What Is A Travel Visa? Types of Travel Visas You Should Know

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Before embarking on an international trip to explore renowned landmarks or delve into diverse cultures, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of travel visas and the visa application process. This understanding can pave the way for a smooth journey, minimizing any disruptions that could derail your travel plans.

What Is A Travel Visa?

A visa is an official document issued by a country’s consulate or embassy that permits foreign nationals to enter that country. Depending on the country, the applicant’s profile, the purpose of the visit, and the application outcome, you may be granted a single or multiple-entry visa with varying lengths of stay. Visas are broadly classified into 2 types: Immigrant visa and Non-immigrant visa.

What Is A Travel Visa? A travel visa is a type of non-immigrant visa specifically issued to tourists for temporary stays in a foreign country. Individuals holding a travel visa are prohibited from engaging in employment or seeking paid work in the country they visit. Violating the terms of a travel visa can result in expulsion from the country and may even lead to a permanent ban on re-entry.

How many types of travel visas are there?

Visa classification systems vary from country to country. However, most nations categorize visas based on the intended purpose of the traveler’s visit. For example:

A US tourist visa can be issued for the following purposes: business trips (B-1), leisure travel (B-2), or a combination of both (B-1/B-2).

Australia visitor visa (Subclass 600) is issued for the following streams: tourist stream, sponsored family stream, business visitor stream, approved destination status stream, and frequent traveler stream.

Moreover, visas are also classified based on their issuance format: Visa On Arrival (VOA) is commonly issued in countries like India, Mexico, and China, while Loose-leaf visa (Paper visa) is prevalent in countries like Australia and Vietnam.

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Procedure for travel visa application

The procedure for travel visa application may vary from country to country. In general, it typically involves four main steps.

– Step 1: Submit the visa application form

Access the visa application website of your destination country and fill in the required information in the application form.

– Step 2: Make the payment for your visa application fee

Visit a post office in your country to pay the application fee at the latest exchange rate at that time.

– Step 3: Schedule an appointment for the visa interview

Schedule an interview appointment with the required information including: passport number, fee receipt number, and application form barcode number.

– Step 4: Attend the interview

Depending on the regulations of each country, the authority may or may not require an interview. While an interview may not always be mandatory, it may be requested to clarify any ambiguities in your submitted documents.

What to prepare for the travel visa application?

Travel visa applications typically involve two types of documents: mandatory documents and supplementary documents.

Mandatory documents

  1. ● Latest visa application form of your destination country
  2. ● Recent passport photo taken according to the regulations of your destination country
  3. ● Valid passport
  4. ● Curriculum vitae (CV)
  5. ● Photocopy of your National ID Card
  6. ● Photocopy of your Household Registration Book
  7. ● Photocopy of your Birth Certificate
  8. ● Your Marriage Certificate

Supplementary documents

Documents substantiating the purpose of your trip:

  1. ● Detailed travel itinerary: where you will go, what you will do, etc.
  2. ● Hotel booking confirmation or your relatives’ residential address
  3. ● Proof of travel history to other countries
  4. ● Invitation letter for conferences/seminars/courses, etc.
  5. ● Doctor’s diagnosis and reasons for seeking medical treatment in the destination country
  6. ● Prognosis or appointment with a doctor in the destination country
  7. ● Valid visa of the visited relative(s)

Documents demonstrating your intention to depart from the country after your visit:

  1. ● Round-trip ticket or flight ticket to another country
  2. ● Documents proving stable income in your country: labor contracts, salary pay slips, business registration documents, etc.
  3. ● etc.
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Documents demonstrating your financial ability to cover the expenses of the trip:

  1. Bank statements
  2. ● Passbooks
  3. ● Information about the person assisting in financing your trip
  4. ● etc.

Documents demonstrating asset or family obligations in your country

  1. ● Documents demonstrating ownership of valuable assets in your country: lands, stocks, securities, cars, etc.
  2. ● Documents demonstrating your obligations in your country: marriage certificate, wills, tax payment confirmations, insurance payment confirmations, etc.
  3. ● etc.

Should you apply for a travel visa on your own?

Due to the convenience and accessibility of online visa application processes, individuals are increasingly opting to apply for travel visas independently. While applying for a travel visa independently may require extensive research and understanding of the visa application procedures and methods, several factors make it a favorable option.

  1. ● Being more proactive during the application process
  2. ● Cost-effectiveness compared to applying through an agency
  3. ● Mitigating the risk of losing money to an untrustworthy agency.
  4. ● Increasing the persuasiveness and credibility of your application
  5. ● Accumulating experience for future visa applications

As document and paperwork translation is an essential step in the travel visa application process, Thao & Co. is here to be your trusted companion, providing you with accurate and professional Visa document translation services. We guarantee:

  1. ● Translations performed by our linguist team with professional translation skills
  2. ● On-time delivery of notary translations
  3. ● Fast translation turnaround: standard documents delivered within 48 hours.
  4. ● Translations delivered in hard copy or soft copy as requested
  5. ● Absolute confidentiality of all projects
  6. ● Easy monitoring of your project progress and interaction with linguists via our platform exclusively developed by Thao & Co.

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Important considerations when applying for a travel visa

1. To ensure thorough preparation for your travel visa application, meticulously research the required documents and procedures on the official website of your destination country’s embassy. This is an important step that can save you time and effort during the application process, while also minimizing the risk of visa rejection due to an incomplete or invalid application.

2. To ensure ample time for preparation and to address any missing documentation, initiate the registration and submission process for your travel visa at least 30 days prior to your scheduled departure date. Proactive preparation for your travel visa application can mitigate the stress of last-minute hassles and potentially prevent trip cancellations arising from visa-related issues.

3. Translations of documents included in your travel visa application may require certification or notarization. Thoroughly review all your translated documents and paperwork to ensure accuracy and completeness.

For prompt and accurate certified translations of the documents and paperwork in your travel visa application, contact Thao & Co. Thao & Co. is your trusted partner for high-quality, fast, and affordable certified and notarized translations for visa applications. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we have earned the trust of countless individuals and businesses worldwide.

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Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned linguists, Thao & Co. delivers precise and legally valid translations in more than 30 languages. We understand that visa applications often require urgent attention, and we are fully equipped to handle your urgent translation needs within our maximum capacity.

For further consultation or assistance, please feel free to visit our office or leave your information on our Get a Quote for prompt responses. We hope the information provided has addressed your inquiries. We wish you a smooth visa application process and an enjoyable, fun-filled journey!

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