What are the latest tourist visa Australia requirements?

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What are the requirements for Australia tourist visa application? If you are planning a vacation in Australia, chances are these questions have crossed your mind at one point or another.

Why visit Australia? Well, there are some compelling reasons why Australia should be at the top of your travel list. From breathtaking landscapes and stunning beaches to vibrant cities and friendly locals, Australia is the ideal destination for solo travelers as well as friends and families. Ready to pack your bag and soak up the endless sunshine? Read on to learn what documents you need to prepare for your Australian tourist visa application.

What to know about Australian visitor visa application?

Australian visitor visa is issued to individuals seeking to visit the country. The Australian visitor visa, also known as the subclass 600, is a short-term visa that grants foreign visitors legal stay in Australia for a certain period of time.

The Australian visitor visa is typically valid for 3 to 6 months and can last up to 12 months in certain circumstances. Within this duration, you are granted multiple-entry permission to Australia, with a maximum 3-month stay for each entry.

What to include in your Australian visitor visa application?

For a smooth visa application process, be sure to include:

Required documents

Required documents for Australia tourist visa application include:

  1. ● Your completed Australian visitor visa application form
  2. ● Two 4×6 cm portrait photographs
  3. ● A passport with a minimum of six month validity
  4. ● Personal documents: birth certificate, ID card, household registration book (if applicable), marriage certificate (if you are married), and other relevant papers.

Financial demonstration

A solid financial demonstration heavily influences the success of your visa application as it proves your ability to fund your entire trip. This shows you truly intend to enjoy your trip and do not have any dishonest purposes. Therefore, concrete financial evidence lends credence to the application you submitted to the Australian Embassy or the Consulate General of Australia.

To demonstrate your finances, include in your application:

Personal assets: bank statements, savings accounts, property deeds, car ownership papers, etc.

Employment evidence: labor contracts, salary slips, business registration certificates, etc.

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Proof of your trip intention

Besides demonstrating your financial capacity to sustain yourself throughout your journey and your intention to immediately return to your home country upon trip completion, you need to outline your detailed travel purposes and your itinerary for visiting Australia. To prove the intention of your trip, consider including the following:

  1. ● A detailed itinerary – you could ask your tour agent for this, or if you plan to travel independently, be sure to make one for your visa application
  2. ● Hotel reservation confirmation in Australia
  3. ● Proof of purchase of a roundtrip airline ticket
  4. ● Travel insurance (if any)

Reminder: The consular officer may inquire about other relevant documents. Besides compelling financial demonstration, for a greater chance of Australian visitor visa approval, it’s best to submit a well-prepared application with certified translations for all non-English documents.

Translation requirements for an Australian visitor visa application

Certified translations of non-English documents are an important part of your Australian visitor visa application. The Australian Department of Home Affairs mandates that all non-English documents must be translated into English.

You can either opt for translators in Australia (accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) or translators in your home country. They do not have to be accredited, but each translation must include the translator’s full credentials.

Some common documents that may need to be translated into English include:

  1. Passport
  2. ● Hotel reservation receipt
  3. ● Airline ticket
  4. ● Travel itinerary
  5. ● Personal and financial documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank statement, salary slip, etc.
  6. ● Invitation letter from friends or relatives in Australia (if any)

Keep in mind that all document translations for your visa application must comply with the regulations set forth by the Australian government. To ensure high-quality translations, prioritize professional translation services.

Need document translations for your visa application? Get in touch with Thao & Co. today for a complimentary consultation. With our extensive experience in translating documents for Australian visa applications, we deliver professional translations to boost your chances of visa approval.

Australian visitor visa application fees

As the last step in your visa application process, make sure to pay all the required fees. The current total expense for an Australia tourist visa includes:

  1. Visa application fee: 190 AUD/person
  2. Biometrics collection: you typically need to pay a service fee depending on how and where you provide your biometrics. Some countries utilize third-party service providers like VFS Global. The fee can vary depending on location.
  3. Other VFS Global Center service fees (if any)
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What to keep in mind when paying your Australian visitor visa fees?

  1. ● You must make the online payment for your visa application fee before you can submit your application. Ensure you have sufficient daily limit and available funds to cover the charge.
  2. The cost of Australian visas may vary depending on the type of visa you apply for and other circumstances. Don’t forget to budget for your medical checkup, additional supporting documents, and other expenses.
  3. ● The visa application fee is charged in Australian dollars (AUD) so you may also need to keep an eye on the exchange rates.
  4. ● Other service fees to third-party service providers such as VFS Global may be paid in your local currency. Typically, you will have the option to pay in cash, via debit card, or credit card.
  5. ● The mentioned fees are generally non-refundable even if your visa application is rejected or withdrawn.

How hard is it to get an Australian tourist visa?

The Australian visitor visa application may seem rather challenging, owning partly to the Australian government’s stringent immigration policies. However, it’s not necessarily as stressful as you may imagine. Focus on preparing your application and you will be well on your way!

Here’s what makes a compelling application:

  1. Adequate and accurate information: Always double-check to see if you have filled in all the required information in your application form. Any inaccuracies can have a negative impact on your chances of visa approval.
  2. Strong financial demonstration: You must present ample evidence of adequate funding for all your expenses during your time in Australia. This may include proof of personal income, current assets, or social standing.
  3. Clear travel intentions: Provide your travel plans, full itinerary, and information regarding where you intend to stay and any planned activities in Australia.
  4. Evidence of your obligation to return to your home country: You must present compelling evidence, such as familial relationship, personal assets, and employment status, showing that you have strong reasons to immediately return to your home country once your trip in Australia ends.
  5. Proof of well-being for children under 18: If you are applying for a tourist visa with your minor children, make sure you can prove they will be well taken care of.
  6. Evidence you are in good health: Provide a health certificate to show you meet the standards of health for your trip.

In addition, you may also boost your visa application with a good travel history and have your travel insurance ready.

Please note that visa application requirements are subject to changes. You can access the official website of the Australian Embassy to get the latest information.

Furthermore, English translations of your documents are crucial for a successful visa application. Having your non-English documents professionally translated shows that you are well-prepared and serious about the trip, which may boost your chances of visa approval.

Professional document translation service for Australian visa applications

Translation Services - Thao & Co.

Thao & Co. offers professional certified translation services tailored to meet the requirements of Australian visa applications. We understand that visa application translation requires absolute precision and professionalism and we are committed to delivering the highest-quality translations for all your documents.

Choose Thao & Co.’s professional certified translation services for:

  1. ● Delivery within 48 hours for standard documents
  2. ● Thao & Co.’s Certificate of Translation Accuracy at no additional cost
  3. ● Transparent and reasonable pricing
  4. ● Accurate translations performed by a team of native linguists
  5. ● Convenient progress tracking via our proprietary platform

Ready to explore Australia? Get your documents professionally translated with Thao & Co. and increase your chances of visa success! To get a free consultation, please leave your information on our Get A Quote, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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