Immigration Document Translation: Regulations, Process, and Rates

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Immigration document translation services are growing in popularity, playing a crucial role in facilitating the customs clearance process. In today’s era of globalization, this type of translation service has become indispensable in every country. Let’s dive deeper into immigration document translation, its regulations, and rates with!

What is immigration document translation?

The exit and entry of citizens are defined as follows:

  1. ● Exit: This refers to citizens of a country leaving their home country through a border checkpoint.
  2. ● Entry: This refers to citizens from a country who move into the territory of another country through its border checkpoint.

During the immigration process, whether for purposes such as tourism, employment, family visits, medical treatment, overseas education, training, etc., it is necessary to have your documents translated, notarized/certified, or legalized by the consulate. These measures ensure your legal validity, thereby, improving your chance of being approved by the relevant authorities. The information on immigration documents requiring translation is as follows:

  1. ● Full name
  2. ● Date of birth
  3. ● Gender
  4. ● Nationality
  5. ● Immigration document number
  6. ● Place of issue
  7. ● Date of issue
  8. ● Issuing authority
  9. ● Expiration year
  10. ● Identification number/citizen identification number
  11. ● Position, title (diplomatic passport)
How to get Immigration Document Translation - Thao & Co.

Regulations on immigration document translation

According to the Immigration Law in most countries, immigration documents usually include:

  1. ● Passport (notarized translation needed)
  2. ● Visa (certified translation needed)
  3. ● Customs pass (consular authentication needed)
  4. ● Entry approval letter (certified translation)
  5. ● Other relevant documents
Example of Passport Translation - Thao & Co.
Passport Translation Sample

For an individual immigrating to settle, work, or study in a foreign country, consular authentication and certified/notarized translation of immigration documents are often necessary to complete the immigration formalities in the host country. The regulations and requirements will vary depending on the destination country; hence, citizens undertaking the process should carefully check these regulations in advance. This helps avoid confusion, save time, and minimize effort.

In particular, you need to fully understand the Differences between Certified Translation and Notarized Translation

Immigration document translation process

At Thao & Co., immigration document translation is standardized to create a streamlined process, ensuring efficiency and maintaining high-quality translation. Our document translation process includes the following steps:

  1. ● Step 1: Receive information and document translation requests from clients.
  2. ● Step 2: Accept payment through various methods such as cash, wire transfer, credit card, Paypal, and Payoneer.
  3. ● Step 3: Translate and proofread the document carefully to ensure accuracy and adhere to legal requirements.
  4. ● Step 4: Certify/notarize the translation. Please keep in mind that there will be an additional fee for notarization of translations. However, Thao & Co.’s Certification of Translation Accuracy will be provided free of charge upon request.
  5. ● Step 5: Hand over the translation after completing the translation and certification/notarization process (if any). The method of delivery will be tailored to your requests.

Immigration document translation rates

The fees for translation of immigration documents may vary based on various factors such as document length, source and target language, document content, requested turnaround time (urgency), certification or consular authentication requirements, etc.

For high-quality translations and reasonable prices, please get in touch with Thao & Co. We provide professional certified and notarized translation services for immigration documents.

  1. ● Reasonable translation rates reflecting service quality
  2. ● Professional consultation with prompt support
  3. ● Detailed and transparent quote tailored to your project

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Professional immigration document translation service

Immigration documents have to be translated with absolute accuracy. Any mistake in the translation can lead to delays in your immigration process or worse, rejection by authorities. Therefore, finding a credible and professional translation agency with a transparent working process and reasonable costs is of great importance.

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Thao & Co. takes pride in our team of seasoned translators who are native linguists. Therefore, we can provide you with precise translations that guarantee legal validity. When choosing our translation services, you can reap a wide range of benefits:

  1. ● Delivery within 24 hours for standard documents
  2. ● Free certification by Thao & Co.
  3. ● Certification provided by expert translators from professional translation associations upon request (additional fee)
  4. ● Access to Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform to monitor project progress as well as interact with our linguists.
  5. ● Commitment to keep your project and information strictly confidential.

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