Guide to Vietnam Electronic Visa (eVisa) for foreigners

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The Vietnamese electronic visa, or eVisa Vietnam, is processed via an online system. This simplifies the visa application process and offers considerable convenience to both Vietnamese citizens and foreigners.

In this article, Thao & Co. explores:

  • • Vietnam eVisa eligibility criteria
  • • Paperwork requirements
  • • Duration of validity
  • • Application fee
  • • Processing time
  • • And a step-by-step guide to apply for eVisa Vietnam

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What is a Vietnam eVisa or electronic visa?

An electronic visa is a type of visa granted for foreigners. It is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via an online portal instead of a loose-leaf or a stamped visa in your passport.

This is categorized as a level 4 administrative procedure in Vietnam. Every step of the process, from registration, fee payment, and visa issuance is all done through the Internet.

Are you eligible for a Vietnam e-Visa?

Vietnam e-visa is now available for all countries and territories at 42 international checkpoints including all international airports, landports, and seaports as follows:

  1. ● Mong Cai Landport
  2. ● Huu Nghi Landport
  3. ● Lao Cai Landport
  4. ● Moc Bai Landport
  5. ● Noi Bai International Airport
  6. ● Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  7. ● Da Nang International Airport
  8. ● And more.
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Conditions to apply for a Vietnam eVisa

To be granted eVisa, you need to meet all the following requirements:

  1. ● Holding valid passport
  2. ● Is a foreigner residing outside of Vietnam
  3. ● Is not banned from entering Vietnam.

Individuals with passports issued by Vietnam visa-exempted countries will not be required to apply for a visa.

Valid duration of Vietnamese eVisa

Vietnam’s e-visa is valid for a single or multiple entries. E-visas are valid for a minimum of 1 month and no more than 90 days.

Vietnam E-visa application fee

E-visa fees vary across different types of Visa, specifically:

  1. ● Single entry visa: 25 USD/visa 
  2. ● Multiple entries visa: 50 USD/visa

Payment will be made online during the visa application process via the website of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

A step-by-step guide to applying for Vietnamese electronic visa

In general, Vietnam’s e-visa application is quite simple and easy to follow.

Vietnam Tourist Visa - Thao & Co.

Individual e-visa application process

  1. ● Step 1: Access this website:
  2. ● Step 2: Fill in your information. Upload your portrait photo. Attach an image of the passport data page. Receive an online profile code.
  3. ● Step 3: Make payment.
  4. ● Step 4: Wait for the result. If your application gets approved, you can use the digital code to print the visa on this page.

e-visa application process for companies and organizations

  1. ● Step 1: Create an account at the National Public Service Portal website.
  2. ● Step 2: Create an account at the Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Public Security.
  3.  Step 3: Provide the information required. Proceed to upload the application and electronic signature to sign up for entry documents.
  4. ● Step 4: Receive your application result online at the National Public Service Portal.

Vietnam e-visa processing time

The e-visa application process usually takes 5 -7 working days. You can expect to receive the result from Monday to Friday every week (except for Tet and holidays).

How to track the status of my e-visa application?

To check your Vietnam e-visa application status, you need three important information:

  • • the email used to submit your application
  • • the online application code
  • • your date of birth.

Access this link:

Fill in the necessary information and click the search button.

Paperwork in Vietnam and what to bear in mind

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