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Are you in need of translation services? Do you want to know how much a translation costs? In this article, we will explain how the professional translation services price is calculated and the factors that influence it, helping you be more proactive when deciding on a suitable translation agency.

How much does a translation cost?

There are currently two main ways to calculate the cost of a translation:

Translation rate per page

For standard documents such as civil documents, the translation price is calculated by the number of pages. An A4 page usually consists of approximately 250 words. However, for documents containing many pictures and charts or having a non-standard font size, the number of words to be translated can be substantially higher or lower.

Translation rate per word

As there are still many drawbacks to the translation rate per page, some translation companies have started to price their services at a per-word rate. This ensures that clients will only pay for the actual amount of text to be translated regardless of document formatting and other elements.

For some specific languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, translation rates may depend on the character number of your document.

Factors that affect the cost of a translation

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There are many different factors that affect the cost of a translation. Below are some deciding factors that can change the translation cost of your document:

Type of translation certification

At present, there are three main types of certification for translated documents:

  1. Certification issued by the translator or the translation agency
  2. Notarization issued by the notary
  3. Consular legalization

The type of certification required may affect the cost of the translation service. For example, seeking notarization and consular authentication for a translation may require the intervention of a notary office or a government agency. Therefore, the cost is likely higher than a stand-alone translation.

You should also look into the differences between certified translation and notarized translation to prevent misunderstanding regarding these definitions.

Importance of Certified Translation - Thao & Co.

The type of document to be translated

The complexity and uniqueness of each type of document will play into the turnaround time and cost of the translation. Documents requiring specialized knowledge such as legal contracts, medical documents, technical documents, etc. will cost more to translate than regular documents.

Language pair(s)

The popularity and difficulty of the language pair can also affect the translation rate. For example, the English – Vietnamese pair is more common than the Spanish – Vietnamese pair. Thus, the former is likely to have a lower translation rate than the latter. This can be explained by the fact that there are many more competent translators for common language pairs, thereby leading to competitiveness in translation rates.

The length of the document

The number of words or pages in the document is also taken into account when calculating the price of a translation. The longer the translation, the more time and effort translators and proofreaders have to invest in the project. Moreover, longer documents also mean that translators have to pay more attention to the consistency and accuracy of terminologies.

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The urgency of the project

The delivery timeline may influence the translation cost. For urgent projects, the translation rates will also increase. Shortening the translation time requires prioritization and quick work on the translator’s part, resulting in an increase in cost.

It’s necessary to bear in mind that Language Interpretation is priced differently from document translation and mostly depends on the amount of time.

Price and quality of the translation service

If you are in search of a high-quality translation service at an affordable price, prioritize a credible and experienced translation agency. Sometimes, a low-cost translation service can produce an inaccurate translation or fail to correctly convey the intention of the original document, resulting in many subsequent problems.

Choosing a high-quality translation service ensures that the translation contains no errors and is done on schedule, thereby making it more cost-effective and less time-consuming for you.

With transparency at the heart of our pricing and process, Thao & Co. provides professional and accurate translation services. Every translation project is taken on by a translator with excellent command of the requested language pair and extensive experience in relevant fields. You can easily keep track of all project details, such as pricing, payment status, progress, etc. on Thao & Co.’s proprietary Dashboard.

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Does certified translation cost more?

Certified translation usually costs more than regular translation. The price for certified translation may differ depending on the translation agency. Some translation agencies charge extra for certifying the translation when certified translation service is requested.

However, the certification done by Thao & Co. is provided completely free upon your request. For your best experience, we can also help you acquire the notary seal or consular legalization for the translation at an affordable price, saving you time and effort.

Coming to Thao & Co., you will receive a clear and transparent quote before the translation project starts. Our pricing for translation projects is determined by various factors such as the type of document and certification, the language pairing, length, and how quickly you need it done. As a result, you will only pay for what you really need.

Thao & Co. is a translation agency you can trust with confidence, backed by a winning combination of top-notch service quality and reasonable rates. Contact us today via Thaonco.com or our Get a quote page and experience professional translation services.

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