A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for an Australia Visitor Visa Subclass 600 on Your Own

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An Australian tourist visa allows foreign nationals to enter Australia for various purposes, including family visitation, tourism, business trips, etc. Before applying, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the required documents, processing time, and related procedures to ensure a smooth visa application process.

General information about Australian Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The Australian Visitor Visa Subclass 600 is a short-term visa issued to foreign citizens visiting Australia for tourism, business, or family visitation. Validity of Australian tourist visas The validity period of an Australian tourist visa can be 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years with a single or multiple entry allowance, depending on each case.

Is applying for the Australia Visitor Visa Subclass 600 difficult? The answer is no. If all the requirements set by the Australian Department of Home Affairs are met, you can expect to be granted a visa within 5-36 days, depending on the subclass.

Types of Australia Tourist Visa

Subclass 600 visas are divided into various categories, each with its own distinct terms, rights, and conditions. It is essential to accurately identify the visa that best suits your needs before preparing the required documents.

Australia Tourist Visa Application - Thao & Co.

Current Australia tourist visa types include:

Visa typePurposeValidityNotes
Tourist stream  Leisure, tourism, family visitation, and other short-term purposes (excluding business activities and medical treatment).3, 6, or 12 monthsNo sponsorship from relatives is required.  
Sponsored family streamForeign citizens wishing to visit relatives in Australia for a permitted period of time.Up to 12 monthsRequires sponsorship from relatives who pay a security bond.
Business visitor stream  Individuals wanting to travel to Australia for the purpose of: attending conferences or seminars, business trips, signing contracts, negotiations, etc.Up to 3 monthsEligible to enter Australia for business purposes, but cannot seek employment or engage in commercial activities.
Approved destination status stream  Issued to Chinese citizens visiting Australia for sightseeing, tourismCorresponding to the trip durationIssued for tour groups
Frequent traveller stream  Issued to Chinese citizens who frequently travel to Australia for personal or business purposesValid for up to 10 years with some additional conditions  Biometrics required in China before Australian entry

A detailed guide on Australian Visa application documents

Australia Visa Application - Thao & Co.

Typically, an Australian tourist visa application dossier will include 2 types of documents: mandatory documents and supplementary documents. Submit clear and valid images or scanned copies of your documents. Certified translations are mandatory for non-English documents.

Each translation must bear the translator’s personal details (including full name, address, phone number, and relevant language credentials) or the translation agency’s information and official stamp.

Mandatory documents:

  1. ● Valid passport
  2. ● ID card copy
  3. ● Birth certificate copy
  4. ● Household registration book copy (if applicable)
  5. ● Confirmation of marital status
  6. ● Criminal record check
  7. ● Health certificate
  8. ● Letter of authorization for visa application if applying through another individual or an agency

Supplementary documents:

Documents substantiating the purpose of your trip:

  1. ● Detailed itinerary: destinations, activities, timelines, etc.
  2. ● Proof of travel history to other countries such as US Tourist Visa, Korea Travel Visa, etc.
  3. ● Hotel booking confirmation or relative’s house address
  4. ● Relative’s letter indicating relationship, visit purpose and duration
  5. ● Invitation letter for training courses/seminars/meetings, etc.
  6. ● Medical diagnosis, prognosis, appointment with a doctor in Australia
  7. ● Valid visas of the visitor

Documents demonstrating your intentions to depart from Australia after your visit:

  • Round-trip flight booking or ticket to another country
  • Documents proving stable employment or current academic enrollment in your home country: business registration documents, labor contracts, leave applications, supervisor letters, transcripts, student ID card, etc.
  • Documents demonstrating owned property and family obligations in your home country, including: marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates, house/car ownership documents, wills, tax payment confirmations, insurance payment confirmations, etc.

Documents demonstrating your financial ability to cover the expenses of the trip:

  • Salary pay slips
  • Bank statements from the most recent three months
  • Passbooks
  • Tax reports
  • Credit reports
  • Proof of share/stock ownership
  • Information about the person providing financial support for your trip
  • Others

How to apply for an Australia tourist visa on your own

Step 1: Pre-application. Check the status and validity of your passport and get a medical examination.

Step 2: Prepare documents. You should prepare all the required and necessary documents and have them translated and certified.

Step 3: Visa application registration. Access the following website: https://online.immi.gov.au of the Australian Department of Home Affairs to create an account. If you already have an account, log in to submit the visa application and pay the fee.

Step 4: Post-submission. Await confirmation from the Australian Department of Home Affairs. You may be asked to revise information and provide additional documents if necessary.

Step 5: Receive your application result. The Department of Home Affairs will inform you of the visa application result. If approved, the Department’s notice will include your visa number, effective date, accompanying conditions, etc. Don’t forget to carry a visa copy when traveling to Australia.

Tips for applying for an Australia tourist visa without a hitch

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa? - Thao & Co.

To boost the approval chance of your visa application, bear in mind the following points:

Estimate visa processing times: Each visa type has different processing times, ranging from 5 to 36 days. Carefully review the visa processing timeline to plan your application strategically and prevent disruptions to your travel plans.

Prepare documents diligently: Thorough review of all relevant information is essential for comprehensive preparation of personal documents, proof of trip purpose, financial records, and other required materials. Secure certified translations of all non-English documents to enhance the validity of your application and increase your chances of visa approval.

Do not falsify documents: Being honest when filling out the application form is the best way to build trust with the authorities. Engaging in document fraud can result in severe consequences, including hefty fines, criminal charges, and even a lifetime ban from entering Australia.

Should I apply for an Australian tourist visa on my own?

Navigating the intricacies of an Australian tourist visa application without the assistance of an agency demands a greater investment of time to research procedures and document requirements. However, many people still choose to self-apply because of its many advantages such as:

  1. ● Cost-effectiveness compared to applying via agency
  2. ● Being more proactive during the preparation and submission processes
  3. ● Avoid the risk of being scammed, losing unnecessary fees
  4. ● Mitigating risks of delays or interruptions in the visa application process for having chosen untrustworthy agencies.
  5. ● Enhance persuasiveness and chances of visa application approval
  6. ● Gain valuable knowledge and experience for future visa applications

When gathering and preparing documents for an Australian tourist visa application, it is compulsory to have them translated into English and certified. Given the legal implications involved, the translation of documents must be impeccably accurate.

Therefore, you should choose professional and experienced certified translation services to avoid complications affecting your visa process stemming from improper translations.

Thao & Co. Professional Certified Translation Process
Thao & Co. Certified Translation Process

As a leading translation company, Thao & Co. takes pride in being one of the most reputable certified translation services for Australian tourist visa applications, consistently earning the trust of clients through our unwavering commitment to accuracy and professionalism. By choosing Thao & Co.’s services, you can expect:

  1. ● Delivery within 24 hours for standard papers and documents
  2. ● Highly accurate translations done by our team of skilled and experienced linguists.
  3. ● Free certification of translation accuracy from Thao & Co.
  4. ● Our proprietary platform safeguards your information with the utmost confidentiality while providing seamless project tracking and direct communication with our expert linguists.
  5. ● Commitment to on-time delivery of translations by utilizing a rigorous, transparent, and efficient workflow.
  6. ● Competitive pricing that aligns with the exceptional quality of our services.
  7. ● Clear and detailed quotes

For personalized consultations and detailed quotes on certified translation services for Australian tourist visa applications, please leave your information on our Get a Quote. Our consultants will promptly reach out to assist you.

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