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What is memo translation? What makes a good memo translation? A memo is considered one of the most essential documents for collaborations between companies, businesses, individuals, and groups within an organization. Therefore, translating a memo is a crucial step that helps effectively convey its content to the relevant parties. We invite you to explore the significance of memo translation and how to get high-quality memo translation services in this article.

What is a Memo Translation?

A memo (Memorandum) is a brief yet comprehensive document that quickly communicates important information to relevant parties. This memorandum encompasses the objectives, principles, and general agreements of the relevant parties.

The process of translating a memo involves converting it from one source language to one or more target languages. The purpose of translating a memo is to create convenience and ease of access for the relevant parties, especially for multinational companies where collaboration with international businesses is crucial.

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In certain instances, this can be considered as a preliminary draft for an upcoming contract. When deciding to sign the contract, the agreed terms in the memo will be documented in more detail and specificity.

Additionally, certain terms in the memorandum can be modified based on the agreement of the relevant parties. However, when the parties sign the contract and make changes to the terms in the memorandum, this should be clearly documented in the contract to avoid potential disputes.

Types of Memo Translation

There are distinct target audiences for each type of memo. Companies and businesses should identify the parties involved before translating any memo to ensure the most efficient process. Here are some common types of memorandums that usually require translation:

  1. Bench Memorandum: This is a common type of memorandum used in court hearings. The memorandum encompasses the issues and events of a specific case, documented concisely and impartially.
  2. Memorandum Of Agreement: This type of memorandum expresses the intention to cooperate between relevant parties after reaching specific agreements.
  3. Memorandum Of Understanding: A type of document that records an agreement between two parties (bilateral) or multiple parties (multilateral). This memorandum covers the goals, principles, and agreements of the involved parties; however, it is not legally binding.
  4. Memorandum Of Conversation: This type of memorandum documents the terms of exchange-oriented discussions and agreements on a specific issue.

Requirements for Memo Translation

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Memo translation is a crucial step in the collaboration between companies or businesses in the international market. A memo translation must ensure the following elements to convey its content effectively:

  1. Translation accuracy: For any document translation, ensuring accuracy is always the top priority. The terms of the memo need to be accurately conveyed to prevent any potential disputes.
  2. Information objectivity: As a document related to the collaboration of two or more parties, a memo translation requires objectivity – it must be unaffected by any subjective factors, biases, or other influences.
  3. Legal writing skills: A memo may contain terms related to legal commitments; therefore, the linguist responsible for its translation needs to have sufficient legal writing skills.
  4. Formal writing style: Formal language is essential when translating a memo, as it reflects the mutual respect of the involved parties for their collaboration.
  5. Data confidentiality: The information in the memo usually contains vital terms and commitments, so it’s crucial to ensure security during translation.

Memo Translation Rates

Memo translation cost is usually influenced by the following factors:

  1. Length of the memo: The length of the memo significantly influences its translation price.
  2. Language pair: The rarer and more complex the language pair, the fewer translators are available, resulting in higher translation costs for the memo.
  3. Complexity: Depending on the complexity of the memorandum’s content, which may involve specialized or legal terminology, the cost can also be affected.
  4. Urgency: Translation projects with short turnaround times often demand higher translation fees.
  5. Notarization and certification: Documents related to business collaboration often require certified translations to ensure their accuracy and objectivity. The cost of translation services typically increases if you request a certified or notarized translation. Thao & Co. offers our Certification of Accuracy free of charge for all memo translation projects.

Professional Memo translation services

To get a high-quality memo translation, it’s best to consider professional translation service providers.

Understanding the importance of memo translation in the development of every company and business, Thao & Co. always places great emphasis on ensuring the quality of each translation. We have a team of experienced linguists with specialized knowledge in diverse domains to ensure the delivery of precise translations.

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What makes Thao & Co.’s General Translation solutions different?

  1. ● High-quality translation by skilled linguists
  2. ● Transparent quote and process
  3. ● Guaranteed accuracy and security
  4. ● Top-notch quality and efficiency through leveraging state-of-the-art technologies
  5. ● Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform which helps you simplify project management

To learn more about our memo translation services and receive prompt consultation free of charge, please visit our Get a Quote page!

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