Latest updates on self-sponsored Australia visitor visa fees (2024)

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Australia visitor visa fees are one of the important factors to consider when you apply for an Australia tourist visa. So, how much does it take to apply for an Australia visitor visa? What important information should you be aware of? Thao & Co. breaks down the key details in this article.

Australia visitor visa fees

The current total expense for a self-sponsored Australia visitor visa is roughly 5,000,000 VND. This covers the baseline costs, but there are some additional fees that may arise during the visa application to factor into your budget planning.

Translation rates

All papers and documents in your Australia visitor visa application need to be translated into English and certified by a translation company. The papers require to be translated include:

  1. ● Personal documents: Identity card, household registration book, marriage certificatebirth certificate, etc.
  2. ● Proof of employmentbusiness license, labor contract, tax receipt, salary certificate, pension statement, etc.
  3. ● Financial statements: Property documents, stock statements, bank statements, car documents, etc.

In addition, when applying for an Australian tourist visa for a child, you may need to translate documents proving the relationship with the guardian and the educational status.

Some translation companies may charge an extra fee, on top of varying translation rates based on their pricing policies, for a certificate confirming the accuracy of the translation. However, Thao & Co. offers our free Certificate of Translation Accuracy for all certified translation projects.

Contact us at our Get A Quote page for a personalized consultation.

Certified Translation Services at Thao & Co. Translation Company
Certified translation process at Thao & Company

Biometrics collection fees

When applying for an Australia visitor visa, you will also have to provide your biometrics (face scan and fingerprints) for a fee of 272,500 VND. You can pay online only if you make an appointment. Otherwise, you can pay in person when you visit VFS Global headquarters.

Without an appointment, there is an extra 352,000 VND service fee. In addition, for an extra service fee, VFS does offer support to walk applicants through filling out the Australia visa application form and making the visa application payment themselves.

You can make a direct payment by cash, bank card, or credit card when arriving at VFS Global headquarters:

  1. In Ho Chi Minh City: 5th floor, Resco Building, 94-96 Nguyen Du Street, District 1
  2. In Hanoi: 3rd floor, Gelex Building, 52 Le Dai Hanh Street, Hai Ba Trung District
  3. In Da Nang: 6th floor, ABC Building, 218 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District

Look up VFS Global headquarters addresses and biometrics collection fees by nations on their website!

Visa approval fee

If your visa gets approved, you will need to pay a Visa issuance fee to the Australian Embassy. How much does an Australia visitor visa cost in 2024? This depends on the types of Australian visitor visas issued. Specifically:

  1. Self-sponsored visitor visa (apply in Australia): 475 AUD (~7,872,000 VND)
  2. ● Self-sponsored visitor visa (apply outside Australia): 190 AUD (~3,150,000VND)
  3. ● Visitor visa – Tourist stream: 190 AUD (~3,150,000VND) – may require additional sponsorship fees
  4. ● Business visitor stream: 190 AUD (~3,150,000VND)
  5. ● Approved destination status stream (only applicable for citizens of the People’s Republic of China): 190 AUD
  6. ● Frequent traveller stream (only applicable for citizens of the People’s Republic of China): 1,395 AUD

In addition, when submitting an online visa application, you need to complete the online payment of application registration fees as the final step before completing the procedure. Online payments are in Australian dollars (AUD) at the latest updated exchange rate. You can pay the online registration fee via:

  1. ● Credit card
  2. ● PayPal
  3. ● UnionPay
  4. ● BPAY
Guide on Applying for Australia Visitor Visa for Child

Other expenses

How much do I need for an Australia visa? Besides the mandatory estimated costs, you should also budget for extra expenses, including:

  1. ● Transportation
  2. ● Travel insurance
  3. ● Fee for submitting supplementary documents
  4. ● Service fee to receive your result via email  
  5. ● Visa delivery

Detailed Australia visitor visa fee regulations

1. All the completed payments to VFS or the Australian government will not be refunded in any circumstances.

2. Visa application fees can vary at different times, depending on announcements from the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

3. At the VFS Global headquarters, you can pay your fees via cash, credit card, or debit card.

4. When you apply for a visa online, you will need to pay the fees online. For online payments, have a credit card ready with sufficient funds available to cover the fees.

5. The registration fee will not be refunded if your visa application is rejected.

New updates on Australian visitor visa fee increases

From July 1st, 2023, the Australian Embassy announced an increase in the application fees for certain visa types, including tourist visas. Raising the Australian visitor visa fees over a 5-year period helps fund improved visa processing times and other government priorities. Specifically, the tourist visa application fee, which was 150 AUD in 2022, has increased to 190 AUD.

Saving on Australia visitor visa fees: a handy checklist

To save money on a self-sponsored Australian tourist visa, consider these tips:

  1. ● Identify the appropriate tourist visa type for your travel purpose. Choosing the correct subclass aligned to your trip intent avoids risks of rejection and wasted fees.
  2. ● Submit complete, accurate application documents to avoid potential follow-up fees and delays
  3. ● Apply online to save travel expenses and time over in-person appointments
  4. ● Handle the visa process yourself instead of using third-party services to save money.

Nowadays, applying for an Australia visitor visa on one’s own without using a third-party service is a popular money-saving option. During the visa application, certified English translations are typically mandatory for any non-English documents.

Get quality certified translation services from Thao & Co. – accurate, legally valid certified translations to boost your chance of visa approval.

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Our skilled team of linguists possesses extensive qualifications and experience with Australian visa applications. We commit to providing only top-notch translation services to facilitate your visa application.

What sets Thao & Co. translation company apart is our unique approach. We listen closely to understand your budget and needs, then tailor our services and workflows to deliver exceptional translations that won’t break your wallet. Partnering with us helps you stick to your financial plan without sacrificing quality.

For further consultation about certified translations for Australian visa applications, please fill in your information at our Get a quote or contact Thao & Co. through our English hotline (+84) 2866 8266 36. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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