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Business document translation is an important task for multinational companies, as it ensures legal compliance and showcases a company’s capabilities when entering foreign markets. Hence, it is imperative that these documents are translated with precision, ensuring all vital information is retained. Let’s delve into the intricacies of field of translation, including the latest regulations, associated fees, and the detailed process with Thao & Co. Translation Agency.

The definition

Business documents include various types of papers and materials used by companies operating in the business sector. These documents can be internal company documents or issued by relevant authorities.

For a business to infiltrate foreign markets, it is essential to translate business documents. This ensures that the documents have legal validity, are approved by relevant authorities, and are appropriately applied to business operations. Common types of business documents that require translation include:

  1. ● Business licenses: company name, field of operation, tax code, address, establishment date, legal entity status, etc.
  2. ● Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)
  3. ● Other types of certificates: food hygiene and safety certificates, certificates of origin, etc.
  4. ● Organizational structure charts: departments, executive committees, shareholders, etc.
  5. ● Personnel qualifications: certificates, degrees, individual achievements, etc.
  6. ● Facility inventory documents
  7. ● Documents proving a company’s operation experience: implemented projects, contracts, etc.
  8. ● Documents proving the financial capability of the investor: Financial capability reports, bank account balance confirmation, etc.
  9. ● Brand identity materials: Catalogues, brochures, invoices, letterheads, clips, etc.
  10. ● Internal documents: Regulations, workflows, training procedures, financial reports, accounting reports, audit reports, etc.
  11. ● Commendations, awards, and honors
  12. ● Product/service usage instructions: books, audios, videos, etc.
  13. ● Other relevant documents

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How to get Business Document Translation Services - Thao & Co.

The regulations

In most countries, foreign enterprises seeking to invest in domestic markets or domestic companies looking to enter foreign markets must prepare and translate many types of business documents as part of their licensing and investment registration procedures. Here are some common documents that require notarized translation:

  1. ● Company’s charter
  2. ● Business establishment decision
  3. ● Business registration certificate
  4. ● ID card or other personal documents of founding shareholders, foreign investors, authorized representatives, etc.

If shareholders or authorized representatives are foreigners, copies of their business registration certificates or equivalent documents are often required and must be notarized or legalized by the local diplomatic mission. When it comes to setting up representative offices or foreign-owned companies, each country may impose distinct requirements and conditions. It is crucial to have a keen understanding of local administrative procedures to save time and effort and expedite document processing.

The translation process

Thao & Co. Professional Certified Translation Process

Thao & Co. employs a professional and efficient approach, ensuring the swift delivery of high-quality translations. Our streamlined 5-step process helps optimize time without compromising service quality.

  1. Step 1: Receiving project information. Our team will provide a quote tailored to your project requirements.
  2. Step 2: Making payment. You can choose your preferred payment method such as cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, and Payoneer.
  3. Step 3: We translate and proofread your documents meticulously to ensure accuracy and legal validity.
  4. Step 4: Notarize or certify the translation. For notarized translation services, additional fees are needed. However, the Certification of Translation Accuracy issued by Thao & Co. is provided free of charge for all certified translations upon request.
  5. Step 5: Delivering the final work. We offer various delivery methods, including postal services, express delivery, online document downloads, and direct pickup at our office.

The translation Rates

The rate of translating business documents is not fixed and depends on several factors such as document length, content, language pair, project urgency, notarization/certification, and desktop publishing requirements, among others.

Thao & Co.’s translation quote comes with many advantages: speed, precision, thoroughness, transparency, and affordability. These factors consistently make us the preferred choice for many clients.

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Where to trustworthy Business Document Translation Services?

Translate Business Documents with Thao & Co. Translation Company

Business document translation demands absolute accuracy. Entering international markets leaves no room for error, as a single mistake can have unintended and far-reaching consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to find a translation agency with transparent rates and processes to ensure accurate and professional document translation.

At Thao & Co., we take pride in being the top choice for business document translation, as well as many other document types. We not only offer a wide range of translation services but also commit to giving clients absolute satisfaction through our various advantages:

  1. ● Our translation team consists of skilled linguists with extensive expertise and many years of experience.
  2. ● We guarantee highly accurate translations, ensuring precise rendering of industry-specific terms.
  3. ● We provide comprehensive translation solutions for documents and texts spanning various fields and industries.
  4. ● We provide professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) services for all file types, such as PDF, InDesign, PSD, etc.
  5. ● Thanks to our streamlined workflow, we guarantee delivery times.
  6. ● With our exclusive platform, connecting with linguists and keeping tabs on project progress is effortless.

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