and precise transmission of information to prevent misunderstandings and maintain the integrity of the conversation.
  3. ● Quick interpretation speed: Due to the rapid pace of conversation, interpreters must possess exceptional interpretation speed to maintain the flow of communication and prevent disruptions.
  4. ● Smart communication: Effective interpretation extends beyond linguistic proficiency, demanding a high level of interpersonal skills to foster meaningful and engaging interactions. Choosing appropriate language, without changing the intended meaning or tone, can significantly affect the quality of the conversation.
  5. ● Technology proficiency: Interpreters working in online environments must possess a comprehensive understanding of diverse platforms and devices to ensure seamless communication. Even the slightest technical error can have a profound impact on the overall effectiveness of the online interpretation session.
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The rates

The cost of remote interpretation is influenced by various factors.

  1. ● Duration of interpretation: It is one of the most common factors that influence the price of remote interpretation. The cost of interpretation services may vary depending on the interpreter’s work hours.
  2. ● Complexity: The complexity of the interpretation task can significantly influence the pricing of interpretation services. Interpretation services for specialized fields, characterized by intricate concepts and specialized language, typically command higher pricing.
  3. ● Language pairs: Due to the scarcity of qualified interpreters for rare and complex language pairs, the corresponding interpretation fees tend to be higher to compensate for the specialized expertise and limited availability of these professionals.
  4. ● Urgency: Interpretation services requiring immediate attention and limited preparation time may incur higher fees due to the interpreter’s need to adapt to a new task without extensive preparation.

Professional online interpretation services

Remote interpretation demands a unique set of skills from interpreters For a seamless interpretation experience, interpreters must possess not only linguistic expertise but also a comprehensive understanding of technological tools and platforms.

To prevent potential errors that could jeopardize the success of the conversation, it is crucial to exercise due diligence when selecting interpretation services.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

It is advisable to engage a highly regarded translation agency with a proven track record of excellence.

At Thao & Co. Translation Company, we specialize in providing reliable and high-quality translation services. Our team of highly experienced interpreters possesses in-depth expertise across a diverse range of fields, ensuring effective and nuanced communication in any setting. We offer a comprehensive range of language pairs, catering to both common and rare languages.

At Thao & Co., we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality by requiring all our interpreters to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure when you opt for Thao & Co.’s interpretation services. Additionally, our proprietary platform empowers clients with comprehensive information about our interpreters. With our intuitive platform, you can conveniently access interpreter profiles, payment status, and project progress anytime, anywhere.

“Our team of native interpreters at Thao & Co. is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional translation experience that exceeds your expectations. To receive detailed consultation completely free of charge, leave your information on our Get A Quote page, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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