Medical Device Translation and Localization: Important Principles

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How important is medical device translation and localization? As human health always remains a top priority in any country, medical devices rank among the most critical equipment. In countries where domestic production of medical devices is not feasible, the importation of such devices takes precedence. However, this also leads to some challenges in comprehending the information related to medical devices.

Translation and localization services play a crucial role in overcoming language barriers when using imported medical devices. So, what are medical device translation and localization? What principles should be considered in translation and localization? Let’s explore them in this article with Thao & Co. Translation Company.

What is medical device translation?

Medical devices encompass a wide range of equipment, machines, and tools used for diagnosing and treating patients in hospitals or clinics. The primary objective of these devices is to protect human health and preserve human lives.

Recently, the importation of medical devices between countries has become more prevalent, particularly in underdeveloped countries where the manufacturing conditions for such equipment are challenging. To facilitate the use of imported medical devices from foreign countries, the translation and localization of medical devices play a crucial role. Medical device translation goes beyond mere language conversion. It also involves adapting the information to be suitable and easily comprehensible for the end-users.

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Some common types of medical devices that require translation include:

  1. ● Oxygen masks
  2. ● Ultrasound machines
  3. ● Endoscopes
  4. ● Various types of syringes and infusion tubes
  5. ● Wheelchairs and hospital beds
  6. ● Various suture types
  7. ● Neonatal incubators
  8. ● Sterilization equipment
  9. ● Surgical lights, etc.

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What does medical device translation encompass?

Every medical device includes essential information about the device, such as user instructions, packaging, labels, among others. The translation process must guarantee the delivery of high-quality translations, enabling users to understand all device-related medical documents and avoid errors during usage. The following are some of the content that requires translation for medical devices:

  1. Medical device name: This content helps users understand the basic functions of the medical device.
  2. Instructions for use and maintenance: This is the utmost important content that translators must pay close attention to when translating and localizing medical devices. With the information in this section, users can best use the device’s features. Additionally, proper maintenance of medical devices may help extend their lifespan and usage time.
  3. Technical information: The availability of clear technical information about the device greatly facilitates the repair process by enhancing accessibility.
  4. Safety instructions: This content includes notes and instructions to help users ensure their safety while operating the device.
  5. Usage precautions: Users must understand these precautions thoroughly to avoid hazards when using medical devices.

Why is medical device translation necessary?

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The translation and localization of medical devices facilitate easy use for physicians and help minimize potential risks during patient treatment. Therefore, the significance of translating medical devices becomes evident.

However, because of its direct involvement in healthcare, medical device translation poses unique challenges and specific requirements:

  1. Knowledge of medical expertise: These medical devices are used in healthcare, thus involving a wide range of specialized terminology. Translators must possess a strong foundation in medical knowledge and a deep understanding of specialized terminology to ensure the accurate translation of device information.
  2. Absolute accuracy: These devices are used for medical examination and treatment of patients; therefore, even a slight discrepancy in information can cause direct risks to the patient’s health.
  3. Understandable for patients and doctors: Some primary medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors or thermometers, can be used at home. Thus, translation and localization should also prioritize language use that is easily comprehensible for all users.

Principles for medical device translation and localization

Medical device translation and localization are crucial in enabling users to use the devices easily. Hence, below are specific rules and guidelines that translators need to consider when undertaking these tasks:

Make sure that the instructions are concise and comprehensible: Translators should use brief sentences that convey complete information and are easily understandable for readers. Avoid using excessively lengthy instructions that may confuse readers and make it difficult for them to grasp the key information.

Use simple language: To avoid confusion for readers, translators should use the simplest and most understandable language possible while ensuring accuracy.

Select translators with medical expertise: Choosing translators with medical expertise helps ensure the accuracy of the translated information. In addition, possessing medical knowledge greatly benefits translators in comprehending industry-specific information with clarity and precision.

Present the labels of medical devices clearly: The labels of the devices should be translated and presented clearly and concisely for easy understanding by readers. This helps users quickly understand the device’s basic functions or purposes when reading the labels.

Important considerations when translating medical devices

Given the stringent requirements for translation and localization of medical devices to ensure top-notch quality, selecting a professional translation agency is highly crucial. Translators need language proficiency and a deep understanding of medical knowledge to provide accurate and easily comprehensible translations of the information on medical devices. The utilization of medical devices directly impacts human health, in some cases, lives. Therefore, any errors in the translation process can have severe consequences.

To avoid unnecessary errors and obtain high-quality translations, it is essential to carefully consider the selection of medical translation agencies.

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As a reputable translation agency with an experienced team of linguists, we are committed to providing quality Technical Document Translation services. At Thao & Co., our expert linguists possess language expertise and specialize in the medical translation, ensuring that the translation and localization of medical devices will meet your satisfaction.

We offer a diverse range of professional services to cater to all of your needs:

  1. Technical translation: Our expert linguists are dedicated to delivering precise and high-quality translations of technical documents and video subtitles of instructions for using medical devices.
  2. Industry Terms Research©: An excellent solution to ensure that the translations of slogans, brochures, or proposals for medical devices appeal to doctors and experts in the medical field.
  3. Expert Review©: Enhance accuracy and localization of the translation through a thorough review process conducted by experienced native experts in the medical field.

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