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To ensure a prompt and accurate translation of a high school diploma, it is crucial to adhere to relevant regulations and pay meticulous attention to details throughout the translation process. This article provides comprehensive information on high school diploma translation.

What is high school diploma translation?

A high school diploma attests to an individual’s successful completion of general education, typically spanning grades 9 through 12. A high school diploma is conferred upon individuals who have satisfactorily completed their high school studies and passed the relevant graduation exam, in compliance with the educational regulations of their respective countries.

Translating a high school diploma is the process of converting the language on the diploma from one language to another. A high school diploma translation is typically required when applying to international corporations, pursuing studies abroad, or submitting documents to a consulate.

Moreover, additional documents may require translation alongside the diploma. These may include academic transcripts, curriculum vitae, necessary degrees, or personal documents such as passports and birth certificates.

Do high school diploma translations need to be certified or notarized?

Thao & Co. Fast and Accurate High School Diploma Translation

Typically, high school diploma translations need to be certified. Some countries require notarization and even consular authentication. So, what are these procedures?

  1. ● Certifying the translation: A certified translation of your high school diploma is often required when submitting it to government agencies or educational institutions. A certified translation is accompanied by a certificate bearing the signature of the translator or translation agency, verifying that the translation accurately reflects the content of the original document.
  2. ● Notarizing the translation: In certain countries, such as South Korea and Japan, notarizing the translation is typically required for study abroad applications. The primary purpose of notarizing the translation is to legalize the high school diploma translation for official use. In contrast to certified translation, notarizing the translation involves the oversight of a licensed notary public authorized by the government.
  3. ● Consular authentication: Consular authentication allows foreign documents to be legally recognized and utilized within a particular country. Consular authentication of diplomas is an essential procedure to satisfy the requirements for visa applications, temporary residence registration, work permits, and other administrative processes.

To get your translation certified, you often need to pay an additional fee. However, Thao & Co.’s Certificate of Translation Accuracy is provided free of charge. If you need to use your high school diploma in another country, we can offer our professional consular authentication services to streamline the process and save you valuable time and effort.

Things to consider when translating a high school diploma

High school diploma translations must adhere to a set of specific requirements. Before translating it, consider the following factors.

  1. ● High accuracy: High school diploma translations often involve notarization and legal considerations, necessitating a high degree of precision.
  2. ● Legal document translation experience: Translators specializing in high school diploma translations must possess expertise in legal document translation to guarantee high-level accuracy and adherence to legal terminology.
  3. ● Compliance with regulations in each country: The certification and notarization of high school diploma translations are subject to varying requirements and regulations across different countries. Translation agencies must be well-versed in these requirements to offer accurate advice and guidance to their clients.
Example of High School Diploma Translation
Sample of a high school diploma translation from Russian to Vietnamese

High school diploma translation rates

The cost of high school diploma translation depends on various factors. The following factors can help you evaluate the appropriate cost for your translation.

  1. Language combination: The cost of translating a high school diploma depends on various factors, including the difficulty and popularity of the language pair. Translating between rare or complex languages typically incurs higher costs.
  2. Urgency: The translation of a high school diploma typically takes a specific amount of time to complete. In case you require expedited translation, the translation cost will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Formatting fee: The formatting fee applies to high school diplomas with intricate formatting requirements after translation.
  4. Requirements for notarization/certification or consular authentication: Thao & Co.’s Certificate of Translation Accuracy is provided free of charge. The translation cost solely covers the translation process, and additional fees may apply for notarization or consular authentication, as these services are independent. Notarization and consular authentication services are available for an additional fee.

Learn more about the differences between Certified Translation vs. Notarized Translation to request suitable services.

Quality high school diploma translation service

High school diploma translation requires impeccable accuracy and must be entirely error-free. To ensure the highest quality and accuracy, it is crucial to select translation agencies with a proven reputation for excellence.

Partner with Thao & Co. to receive a professional and accurate high school diploma translation.

Thao & Co. professional Translation and Localization Services

Thao & Co.‘s translation services are entrusted to highly skilled and experienced native linguists. Thao & Co.’s translation team guarantees legal compliance in all translated documents, ensuring you receive a professional translation with transparent pricing, free from any hidden fees.

By opting for Thao & Co.’s certified translation services, you gain access to a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

  1. ● Delivery within 24 hours for standard documents
  2. ● Translation performed by a team of professional and experienced linguists
  3. ● Certificate of Translation Accuracy provided free of charge
  4. ● Hard and soft copies available upon request
  5. ● For an additional fee, your documents can be certified by linguists who are members of professional translation associations.
  6. ● Access to Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform for convenient project tracking

To obtain a professional and accurate high school diploma translation, simply contact Thao & Co. through our Get a Quote page.

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