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The insurance sector encompasses diverse businesses catering to both domestic and foreign clients. Insurance translation serves as a linguistic bridge connecting enterprises with global customers. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for insurance translation services.

What is insurance translation?

Insurance firms are expanding their reach to a wider range of customers both local and abroad. To achieve that goal, insurance translation is a critical component that assists businesses in overcoming linguistic obstacles. 

Translation is the practice of converting the content of one language into the target language. The translation must retain the original layout and messages. 

In addition, when the insurance is being used for the purpose of: receiving unemployment benefits, applying for visas, etc., notarized translation will be needed to ensure legal validity.

What does an insurance translation service encompass?

Common documents that need translation in an insurance dossier include: 

  1. ● Personal documents: ID card, passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.
  2. ● Insurance contracts: health insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, etc.
  3. ● Insurance application forms
  4. ● Insurance claim forms
  5. ● Proof of loss form detailing the affected property, individual, and other documents for inspection.
  6. ● Certificate of liability insurance
  7. ● Certificate of insurance
  8. ● Details related to insurance agreements and contracts
  9. ● Terms, conditions, etc. mentioned in the insurance contract
  10. Marketing materials, brochures, websites, insurance packages, etc.

Apart from translation service, translation agencies can also provide the certification, notarization and consular legalization services upon request to ensure the document’s legal validity.

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Challenges of insurance translation

Accuracy is given the top priority in insurance translations. Mistranslations, no matter how small, can result in detrimental consequences to policyholders and insurance providers. A good insurance translator must fulfill the following requirements: 

  1. ● Have a rich vocabulary and in-depth knowledge of insurance terminologies.
  2. ● Possess comprehensive understanding of various fields, from insurance and finance to law.
  3. ● Able to regularly update their knowledge on the newest insurance news and regulations.
  4. ● Faithfully and accurately translate all the information in the insurance policy, from details to numbers.

Generally, the insurance industry is closely related to the legal field. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a reputable and professional translation company for the best results when entrusting your insurance documents.

Translation service rate

While researching insurance translation, you must be wondering how the service will be priced. Usually, the service rate is not fixed but flexibly adjusted to account for: 

  1. ● The length and complexity of the document
  2. ● The commonality of the language combination
  3. ● The requested delivery time
  4. ● Editing requirements
  5. ● Certification/Consular Authentication Fee (if requested)

Insurance translation services are priced on a case-by-case basis depending on the client’s demands. Get in touch with Thao & Co. to explore more information about the insurance translation service. 

What should you look for in a translation agency?

With so many options available, insurance companies should consider these criteria when selecting a notarized translation service for the best outcomes: 

  1. ● Published contact and business registration information
  2. ● Positive customer reviews from previous insurance translation projects 
  3. ● A team of language experts with adequate qualifications, sharp skills, and extensive experience.
  4. ● Stringent policies on project confidentiality 
  5. ● Transparent and reasonable service fees
Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Contact Thao & Co. translation company to enlist language professionals for precise and exceptional translations of your insurance documents. Thao & Co. and our entire team strive to offer clients satisfying experiences with: 

  1. ● High-quality translation using accurate industry terms. 
  2. ● The most qualified translators with extensive experience in handling insurance translation projects
  3. ● Quick turnaround
  4. ● Commitment to complete confidentiality of all information
  5. ● Clear, competitive and detailed service quotes
  6. ● Unhindered communication with our translators and easy project tracking through Thao & Co.’s proprietary platform. 

To connect with our team, please leave your information on the Get a Quote page for prompt consultation free of charge.

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