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What circumstances require certified will translation? What criteria do certified will translation services need to meet to avoid unnecessary disputes down the line? With these questions in mind, let’s now explore the answers with Thao & Co. in this article.

What is certified will translation?

A will is a legally binding document that serves as evidence of an individual’s wishes to bequeath their belongings to another person upon their passing. Wills can take the form of a handwritten will or an oral will.

In some cases, wills need to be translated for the purpose of conveying information as well as aiding relevant administrative procedures:

  1. ● The heir is a foreigner of half-blood relation.
  2. ● The assets or heirs are located overseas.
  3. ● The heir needs to obtain a nonimmigrant visa.
  4. ● Donations are intended to be directed towards international organizations.
  5. ● The will may require translation into a designated language in specific countries.

The translated content of a will includes:

  1. ● Day, month, and year when the will is created
  2. ● Full name and address of the testator
  3. ● Full name of the individual, organization, or agency entitled to the inheritance
  4. ● The inheritance and its location
  5. ● Other related matters

The translation of a will usually requires certification or notarization to ensure its legal validity, in accordance with the laws of each country. Along with certified will translation, some of the following documents may be required: 

  1. ● The draft of the will
  2. ● Personal documents of the testator: Citizen ID card, valid passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate.
  3. ● Documents proving property ownership: passbooks, certificates of land use rights, vehicle registration, business licenses, and similar records.
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What should certified will translation take into account?

Because of the complexity of will translation, translators must have excellent language skills as well as expertise in translating this sort of material in order to ensure the following factors:

  1. ● Accurate and complete translation of the will’s content.
  2. ● Accurate input of information, especially numerical data.
  3. ● Expertise in handling image and scanned files of handwritten wills
  4. ● Good transcription skills for oral wills
  5. ● Experience translating legal documents to guarantee compliance with the criteria set forth by the receiving agency.

Certified will translation rates

The translation rate of wills is often not fixed but rather varies depending on several characteristics specific to each document, including:

  1. ● The source and target languages
  2. ● The length of the will
  3. ● The urgency of the project
  4. ● Request for notarization/certification/legalization services

It’s worth to bear in mind that Consular Authentication vs. Apostille are different certificates and have distinctive rates.

To promptly receive in-depth information regarding our rates, please leave your information on our Get A Quote page. Thao & Co. is dedicated to offering accurate, high-quality certified will translation at a reasonable price.

High quality and reputable certified will translation services

It is critical to ensure the accuracy of a will translation since it directly impacts the future beneficiary. As a result, it is advisable to seek out renowned translation companies to ensure the quality of the translation.

Thao & Co. Translation Company stands as one of the top translation agencies with a pool of professional seasoned linguists, guaranteeing the highest standard translation.

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Over the years, Thao & Co. has assisted thousands of clients with document translation and notarization, certification, and consular legalization services. Our valued clients opt for Thao & Co. due to a wide array of advantages we offer, including:

  1. ● Accurate will translation available for all languages
  2. ● Timely delivery of the translation
  3. ● High-quality services with competitive pricing
  4. ● Dedicated consultants and linguists
  5. ● Absolute confidentiality of all client personal information and project data
  6. ● Swift assistance via Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform

If you are in need of accurate and high-quality certified will translation services, please don’t hesitate to leave your information at our Get A Quote page. We are always ready to serve you to the best of our capability.

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