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While precision remains paramount in translation, conveying the message effectively requires more. In such cases, transcreation services offer the primary solution for businesses seeking top-quality, professional translations.

Transcreation is a translation method that has stood the test of time due to its pivotal role in brand globalization strategies. Why are transcreation services indispensable? Join Thao & Co. to learn more about this translation approach! 

Which types of content benefit from transcreation services?

Creative translation, also known as Transcreation, harmonizes the two elements of Translation and Creation. This harmonious blend births fresh, distinctive translations that faithfully preserve the source material’s tone, spirit, emotion, and message.

Transcreation is not necessary for every piece of text. Standard translation is the optimal choice for content where precision is paramount, like news articles, event descriptions, specialized documents, technical instructions, and more. Applying transcreation in such contexts may result in information misinterpretation and unpredictable consequences.

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What types of content are ideal for transcreation? The following materials are where transcreation services excel:               

  1. ● Literary and artistic works, including short stories, novels, and poetry
  2. ● Movie scripts, play scripts, dialogues, TV shows, and movie titles
  3. ● Marketing materials, slogans, posters, brand names, and banners

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These contents primarily center around conveying creative messages through the expression of feelings and emotions. Hence, using transcreation services is the best way to translate language while preserving its intended impact on the audience.

For example, in the Harry Porter series, author J.K. Rowling coined the term ‘Horcrux’ to refer to magical objects imbued with properties that bestow immortality. This phrase derives from the French words “dehors,” which means outside, and “crux,” which means soul, alluding to keeping one soul separate from the body. While translating the series into Vietnamese, the native author and translator, Ly Lan, skilfully employed transcreation by rendering the name of this mystical term as “Trường Sinh Linh Giá,” conveying the ideal of a repository for the soul to achieve immortality. Through the artful incorporation of Sino-Vietnamese terms, the translator masterfully brought the aura of mystique, ancient wisdom, and the remarkable purpose of these magical artifacts.

The transcreation is a clear testament to the vivid rendition of the Harry Potter stories, skillfully preserving the essence of the author’s artistic expression.

Why is there a need for transcreation services?

The more creative the content, the more challenging it is to translate. In these cases, writers usually employ various literary strategies to weave their narratives, including metaphors, idioms, analogies, slang, and creative wordplay. Relying solely on general translation methods proves inadequate in fully capturing the “soul” of the original text and may result in obscurity and distortion of the content.

On the other hand, transcreation goes beyond the literal “word-by-word” conversion and artfully transforms the source material in the target language. This transformative process demands meticulous consideration of numerous elements, including localization, creativity, tone, style, and profound resonance with the audience. These differences help to create the distinct identity of transcreation, defining its “unique brand”.

Content Localization

Culture significantly influences consumer motivation, behavior, and brand loyalty. Meanwhile, globalization encourages the affirmation of national linguistic and cultural identities. This is both a challenge and a massive opportunity for businesses entering global markets. The translation can be adapted to the local culture with the help of transcreation services. Then, the message will be warmly received and carry a more assertive communication effect.

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Soviet writer Pautovski once asserted that “details make the golden dust of a work.” Similarly, creativity can be considered the “golden dust” of translation. Translators may encounter difficulties finding appropriate expressions when dealing with texts abundant in rhetorical devices or slang. This is where transcreation becomes indispensable, adding a touch of uniqueness and allure to the translation for new markets. Translators can take liberties with the text, but the final content must be faithful to the original text; otherwise, the translation will become an entirely different version.

Tone and style

Translating the “soul” of the original work is the most formidable task. This is primarily because each piece carries the author’s distinct imprint through the language’s tone and style. To faithfully preserve this spirit, the translator must engage in the intricate process of carefully selecting and crafting words, ensuring that the conveyance and usage of language in the translation harmonize seamlessly with the original.

Remarkable impact on the public

The success of a translation is measured by its impact on the audience – whether it could rival the original. Transcreation services excel in tailoring the language to suit the target audience. This endeavor ensures the translation seamlessly fulfills its “mission” in a new market.

Transcreation exhibits distinctive characteristics that demand expert linguists to possess profound knowledge of culture, market, and brand and to nurture creative thinking and writing skills. Each translator becomes a true linguistic artisan, meticulously selecting and refining every word to craft a translation that profoundly resonates with the audience.

At Thao & Co. translation agency, our native expert linguists boast extensive knowledge and experience in transcreation. This guarantees that translations are executed professionally, delivering the highest quality and efficiency.

What to clarify in advance before seeking transcreation services

Before seeking transcreation services, businesses should make sure they have clarity on critical issues to locate a professional and high-quality transcreation agency. These inquiries pertain to your brand and project. Here are some fundamental questions to consider:

  1. ● Who is the target audience of the campaign?
  2. ● What context surrounds the campaign?
  3. ● What is the main goal of the campaign?
  4. ● What performance metrics are used to assess project success? User engagement or conversion rate?
  5. ● Brand identity? 
  6. ● What is the preferred linguistic style of the translation? Funny, youthful, or refined?
  7. ● What spirit and message does a brand want to convey to the public?
  8. ● Are there any limitations on the length of the text?
  9. ● What’s the timeline for project execution and completion?
  10. ● How much should be budgeted for the campaign?

Once you’ve acquired these answers, you can craft a Creative Brief. This creative compass will serve as your “guiding light,” ensuring that the resulting transcreation product faithfully embodies the essence of your brand and makes a powerful impact on your target audience.

Moreover, addressing these inquiries will provide a comprehensive overview of the project and the essential prerequisites for hiring a transcreation service agency. This brief will help the translation team capture project details quickly and comprehensively. Consequently, you’ll be empowered to choose a translation agency that best aligns with your brand’s project goals.

Transcreation at Thao & Co.

How do you choose the perfect agency for your brand’s transcreation project? Choosing a reputable and professional translation agency that aligns with your project’s unique requirements has never been an easy task. The translation agency must meet essential criteria, including the expertise of its translators, pricing policies, workflow efficiency, and robust data security measures, to ensure the production of a high-quality end product.

Recognizing the crucial role of transcreation in global business strategies, Thao & Co. offers expert transcreation services performed by our native expert linguists with a wealth of experience handling marketing translation projects, including brochure translation, website translation, advertising campaigns, and more. Furthermore, we follow a standardized, efficient, and transparent workflow, ensuring clarity and accuracy in pricing and project progress.

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In addition, Thao & Co.’s translation agency is dedicated to providing businesses with comprehensive support to elevate the quality and efficacy of transcreation. Our Industry Terms Research© service empowers translators to grasp the preferences and technical language tailored for professional and business audiences. Additionally, our Customer Language Research© service facilitates the objective assessment of the communicative effectiveness of translations aimed at consumers.

If you require Desktop Publishing (DTP) services, our team of skilled design experts at Thao & Co. is poised to meticulously craft, fine-tune, and seamlessly integrate the translation layout with the original, all while ensuring impeccable printing quality.

Thao & Co. strives to provide the highest quality and most exquisite finished products. Don’t hesitate to contact Thao & Co. by visiting or our Get A Quote page for an expert consultation today!

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